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Used for a variety of applications where connections need to be quickly disconnected or switched.

Used for a variety of applications where connections need to be quickly disconnected or switched.

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  • Duraline Connectors

    Industrial/commercial grade quick disconnect connectors including: 8 wire 10 amp, 10 wire 7 amp, 12 wire 7 amp, 14 wire 7 amp, and 16 wire 7 amp types. All the polarized products feature a maximum rating of 10 amp 600 volts or 7 amps 600 volts, and are used for a range of power and control applications.

  • Amphenol Alden Products Co.

    Auto-coupling, circular connectors that feature auto-latch, quick-release mating action. Engineered for contemporary instrumentation applications, products are available as plastic shell, metal shell, miniature field-installable, medical reusable, auto-terminating, or medical disposable types.

  • KeyWolf

    Quick disconnect connectors can be found in the tough environments like aerospace actuators, vibration sensors, flow meters, advanced instrumentation, automation, audio/video, lighting, consumer appliances to general industrial applications.

  • Microdot Connectors (a Tyco Electronics Co)

    Nanonics quick disconnect connectors that feature an environmental seal, EMI/RFI seal, and "O" rings for an environmental seal. Available in 7, 19, and 44 positions, the products contact system exceeds MIL-C-83513 standards.

  • Molex

    Products include fully-insulated male, AviKrimp fully-insulated and piggyback quick disconnects. Other products include tab adapters, female terminals that mate with male tab terminals, and terminal blocks with male tabs. Products can be fully-insulated, non-insulated, or partially insulated; and are either molded vinyl, extruded nylon or molded nylon.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Products manufactured by Power First, Vycrimp, and Nycrimp. They feature wire ranges of 16 to 14 AWG, 22 to 16 AWG, and 12 to 10 AWG.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity manufactures electrical quick connectors receptacles, tabs and housing. Products are primarily used for harnesses and allow simultaneous and fast attachment of up to eight separate circuits - with a maximum of 20 leads. The company's connecting tab types include stud mount, printed circuit mount, wire crimp, testing, and weld.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering Inc. designs and produces quick disconnect connectors for thermocouples and RTDs. Products are available in standard and miniature sizes, with types including: low noise, ferrite core, solid pin heavy-duty, 3 prong, circuit board, and ceramic high temperature.

  • Radiall

    Including A&B modular, quick multipin and rail mounting connectors, B & MCSR heavy-duty, and MMC. The A&B modulars are available in five different sizes and suitable for disconnect or rack and panel applications. The multipin and rail mounting types are designed for in-line  applications on commercial airplanes, while the heavy-duty products are used in civil and military electronic systems.

  • Sealcon LLC

    Sealcon LLC offers quick connect circular connectors types including: twintus dual, signal, power, RJ45, fast ethernet POE, push-pull, stainless steel, molded cordsets, and special connector. The company's push-pull products work well within tight spaces.

  • Staubli

    Staubli distributes quick connection connectors used for fluid and power supply applications. Types include: compressed air, cooling, fluid and gases, hydraulic, breathing air, natural gas vehicle, liquefied petroleum gas vehicle, and electrical.

  • FCI/Burndy

    FCI USA LLC supplies wire quick disconnect connectors used for desktop, mobile, server, storage, hard disk drive, and printer applications. The company also offers products for chassis-based equipment, wireless customer premises equipment, electrical products, brown products, card readers, and mobile phones.

  • Grote Industries Inc

    Grote Industries Inc. distributes quick connect electrical connectors including: heat shrink and solder, heat shrinkable 22-18 gauge, heat shrinkable 16-14 gauge, and heat shrinkable 12-10 gauge. All the types feature a stud or tab size of .250".

  • Hubbell Industrial

    Types including: field attachable mini-quick, field attachable micro-quick, and field attachable nano-quick. The three disconnect control  types feature an angled or straight body style; screw terminal or insulation displacement termination styles; 3 to 5 poles, and cable sizes ranging from .14" to .50". The units are either female plug, male in-line plug, or male plug types.

  • TRU Corporation

    TRU Corporation manufactures quick disconnect RF connectors that feature fast on/off capabilities without bayonets, screws or tools. The products are available in four types: SQS, QRM, QDS, and QDM. The SQS features the same line size as a 7-16, while the QDM is equivalent to BNC and TNC line sizes.

  • Unicorn Electronics

    Unicorn Electronics distributes more than 100 quick disconnect terminal connector models. The male or female types are either PVC insulated, nylon fully-insulated, or heat shrink insulated. Products - depending on model - feature 22-18 AWG, 12-10 AWG, or 16-14 AWG.

  • Connector Supply

    Distributor of female and male quick disconnect connectors manufactured by US-based companies along with 3M. The various  types stocked by the company include: fully-insulated, partially insulated, heat shrink insulated, solder seal, crimp solder seal, and non-insulated.