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High temperature connectors are made from various metals as well as ceramic to stand up to extreme temperatures.

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  • Watlow

    Watlow is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of high temperature connectors and thermocouples. Watlow’s time-saving thermocouple connectors are fast and convenient to use. There is no cap removal, no loose parts, and no need to wrap wires around terminal screws.

  • Connectronics

    Connectronics manufactures interconnection products including a variety of specialized interconnectors for commercial and nuclear applications as well as laser and x-ray equipment. Connectronics Corp. interconnectors products include a variety of high temperature connector products in various sizes.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger offers a large catalog of connectors including models from Ideal, Wahl, Hart, Sta-Kon, Fluke, Extech and Atkins.

  • Fischer Connectors

    Fischer manufactures a variety of high temperature connector products including U type connectors with and operating range of -55 to 200 degrees C. Other models include TPE, plastic and soft cap connectors.

  • Sullins Connector Solutions Inc

    Sullins is a manufacturer of a variety of connector solutions including high temperature application connectors. Sullins also offers IDC sockets, male cardedge, ruggedized double point series connectors and shrouded headers in a variety of seizes.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega is a distributor of thermocouple connectors and panel systems including ceramic and three pin connectors for high temperature applications. Omega also offers the ultra high temperature heavy duty standard size NHX-K-MF connectors.

  • Conec Corp.

    Conec is a connectors manufacturer that offers a full range of high temperature connector products with a resistance of 125 degrees C. Over 50 different models are available to suit nearly any application.


    SOURIAU PA&E offers hermetic connectors including high pressure/high temperature hermetic connectors for oil exploration field and in other extreme applications. The chemical bonding properties and controlled CTE of Kryoflex allows hermetic seals to exhibit excellent electrical characteristics in extreme high-temperature/high-pressure environments.

  • CeramTec North America Corp.

    CeramTec North America engineers and manufactures custom products including ceramic connectors for both metal and fiber optic conductors to exacting electrical, mechanical and dimensional specifications. Connectors from CeramTec come in a wide array of sizes and densities.

  • Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc.

    Ulti-Mate Connectors manufactures a variety of military spec high temperature connectors including 25 mil single row connectors having up to 40 contact positions. For strength and shielding metal shells are available. For higher strength and density two row hermaphroditic units are available.

  • LADD Industries

    LADD Industries offers the Deutsch Industrial DTM series connectors designed for applications with temperatures ranging from -55 to 150 degrees C. The expanded temperature range makes the DTMH ideal for use anywhere the electrical system could be exposed to higher than normal temperatures.

  • Cooper Interconnect

    Cooper Interconnect supplies high temperature connector products featuring anti-bind roll-off shells and 1200 degree F continuous operating temperature. Three contact types include alumel thermocouple, chromel thermocouple and type 303 ELC stainless steel contacts.

  • Connector Technology Inc

    Connector Technology Inc designs and manufactures a variety of connector solutions including various high temperature connector for severe environments. These connectors are fire resistant, have a high level of shock and vibration tolerance and feature stainless steel shells.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied Electronics offers a large selection of high temperature connectors including models from 3M, Alpha Wire, AVX, BEI Duncan, Mill Max, Orion, Panduit, Pomona Electronics and Quest Technology International.

  • Connector Supply

    Connector is a distributor of a wide array of connector products including high temp butt connectors and ring terminals in a variety of sizes and shapes for a wide array of applications.

  • Penn-Union Corp

    Penn-Union's line of high temperature steel connector terminals includes a variety of ring shape models, spade terminals, female disconnects, butt connectors and male disconnects of a wide array of applications.

  • Heyco Products

    Heyco is a manufacturer of a wide array of power components including various wire connectors for high temperature applications. These products are listed under the Component Program of Underwriters’ Laboratories File E80121

  • Futurlec

    Futurlec is a supplier of electronic components including a variety of connectors for high temperature applications. Models include BNC male connectors, BNC male clamp connectors and adapters.

  • APD Incorporated

    APD Incorporated offers a wide selection of 3m products including a variety of high temperature connector products. Models include closed end connectors, electrical disconnect terminals, hook tongue terminals and electrical parallel connectors.

  • 3M

    3M is a manufacturer of a variety of industrial connectors including the Scotchlok brand of high-temperature connectors.