Connectors • Quick Connect/Disconnect Connectors

Used for a variety of applications where connections need to be quickly disconnected or switched.

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  • Duraline Connectors

    Industrial/commercial grade quick disconnect connectors including: 8 wire 10 amp, 10 wire 7 amp, 12 wire 7 amp, 14 wire 7 amp, and 16 wire 7 amp types. All the polarized products feature a maximum rating of 10 amp 600 volts or 7 amps 600 volts, and are used for a range of power and control applications.

  • Unicorn Electronics

    Unicorn Electronics distributes more than 100 quick disconnect terminal connector models. The male or female types are either PVC insulated, nylon fully-insulated, or heat shrink insulated. Products - depending on model - feature 22-18 AWG, 12-10 AWG, or 16-14 AWG.