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Fiber optic connectors are used for optical cross connections, patching panels, connecting test equipment and more.

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  • Diamond USA Inc

    Diamond USA Inc. manufactures fiber optic connectors including those for high power, polarization-maintainenance, multi-ferrule/multi-fiber, and field installable. The various connectors are for aerospace, military, medical/healthcare, energy, industrial, OEM, and telecommunication applications.

  • L-com

    L-com distributes fiber optic connectors manufactured by Corning and AMP. The Corning connectors include Unicam no epoxy/no polish single mode and multi-mode fiber optic connectors. The single mode connectors can be installed on 9/125 fiber cables. The AMP connectors include Lightcrimp Plus no epoxy/no polish multi-mode fiber optic connectors that can be installed on 50/125 and 62.5/125 fiber cables.