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High voltage connectors are designed for high voltage applications, generally featuring heavier gauge conducting materials and insulation.

High voltage connectors are designed for high voltage applications, generally featuring heavier gauge conducting materials and insulation.

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  • Connectronics

    Connectronics offers high voltage connectors in a variety of configurations, including: SCID Series, MIDGI Series, Hy-Kon Series, Dual HVL Series, and CMC-715 Series. SCID Series connectors have temperature ranges from -55 to +125°C, operating voltages up to 15 KVDC, seal levels to 70000 ft, and currents up to 7.5 Amps. Connectors feature a corona-free tapered interface, vibration/shock resistance, and quick push/pull mates and locks. Connectronics also offers In-Line disconnect, CSCB Series, CSC Series, RMP Series, and Micro-MIDGI Series connectors.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity offers the following LGH high voltage connectors: single-pin, multi-pin, micro-miniature, and medical application. Model 5-849103-5 single-pin connectors have operating voltages up to 20 kVDC, assembly lengths up to 457.20mm, and single-end lead assemblies. These connectors feature silicone wire insulation, glass-filled epoxy caps, and FEP ground lead wire insulation. Connectors are compliant with RoHS and ELV industry standards.

  • Surplus Sales of Nebraska

    Surplus Sales of Nebraska offers a wide range of high voltage connectors, including: Alden double circuit female, high voltage lead assemblies, Millen high voltage, SHV style double bulkhead jack, ground hooks, Rowe high voltage 6-pin female, etc. Alden double circuit female connectors are polarized, tested to 20 KVDC, and they can get up to 15000 Volts DC. These sensors feature an excellent disconnect system where full disconnection of both ground and HV wires simultaneously are desired.

  • Duraline Connectors

    Duraline Connectors offers single and multi-gang high power connectors. Duraline connectors have voltage ranges from 120 to 5000, Amp ranges from 50 to 1000, and 360° patented non-specific orientations. These connectors feature integrally molded-in collets and Hypalon molded bodies/caps. 518 Series connectors have voltage ratings up to 5 KV, current ranges from 50 to 100 Amps, and 600 Volt standard cables. They are available in a wide range of colors.

  • Amphenol Alden Products Co.

    Amphenol Alden Products Co. offers high voltage connectors for electro-surgery, defibrillation, laser therapy, and X-ray applications. V1 Series Pulse-Lok connectors have dialectric strengths of up to 500 volts/mil., mating cycles of up to 25,000 min, working temperatures of up to 105°C, and panel-seal ratings of up to 30 PSI. These connectors have pole numbers ranging from 1 to 7, operating voltages of up to 600V, and operating amperages of up to 30 Amps. They are MIL-Spec C-39029 compliant, environmentally sealed, and precision engineered.

  • Cooper Interconnect

    Cooper Interconnect offers Burton Subsea connectors for critical applications. These connectors feature voltage ratings ranging from 600 to 3000V, pressure ratings of up to 10,000 PSI, contact shoulders, and a rugged/reliable design. They are constructed from the following materials: copper alloy, 316L stainless steel, integrally molded elastomers, MIL-W-16878, MIL-C-915, etc.

  • RF Parts Co.

    RF Parts, Co. offers high voltage connectors and wires. RF connectors feature phenolic safety terminals, floating tapered brass inserts, and VDC ratings up to 7000. They have red or black shells and flanges. RF wires have DC operating voltages up to 40 KV, breakdown voltages up to 110 KV, temperature ratings up to 105°C, and up to 22 AWG.

  • March Electronics, Inc.

    March Electronics, Inc. offers Tyco high voltage connectors. MCK Series metal shell connectors have current ratings up to 3 Amps, durability up to 500 cycles, and mating force up to 10 oz. These connectors feature metal/plastic shells, solder cups, twist pin contacts, and stranded/solid wire terminations. They are designed for commercial and military applications.