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Fiber optic connectors are used for optical cross connections, patching panels, connecting test equipment and more.

Fiber optic connectors are used for optical cross connections, patching panels, connecting test equipment and more.

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  • Stran Technologies

    Stran Technologies designs military shipboard fiber optic connectors, TACLight hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors, and tactical TFOCA GenX fiber optic connectors. The military shipboard connectors provide multi-channel interconnects for 2, 4, 6, 8, 18 and 31 contacts in a single circular shell. The hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors are resistant to corrosion, shock, and thermal shock environments. The tactical fiber optic connectors are used in harsh environments where high cycle mating is a concern. These connectors are used for a number of applications including: emergency restoration systems, video/data transmission, deployable military tactical systems, and homeland security and surveillance.

  • Amphenol Fiber Systems International, Inc.

    Amphenol Fiber Systems International and manufactures physical contact fiber optic connectors and expanded beam fiber optic connectors for military, industrial fiber optic systems, oil/seismic, telecommunications, mining, and wireless and broadband applications.

  • Avago Technologies Ltd.

    Avago Technologies designs and produces plastic fiber optic connectors used for automotive networks, gaming, medical equipment, and industrial control and voltage isolation. The connectors are compatible with the company's link series transmitters and receivers, and use a latching and non-latching, snap together concept - which eliminates the need for crimping.


  • Inc. distributes fiber optic connectors, fiber optic adapter kits, fiber optic couplings and fiber optic jacks manufactured by AFL, Signamax, Leviton, Corning, Panduit, and Black Box Network Services.

  • Conec Corp.

    Conec manufactures fiber optic connectors types including SC, FC, ST and LC models available in single mode and multi-mode. The SC and LC versions can be converted from a simplex into a duplex connector via a carrier housing. The various connectors are available with different colored boots and crimp sleeves. The company also distributes fiber optic adapters.

  • Delphi Corp.

    Delphi designs and manufactures harsh environment fiber optic connectors for mining, broadcast, military, and other industrial applications. The company's Edgecard fiber optic connectors are low profile PCB, have single and multi-mode capabilities, and accommodate 2, 4, 8 or more channels. The connectors have an operating temperature of -54 C to 85C, and a mating durability of 1000 cycles.

  • Diamond USA Inc

    Diamond USA Inc. manufactures fiber optic connectors including those for high power, polarization-maintainenance, multi-ferrule/multi-fiber, and field installable. The various connectors are for aerospace, military, medical/healthcare, energy, industrial, OEM, and telecommunication applications.

  • Glenair Inc

    Glenair Inc. produces military-grade fiber optic connectors suited for high reliability setting found in commercial and military jet aircraft, satellite and other space-based applications, tactical field communications, and ship-to-shore naval applications. All the fiber optic connectors deliver high-bandwidth data streams; and are known for their advanced tolerance to temperature extremes and immunity from electromagnetic interference.

  • L-com

    L-com distributes fiber optic connectors manufactured by Corning and AMP. The Corning connectors include Unicam no epoxy/no polish single mode and multi-mode fiber optic connectors. The single mode connectors can be installed on 9/125 fiber cables. The AMP connectors include Lightcrimp Plus no epoxy/no polish multi-mode fiber optic connectors that can be installed on 50/125 and 62.5/125 fiber cables.

  • Panduit Corp.

    Panduit Corp. provides fiber optic systems that feature LC fiber optic connectors, SC fiber optic connectors, and ST fiber optic connectors for single mode and multi-mode applications.

  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact provides industrial connectors including fiber optic SCRJ connectors with IP20 and IP67 protection, and UL approval. The connectors can be used for industrial ethernet, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and SERCOS lll applications.

  • Precision Fiber Products Inc

    Precision Fiber Products Inc. provides single mode fiber optic connectors, multi-mode fiber optic connectors, PM connectors, stainless steel ferrule medical connectors, fiber optic high power connectors, and fiber optic SMA connectors. All the company's connectors conform to JIS C5973, NTT, IEC, TIA and Telcordia standards; and are also non-flammable rated RoHS compliant.

  • Sabritec

    Sabritec manufactures a number of fiber optic connector types including: MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, ruggedized SC connectors, RSC connectors, FC connectors, ST connectors, MT-RJ connectors, and LC simplex/duplex connectors. All the company's connectors are offered fully-terminated and tested for ruggedized application environments.

  • ThorLabs

    Thorlabs designs and manufactures single mode fiber optic connectors and multimode fiber optic connectors. The single mode connectors are available as ST, FC, and LC types; and feature stain relief boots for 3, and 900 um tubing. The multimode connectors are available as FC/PC, SC, SMA, and ST types - with stainless steel and ceramic ferrules.

  • Valdor Fiber Optics

    Valdor Fiber Optics designs fiber optic connectors and connector kits for harsh environments. The company's line of connectors includes: impact mount ST/SC connectors, impact mount SMA connectors, impact mount FC connectors, and Heptoport RMC and FC multi-channel connectors.

  • Fiber Connections

    Fiber Connections is a supplier of engineered fiber optic connector types including: SC connectors, ST, connectors, FC connectors, LC connectors, MTRJ connectors, and MTP/MPO connectors. The various connectors are single mode and multi-mode, with a number of the connectors featuring a 2mm or 3mm jacketed fiber or 900 micron buffered fiber.

  • Fischer Connectors

    Fischer Connectors produces fiber optic connectors that feature push-pull locking, cable connection technique, FO elements positioning and contact, and the ability to withstand strong environmental and mechanical stresses. The connectors are used in a number of applications including: medical, military, instrumentation, broadcast, transportation, industrial, extreme environments, security, and energy.

  • Sumitomo Electric USA Inc

    Sumitomo Electric USA Inc. manufactures LC and MU fiber optical connectors, along with standard SC, FC, and ST fiber optic connectors for demanding applications. The company's connectors meet Telcordia testing standards - including GR-326, GR-1435, and GR-449 - and are tested internally.

  • Cooper Interconnect

    Cooper Interconnect manufactures fiber optic connectors that incorporate single and multiple mode diameters ranging from 50 to 1000 microns in size. The company's connectors are resistance to EMI, RFI, and EMP, and are used in aerospace, defense and telecommunications applications.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Mouser Electronics is a supplier of fiber optic connectors manufactured by 3M, Amphenol, Avago Technologies, Conec, FCI, Glenair, Harting, Hirose Electric, JAE Electronics, Lemo, Molex, Neutrik, Omron, Panduit, Phoenix Contact, and Tyco Electronics. The connectors supplied are duplex, jumper, simplex or universal types.