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Connectors that are specifically designed for applications with exposure to extreme temperature, vibration, moisture, radiation, dust and other factors.

Connectors that are specifically designed for applications with exposure to extreme temperature, vibration, moisture, radiation, dust and other factors.

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  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact offers stainless steel M12, heavy-duty, and D-SUB connectors for industrial RS232, RS485, RS422, food/beverage, and harsh environment applications. Heavy-duty connectors come in the following configurations: rectangular, industrial power distribution, push-pull power, and Duplicon modular. These connectors feature die-cast/plastic housings for protection against moisture/dust, and they have power ranges from just a few milliamps of signal to up to 200A of power. Contacts come with inserts that are available in Quickon (IDC), push-in, spring-cage, crimp, and screw technologies.

  • Switchcraft

    Switchcraft offers harsh environment connectors in a variety of configurations, including: sealed data, Multi-Con-X (0.715-0.875" OD), Micro-Con-X (0.530" OD), and EN3 Series (0.715" OD). RJ45 panel housing assembly connectors are field installable, weather-tight, sealed to NEMA 250/IP67 standards, and available in shielded/unshielded versions. These connectors feature contact resistance ratings up to 20 milliohms, operating temperatures ranging from -10 to +60°C, and panel thicknesses ranging from 1/32" to 3/16". They are constructed from thermoplastic, elastomer, copper alloy, gold plated, and tin plated materials. Switchcraft also offers MIL-E-Qual break contact, cord, or panel connectors.

  • Remke Industries, Inc.

    Remke Industries, Inc. offers DeviceNet terminators and bus drop tees. DeviceNet bus drop tee micro-type connectors are constructed from IP67 protected clear anodized aluminum couplers and PVC housing materials. These connectors feature environmental operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 105°C, 8A electrical currents, and 300V AC voltage ratings. They are certified to meet CSA, UL, IEC, and NEMA standards.

  • Binder-USA, LP

    Binder-USA, LP offers M12 receptacles and 7/8" panel-mount connectors with dip solder contacts. M12 receptacles feature pre-wired/18 gauge/200mm long leads, voltages up to 250 Volts, IP67 ratings, and 4-5 gold-plated contacts. These receptacles have high power, harsh environment, industrial, and automation applications. 7/8" panel-mount connectors are PCB board mountable, and they come with 2+PE, 4, and 4+PE gold-plated contacts. These connectors have power supply, Ethernet, and Fieldbus applications.

  • Automation Systems Interconnect

    Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. offers heavy duty connectors in the following configurations: HD/HDD Series, HSB Series, HQ Series, HEAV Series, Crimp Contacts, and Cable Glands. These connectors are resistant to shock, water, vibration, and dust. HD/HDD Series heavy duty connector inserts feature PG/metric threads, protection covers, single/dual locking levers, silver/gold plated contacts, and side/top entry hoods. They are IP65/NEMA 4 rated, they feature positions ranging from 7 to 217, and are ideal for applications with a large number of circuits/connections.

  • Powertech Controls

    Powertech Controls offers PF and PFQ Series high ampacity plugs. These plugs are durable in harsh environments, easy to insert and remove, durable in harsh environments, and rated up to 600A/600V. Plugs feature silver contacts, mechanical locking/integral pilot contacts, IP67 environmental ratings, aluminum casings, and a watertight construction. They are ideal for the following harsh environment applications: shipyards, power generation systems, ship-to-shore, petroleum platforms, and mining.

  • Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc.

    Hermetic Seal Technology offers Mil-Spec connectors for the following applications: missiles, space vehicles, traffic collision avoidance systems, power circuits, military communication equipment, hermetic sensor connectors, etc. These connectors come in shell size diameters ranging from 0.25" to 3.0", hermeticity ratings up to 1x10-8 cc/sec, contact sizes ranging from 16 to 4 AWG, and circular or rectangular shell shapes. They are constructed from a variety of materials, including: stainless steel, Inconel, 52 alloy, plated mild steel, glass, etc.


    SOURIAU PA&E offers Micro-D hermetic connectors that are designed for use in commercial, space, laser-weld, solder-in, and military applications where environmental conditions require extremely reliable and rugged hermetic seals. These connectors feature 0.050" contact pitches, unique controlled CTE characteristics, gold-plated beryllium-copper contacts, and operating temperatures ranging from -55 to +125°C. Connectors have a leak rate less than 1x10-5, and they are manufactured to MIL-PRF-83513/8 and MIL-PRF-83513/7 specifications.

  • Positronic Industries Inc

    Positronic Industries, Inc. offers environmentally sealed D-sub connectors for control system, fixed location instrument, and portable computer applications. These connectors are highly reliable, IP65/67 protected, resistant to dust/water ingress, splash-proof, and environmentally sealed. They come in high density or standard versions, they feature contacts ranging from 9 to 104, and military, industrial, or professional performance options.

  • Duraline Connectors

    Duraline Connectors offers mini-line connectors for abusive applications where the cable is exposed to continuous flexing and harsh, oily, or dirty environments. These connectors are also resistant to hot chips, welding flashes, and other sever conditions that are present in demanding manufacturing environments. Connectors feature easily stripped PVC jacketed cables, temperature ratings ranging from -40 to 105°C, IP68/NEMA 6P ratings, epoxy-coated couplers, and a superior female contact design.

  • Fischer Connectors

    Fischer Connectors offers Fischer UltiMate Original Series harsh environment connectors. These connectors feature 10,000 mating cycles, operating temperatures ranging from -55 to +135°C, EMC 360° high performance shielding, and a push-pull locking system. Connectors are robust, durable, reliable, miniature, ultralight, IP68/69K sealed, and vibration/shock resistant.

  • CDM Electronics, Inc.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers MIL-DTL-22992 cylindrical connectors for the following harsh environment/mission-critical applications: marine, air force, navy, army, and military. These connectors come in conductor sizes ranging from 5 to 40, current ranges from 40 to 200 Amps, and shell sizes ranging from 28 to 52. Connectors feature double stub coupling threads, and they are manufactured from nickel, silver, copper alloy, aluminum, and high-strength materials.

  • American Connectors, Inc.

    American Connectors, Inc. offers Metal Clad (Type MC Series) cable connectors in watertight and watertight union pouring chamber configurations. These connectors are flame retardant and easily installed, and they are designed for hazardous installations, chemicals, water spray, etc. Connectors feature 0°C seals, polyurethane resins, and they come in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 4".

  • Teledyne Impulse

    Teledyne Impulse offers harsh environment bulkhead, pass-through, and in-line cable connectors for underwater instrumentation, oil/downhole data collection, oceanographic exploration, and geophysical exploration applications. These connectors come in a watertight construction, and they can handle high pressures up to 20,000 PSI. Connectors are designed to operate in demanding environments where hydrogen sulfide, saltwater, and a variety of other corrosive elements are present.

  • Delphi Corp.

    Delphi offers custom harsh environment connectors for test equipment, prototype, OEM, and extreme environment applications. These connectors are durable, DoD approved, EMI protected, temperature/vibration resistant, and capable of sealing/chemical resistance.