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Mil spec connectors are designed to meet the precise requirements needed for military applications.

Military connectors (MIL-SPEC) are shell-type connectors that are built according to military specifications, taking into account the need for protection from harsh environments. Specifications include number of contacts, contact type, shell size, shell style or gender, coupling size, contact size (AWG), and contact termination options. The most common shell sizes are available in 0.0625” increments, starting at size 8 (0.5”) and ending at size 36 (2.25”). A list of MIL-SPEC connectors includes MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-81703, MIL-C-22992, MIL-C-27599, MIL-C-26500, MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-28840, MIL-C-81511, MIL-C-81582, MIL-C-83723, 40M39569, AND 40M38277. Leading manufacturers: Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Union Guide, Electro Enterprises, Mouser Electronics and March Electronics.

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  • March Electronics, Inc.

    March Electronics offers the follow MIL-SPEC connectors: M24308 D subminiature; M39012, M55302, M55339, M81569, M83513 connectors; NASA GSFC-S-311P D subminiature connectors; M39012 and M55339 UG/RF coaxial connectors; M28748 rack and pane connectors; M39029 contacts; M83513 Micro D connectors; D38999 Series IV Breech-Lok connectors and covers; M55116 audio and power connectors; and MS90555, MS90556, MS90557, and MS90558 L-Class power connectors.