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Electronic connectors are used for a wide variety of industrial applications including I/O, PCB, display connections and more.

While there are hundreds of types of electrical connectors, each connector is essentially a conductive device that joins electrical circuits together. The electrical connection may be temporary, may require a tool for assembly/removal, or may be a permanent electrical joint between two wires or devices. A number of electrical connectors are keyed, meaning they have a component that allows mating only with specific connectors. Industrial electrical connector types are designed to withstand extreme cold and heat, vibration, various pressures, dust, oil and flooding. Available in open or sealed design, electrical connectors are used in manufacturing, off-highway, trucking, construction, agricultural, and engine-related applications. Commonly used electrical connector types include: 8P8C connectors, D-subminiature connectors, USB connectors, power connectors, RF connectors, BNC connectors, DC connectors, insulation displacement connectors, plug and socket connectors, and blade connectors.

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  • Remke Industries, Inc.

    Remke Industries Inc. manufactures electric, die cast connectors including Pico-Link 8mm, Micro-Link, E-con, and Mini-Link. The company's Pico-Link types include female and male plugs that are available in snap-style and coupler versions. They feature 3 or 4-pole configurations and straight or 90 degree designs. Micro-Link comes in single key, dual key, and splitter designs and are available as PVC, PUR, TPE, SJOOW, shielded to coupler, and receptacle types. The company's E-Con products are available as plug and cable assembly, plug assembly, and attachable types; while the Mini-Link  types include PVC, TPE, rubber, and receptacle. Remke also manufactures bus system interconnect products.

  • E-Z Hook, A Div. of Tektest, Inc.

    E-Z Hook manufactures a variety of electrical connector types including a number of coaxial products, adapters and receptacles. The company's line of adapters and receptacle types includes: banana plug, pin plug, socket, alligator clip, test terminal, terminal rings, and EZ-flex. Coaxial types manufactured by E-Z Hook include: BNC, SMA, UHF, TNC, LOC, XLR, "N" series male and female types.

  • Connectronics

    Connectronics designs and manufactures connectors including high voltage, high current, underwater, and specialized products. The company's high voltage products feature an operating voltage ranging from 15 KVD to 6.6 KVRMS - depending on model - and a temperature range of -55 C to 125 C The high current products are available as flash lamp or safety lock types; while the underwater products feature a maximum current of 7.5 amp, and a voltage rating of 300 KVDC. The specialized unitss are used for nuclear, x-ray, laser, and space applications. Other specialized  types include hermetically-sealed and thermocouple.

  • Multi-Contact USA

    Uninsulated high current, round and single-pole round, fork plug, rack and panel, latching, safety flat bar clamps, electric motor testing adapters and miniature connectors for printed circuits and leads.

  • TRU Corporation

    Electrical Connectors of all types, including 7-16 series in a wide variety of plugs, jacks, receptacles, combinations, and adapters, Quick Disconnect, High Powered Super Quick Disconnect, RF, C Series in 50 ohm designs that operate over a frequency range of DC to 11 GHz with high voltage versions to 2 GHz, BNC, Triax configurations and Subminiature types.

  • Superflex Ltd

    Straight, 90 degree, screw-on, straight die-cast, 90 degree die cast and cord types. The company's straight products are available in sizes from 3/8 inch to 2 inch, while the straight die cast productss are available from 3/8 inch to 4 inch. The 90 degree products are a type of conduit connector, with the 90 degree die cast units for grounding up to 1 1/4". The screw-ons feature PVC construction.

  • March Electronics, Inc.

    Distributor of products manufactured by: ADI Electronics, AMP/Tyco Electronics, Amphenol RD, Automatic Connector, Continental, Dale/Vishay, Delta Electronics, General/Cooper Interconnect, Microdot, Nanonics, Ulti Mate, Viking, Interconnect, Winchester Electronics, and WPI.

