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  • Robert Technologies, Inc

    MIL-C-22992 (MIL-DTL-22992) Class "L" connectors are multi-contact (pin or socket), heavy duty, large size, waterproof, arc quenching electrical plug and receptacle connectors for power and control circuits. The RTI Mil-C-22992 Class “L” connectors feature current ratings ranging from 40 - 200 amperes.

  • United Electronics

    Military Approved Class L heavy duty connectors are large size cylindricals suitable for industrial or military applications. They are designed to meet the demands of heavy power interconnections. Features include current ranges 40 - 200 amps, and conductor sizes 6 to 4/0.

  • Alvatek Electronics, LLC

    MIL-C-22992 Class L heavy duty cylindrical connectors are used for military ground vehicles and heavy equipment. Other uses include geophysical applications, as well as portable lighting systems and power distribution systems.

  • Amphenol Backplane Systems

    Amphenol MIL-C-22992 heavy duty Class "L" connectors are manufactured of high strength aluminum to withstand high impact, making them suitable for harsh environments. Products feature current ranges from 40A - 200A with conductor sizes ranging from 6 to 4/0.

  • American Component Supply Corp.

    American Component Supply (ACS) Corporation stocks a variety of MIL-C 22992 Class L wall mount receptacles (power source). There are well over a dozen types to choose from.

  • Milnec Interconnect Systems

    The Milnec LM Series of MIL-DTL-22992 Class L connectors are heavy duty, IP67 rated, and built to withstand the harsh power distribution applications in military applications. Products are designed with current ratings ranging from 40 - 200 amps.

  • Powell Electronics, Inc.

    Powell Electronics are distributors of MIL-DTL-22992, Class L connectors with operating temperatures from –55 C to +125 C. Options include four shell styles with seven insert patterns to facilitate large conductors.

  • American Connector

    J&K and American Connector offer MIL-C-22992 Class L connectors in a variety of configurations, including wall mount, straight plug, straight plug without coupling ring, and wall mount receptacle with coupling ring. Four different shell sizes are available from 40 - 200 amps.

  • Connective Design Inc

    CDI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of MIL-DTL-22992 Class L connectors for military and industrial use. CDI can customize your connectors to meet your specific requirements.

  • Amerline Enterprises Co.

    Amerline specializes in inter-vehicular connectors, electrical connectors used between prime movers, trailers and towed artillery. Also available are AEC22992 commercial Class L generator connectors.