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These connectors are coaxial connectors specifically designed for use in microwave applications.

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  • Pasternack Enterprises

    Pasternack Enterprises distributes a number of coaxial cable connectors for RF and microwave applications. Connector types include 1.6-5.6, 1.0-2.3 snap on, 10-32, 1.85m, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 7/16 DIN, 3/4 inch 20 twinaxial, banana plug, C, BNC, F, D-sub, FAKRA, FME, HN, GR874, MC card, LC, MCX, mini SMB, MHV, mini SMP, mini UHF, N, MMCX, QMA, RCA, QN, reverse thread, reverse polarity, SC, SMA, SHV, SMC, SMB, SSMA, SMP, SSMB, TNC, tee, UHF and UMCX.

  • C. W. Swift & Associates, Inc.

    C.W. Swift & Associates Inc. distributes various connectors and cables manufactured by Connectronics, Dynawave, M Wave Design, Poseidon Scientific Instruments, Huber + Suhner, Johanson Manufacturing, Radiall, RF Industries, SGMC Microwave, SV Microwave, Microwave Components, and Midwest Microwave.