  • Duraline Connectors

    Connectors  range starts at 1 milliamp and continues to 1100 amps, up to 5000 volts. For hazardous location, water environments, transportation ... single through 20 conductors.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity manufacturers interconnects, including appliance, backplane, battery, board to board, card edge, circular, docking, drawer, heavy duty, high speed, high density, high voltage and fiber optic wire connectors.

  • ERNI Electronic Inc

    2 mm Hard Metric and High Speed Backplane Connectors, 10 GB SMT Connector System, DIN  (DIN 41612), SMC 1.27mm System for SMT, MicroSpeed 1.0mm High Speed System for 10 GB, MicroStac 0.8 mm Subminiature  System for SMT, D-Sub Series TMC acc. to IEC 807-3 / DIN 41652, Modular Jacks RJ11and RJ45 MaxJacks with integrated magnetism, Power Tap and PC Board Connectors.

  • Air Electro, Inc.

    Air Electro a manufacturer o trim trio circular and rectangular and military circular connectors. The company's trim trio circular and rectangular products are available with square flange receptacle, jam nut receptacle, plug, and RFI shielded plug shell types. Air Electro's military circular products include solder type, which are corrosion resistant up to 1,500 salt spray hours; and engine and firewall products featuring ambient operating temperatures up to 260 C.

  • Allen Electric Connector Sales, Inc.

    Manufacturer of military circular and custom design electrical connectors and the MS90362-3 aircraft power saver receptacle and its mate. Pins and sockets are offered in a variety of classes and shell styles.

  • American Connector

    Manufacturer and distributor of mil-spec & commercial circular connectors as well as rack & panel types. The Military Class L electrical products are the largest size cylindrical, highly suitable for military or industrial applications and able to deal with heavy power interconnections in the current range of 40 to 200 amps. Relays, contacts, circuit breakers and switches are also available.

  • WECO Electrical Connectors, Inc.

    Connectors as well as terminal blocks for printed circuit boards (PCB's) including barrier style terminal blocks, Eurostyle terminal blocks, plug-in screw systems, screw, screwless terminal blocks, single tabs, surface mount terminal blocks and tab products.

  • Deutsch Connectors

    Connectors: Military - Mil-Spec - 26482, 29600, 38999, 81511, 81714, 83723. Industrial - Electronic Modules, Bussed Feedback Receptacles, Power Plugs, Multipin Power. Engineered Mil-Spec - D-Sub, Hermetic. Electrical interconnection devices for severe conditions and harsh environments - outer space, underground, undersea (waterproof), in vacuum chambers and laboratories, for military and commercial hermetic applications, sensor monitoring and aircraft engines.

  • Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.

    Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. supplies machined electrical and electronic interconnect components  for the electronics industry. They specialize in various board level products from PCB receptacles & pins to IC adapters & sockets for BGA, PLCC, DIP, PGA, and SIP packages.

  • Z-Axis

    Manufacturer of solderless, high density, one-piece elastometric connectors for use in EL and LED backlight connectors, RF and MMIC connectors, COG LCD flat panel display, parallel board-to-board and custom array electrical  interconnect products.

  • Keystone Electronics Corp.

    Manufacturer of many different Connector types, including Banana Plugs & Jacks, Shrouded Plugs & Jacks,  Color Keyed and PCB Phono Jacks and Surface Mount Stereo Jacks offered, along with Fire Wire Plugs & Sockets and USB Plugs & Sockets.  BNC Adapters and Halogen Lamp Sockets are just a few of the other types that are offered.

  • Interpower Corporation

    Manufacturers of Rewireable Plugs, Sockets andCable Connectors for North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Denmark, India/South Africa, Israel, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  Hospital-Grade Plugs and Sockets, Europlugs, Inlets and Global types are also available.

  • Phoenix Contact

    Manufacturer of VARIOCON plug connectors. These electronic and electrical connectors have metal, plastic, or EMC housing, 2, 6, or 8 position modular or fiber optic inserts, as well as IP65 & IP67 protection. Also offering QUICKON quick connect/disconnect connectors, DIN rail mount terminal blocks and PCB terminal blocks.