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Connectors that are specifically designed for applications with exposure to extreme temperature, vibration, moisture, radiation, dust and other factors.

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  • Powertech Controls

    Powertech Controls offers PF and PFQ Series high ampacity plugs. These plugs are durable in harsh environments, easy to insert and remove, durable in harsh environments, and rated up to 600A/600V. Plugs feature silver contacts, mechanical locking/integral pilot contacts, IP67 environmental ratings, aluminum casings, and a watertight construction. They are ideal for the following harsh environment applications: shipyards, power generation systems, ship-to-shore, petroleum platforms, and mining.

  • Duraline Connectors

    Duraline Connectors offers mini-line connectors for abusive applications where the cable is exposed to continuous flexing and harsh, oily, or dirty environments. These connectors are also resistant to hot chips, welding flashes, and other sever conditions that are present in demanding manufacturing environments. Connectors feature easily stripped PVC jacketed cables, temperature ratings ranging from -40 to 105°C, IP68/NEMA 6P ratings, epoxy-coated couplers, and a superior female contact design.