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Hermetically sealed connectors are electrical connectors featuring an airtight seal, usually for the purpose of maintaining integrity from ambient gases, vapors, dust or liquids.

Hermetically sealed connectors are electrical connectors featuring an airtight seal, usually for the purpose of maintaining integrity from ambient gases, vapors, dust or liquids.

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  • Positronic Industries Inc

    Positronic Industries, Inc. offers hermetically sealed connectors that can be pre-assembled onto flanges/plates per customer specifications. These connectors have circular connector feed-throughs, and a leakage rate of 5 x 10-9 mbar l/s at a vacuum of 1.5 x 10-2 atm. Their D-subminiature feed-throughs come with high voltage, shielded, power, signal, and thermocouple contact options.

  • HiRel Connectors Inc

    HiRel Connectors, Inc. offers hermetically sealed military and custom connectors. ESC11 military standard hermetically sealed connectors are available in jam nut, solder mount, and flange mount receptacles. They have soldercup, PC tail, feed thru, and eyelet terminations, and they are available with standard finishes and insert arrangements. Custom/special connectors have the following features: have temperatures ranging from -320 to 1000°F, low leak rates, through bulkhead headers, thermocouple contacts, filtered/blindmate connectors, custom insert arrangements, etc.


    SOURIAU PA&E offers hermetically sealed circular connectors. These connectors have operating temperatures ranging from -65 to 200°C, operational solder cups up to 30 AWG solid/stranded wire, an insulation resistance of <5,000 Megohms at 500 VDC, and a leak rate of less than 1 x 10-9 cc/sec helium @ 1 atmospheric differential pressure. They are constructed from nickel, gold plating, chromate conversion coating, and beryllium copper CDA alloy.

  • AMETEK HCC Industries

    AMETEK HCC Industries hermetically sealed connectors in rectangular, environmental, and circular configurations. These Mil-Spec and customized connectors have applications for commercial, military, petrochemical, industrial, defense, and aerospace markets. They connect two devices to facilitate the flow of electrical currents, and they can be mechanically uncoupled from and coupled to other connections.

  • Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc.

    Hermetic Seal Technology offers hermetically sealed Mil-Spec connectors for the following applications: space vehicles, missiles, power circuit, electrical control, rockets, military communication equipment, accelerometers, hermetic sensors, etc. These connectors have contact sizes ranging from 4 to 16 AWG, a hermeticity of 1 x 10-8 cc/sec, and shell size diameter ranges from 0.25" to 3.0". These connectors are constructed from stainless steel, inconel, 52 alloy, stainless steel, glass, and plated mild steel materials. Connectors adhere to the design and performance requirements of a variety of Mil-Specs, including: MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-83723, MIL-C-38999, etc.

  • March Electronics, Inc.

    March Electronics, Inc. offers hermetically sealed jam nut receptacles. These receptacles have temperature ranges from -85 to 347°F, a durability of 500 cycles mating/unmating, they can withstand sine vibration per MIL-STD-202, and random vibration per MIL-STD-1334. They can withstand a corrosion resistance range from 48 to 500 hours of salt spray, a 0.050" grounding before contact, and they can withstand immersion into the following fluids: oils, coolants, solvents, fluids, etc.

  • Air Electro, Inc.

    Air Electro, Inc. offers environmentally sealed connectors. These connectors have the following features: shell sizes ranging from 8 to 28, male/female contact types, thermocouple contacts, a high level of shock/vibration, high temperature connectors, plugs with self-locking systems, a screw coupling capacity, etc.

  • Amphenol Alden Products Co.

    Amphenol Alden Products Co. offers environmentally sealed connectors in the following configurations: PL-700SM-U Series medical reusable auto-coupling, and Pulse-Lok PL-900RG-S Series plated plastic circular. PL-700SM-U Series connectors have up to 27 contact positions, a Pulse-Lok auto-latch/mating confirmation, and an IP-67 rating. PL-900RG-S Series connectors have up to 52 contact positions in a 0.900" diameter housing, up to 5,000 mating cycles, 100% EMI/RFI shielding capabilities, and an IP-65 rating.

  • PEI Genesis Inc

    PEI Genesis, Inc. offers MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III, and IV hermetic receptacles. These connectors are ideal for low-leakage/high-pressure applications in space, sea, and air environments. These allow a second leakage rate of 1 x 10-7 cc/Helium, and they have jam nut, solder mount, wall mount, and box mount options.