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Connectors that are specifically designed for applications with exposure to extreme temperature, vibration, moisture, radiation, dust and other factors.

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  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact offers stainless steel M12, heavy-duty, and D-SUB connectors for industrial RS232, RS485, RS422, food/beverage, and harsh environment applications. Heavy-duty connectors come in the following configurations: rectangular, industrial power distribution, push-pull power, and Duplicon modular. These connectors feature die-cast/plastic housings for protection against moisture/dust, and they have power ranges from just a few milliamps of signal to up to 200A of power. Contacts come with inserts that are available in Quickon (IDC), push-in, spring-cage, crimp, and screw technologies.

  • Automation Systems Interconnect

    Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. offers heavy duty connectors in the following configurations: HD/HDD Series, HSB Series, HQ Series, HEAV Series, Crimp Contacts, and Cable Glands. These connectors are resistant to shock, water, vibration, and dust. HD/HDD Series heavy duty connector inserts feature PG/metric threads, protection covers, single/dual locking levers, silver/gold plated contacts, and side/top entry hoods. They are IP65/NEMA 4 rated, they feature positions ranging from 7 to 217, and are ideal for applications with a large number of circuits/connections.