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Push Pull connectors have a locking mechanism that is released by squeezing the connector body, preventing unintentional disconnects.

Push Pull connectors have a locking mechanism that is released by squeezing the connector body, preventing unintentional disconnects.

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  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact offers VARIOSUB push-pull, power application push-pull, standard push-pull, and fiber optic (SCRJ) push-pull connectors. RJ45 VARIOSUB push-pull connectors feature ambient operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C, external cable diameters ranging from 5 to 8mm, IP65/67 protection, and conductor cross sections ranging from 0.13 to 0.36 mm2. These connectors have rated currents up to 1.75A, nominal voltages up to 50V, and up to 8 positions. They are constructed from the following materials: NBR, TPE, gold over nickel, copper alloy, PC, nickel, and zinc.

  • Industrial Specialties Mfg.

    Industrial Specialties Mfg. offers 6580 Series fractional union, 6463 Series female NPT, and 6463 Series female BSPP/metric connectors. 6463 Series female NPT connectors come in outer diameter tube sizes ranging from 1/8" to 3/8", female NPT sizes ranging from 1/8" to 3/8", and SW ranges from 0.472 to 0.669. These connectors feature full ID flows, a 100% electroless/nickel-plated brass construction, and quick/effortless lock and push-in tubes.

  • KeyWolf

    KeyWolf's push-pull connectors include a self-latching mechanism that allows for positive engagement giving an audible sound and clicking feel leading to a quick and secure engagement and disengagement from its mating part without having bulky, weight and space-consuming clips and bayonets.

  • ODU-USA Inc

    ODU-USA Inc. offers defibrillator/patient monitoring Mini-Snap PC, Mini-Snap miniature/metal shell cylindrical, and Medi-Snap medical connectors. ODU Medi-Snap medical connectors are light-weight, non-magnetic, 100% touch proof, autoclavable, and chemically resistant. These connectors feature 14mm outside diameters, contact positions ranging from 2 to 14, operating temperatures ranging from -50 to +140°C, and more than 2,000 mating cycles. They provide cost-effective and easy connector mounting solutions.

  • Sealcon LLC

    Sealcon LLC offers M40 power, M23 signal/power, and M16 signal push-pull connectors. M23 signal/power push-pull circular connectors feature crimp pins/sockets ranging from 1 to 2mm, crimp ranges from 0.08 to 2.5mm2, insert pole sizes ranging from 6 to 19, and contact sizes ranging from 3 x 1.5 to 17 x 1 mm. These connectors are IP67/69 rated, they feature operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 257°F, and voltages ranging from 150 to 300V.

  • Fischer Connectors

    Fischer Connectors offers push-pull automatic locking plugs and emergency release lanyard plugs (with push-pull locking capabilities). Push-pull automatic locking plugs can be fully integrated into the connector housing, fully secured against accidental connection, and can provide unparalleled signal integrity. Emergency release lanyard plugs are specially suited for quick unmating on the field, and they can unlock the locking mechanism with a strong pull on the lanyard.

  • iconn Systems LLC

    iconn Systems LLC offers shielded, waterproof, and electronic cable/panel connectors for a wide variety of applications. Waterproof connectors range in shell size from 17 to 23, and they have the following specifications: IEC, IP67/68, NEC, CE, and UL. These connectors are RoHS compliant, and they feature a total connector design/redesign for assuring intermateability. They have crimp terminations ranging from 2 to 22 and are ideal for OEM, industrial, and commercial applications.

  • Estco Enterprises

    Estco Enterprises offers circular push-pull connectors. These connectors feature threaded male panel mount locking grooves and dual functions suitable for push-pull/screw connections. M23 signal circular connectors are IP67/NEMA 4X certified, and they work in temperature ranges ranging from -40 to 257°F. These connectors come in wire gauges ranging from 28 to 12 AWG, cable outer diameters ranging from 3 to 14mm, voltages ranging from 150 to 300, and Amp ratings ranging from 8 to 20.

  • Binder-USA, LP

    Binder-USA, LP offers push-pull connectors for micro, mini, and demanding applications. Series 440 push-pull locking connectors come in cable sizes ranging from 4 to 8mm, gold-plated contacts ranging from 3 to 19, and plastic shells with metal interior sleeves. These connectors have outer diameters up to 20mm, 360° EMI sleeves, and they are suited for commercial instrumentation and medical electronics applications. They are shielded and IP67 rated.

  • Molex

    Molex offers Brad circular ruggedized push/pull connectors (CRP2) for handset, mobile phone, process control, and automation control applications. These connectors feature ruggedized metal housings on receptacles/plugs, non-tooling standard wire terminations, a sealed/watertight enclosure, and up to 8 circuits in a small 0.551" overall footprint. They can withstand up to 5,000 mating cycles, 21-lbs in torque, and 30-lbs in pull force.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Mouser Electronics offers circular push-pull connectors in solder cup, solder, quick connect, PCB tail, crimp, and solder termination styles. These connectors come in shell sizes ranging from 0 to 22, contact numbers ranging from 1 to 44, and current ratings ranging from 0.5 to 36A. Connectors are constructed from chrome, nickel, gold, polyurethane, silver, black epoxy, anodized, and aluminum alloy materials. Mounting style options include: wire, through hole, straight, snap-in, SMD/SMT, screw, plug, panel, free hang, flange, and cable.

  • TTI Inc.

    TTI Inc. offers miniature/high density push-pull connectors for telecommunications, GPS, instrumentation, audio/visual, and medical applications. These connectors are mechanically keyed, they are capable of high contact densities in a small space, and feature contact termination in either PCB, solder, or crimp contacts. Connectors come in wire gauges ranging from 30 to 12 AWG and contact layouts ranging from 2 to 30 contacts.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity offers industrial Ethernet push-pull connectors for a variety of applications, including: cellular base stations, wind turbines, motion control, robotics, industrial PLC solutions, industrial data network systems, factory automation industries, etc. These connectors feature a comfortable push-pull mechanism, a ruggedized design for harsh environmental use, and field-installable modular plugs for non-tool installations. Connectors are capable of data transmission rates ranging from 100 to 1000 Mbit/s, and they are available in PVC jacketed cable assemblies ranging from 0.5 to 50 meters long.

  • Harting Inc. of North America

    Harting Inc. of North America offers IP65/67 rated push-pull connectors for harsh industrial applications. These connectors have the following benefits: direct/inner device integration, scalable PCB connections, high versatility (due to modularity), a robust construction, easy handling/intuitive connecting speeds, and internationally standardized system interfaces.