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Rectangular connectors feature a rectangular shape with parallel side being equal in length.

Rectangular connectors feature a rectangular shape with parallel side being equal in length.

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  • 2E SysCom, Inc.

    2E SysCom, Inc. offers HVES Series, HVE Series, HEE Series, HE Series, and HA Series rectangular connectors. These connectors feature power ratings up to 16A (830V), contact pins ranging from 3 to 92, and spring clamp, screw, or crimp terminations. 2E SysCom offers connectors in 12 styles, with current carrying capacities ranging from 5 to 100 A and voltage ranges from 50 to 1000 Volts. These connectors have applications for petrochemical electrical equipment, electrical locomotives, tobacco machinery, package printing machinery, textile machinery, and construction machinery.

  • Positronic Industries Inc

    Positronic Industries, Inc. offers rectangular connectors in the following models: Utility, Standard Density Rectangular, Scorpion Series, High Density Rectangular, and Dragonfly. GF and GFPL Series utility connectors feature countersunk side mounting holes, narrow widths, low profile mounting capabilities, side-by-side stacking capabilities, and numerous polarization options. These connectors have contact current ratings to 7.5 amperes, a flexible design, solid machined size 20 contacts, and straight/right angle/solder cup terminations. Positronic also offers single point ground connection systems.

  • Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corporation offers Z Series connectors for the injection mold industry, IP 68 connectors, inserts, hoods, and bases for a variety of heavy duty industrial applications, including: control equipment, electric panels, control units, electronic machinery, etc. IP 68 connectors range in size from 6 to 24, and they come in the following configurations: bulkhead mounting, surface mount housing, screw/bayonette locking, M40 opening, etc. Mencom also offers Mixo Series connectors, COB Series connectors, tools, and accessories.

  • CW Industries

    CW Industries offers NAVSEA high-density, MILSPEC high density, and custom high density rectangular connectors. These connectors come with 38 to 132 contacts in pin, socket, or retaining clip configurations. They feature right angle, wire tap, or solder tail terminals.


    SOURIAU PA&E offers Sub-D, Rack & Panel, Nano-D, Micro-D, and Junior-D DC connectors. Rack & Panel hermetic DC connectors are compatible with conventional nickel/iron alloy, titanium, and aluminum materials, and they are designed for commercial, military, and space applications. These connectors feature temperature limits ranging from -65 to 200°C, 9 to 104 contacts, nickel/gold plated contact finishing, and insulation resistance ratings greater than 5,000 Megohms (at 500 VDC). SOURIAU PA&E also manufactures custom rectangular DC connectors in a variety of materials.

  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact offers Variocon, Heavycon Industrial metal rectangular, and Heavycon Advance bayonet locking latch connectors. Variocon metal/plastic rectangular housing connectors have harsh industrial environment applications, and they are available in the following models: fiber optic connections, printed circuit board through panel connections, screw clamps, and crimp wire terminations. Heavycon industrial plug connectors feature rugged cast aluminum housings, IP 65 protection, modular inserts, and seals that prevent the intrusion of water, dirt, and dust.

  • Hypertronics Corporation

    Hypertronics Corporation offers KFT fine pitch, KA straight dip, HMD environmentally sealed, HDLP lightweight, and cPCI 2mm rectangular connectors. cPCI 2mm ruggedized connectors feature shields for preventing EMI/RFI, keying features that ensure proper mating, and high-temperature LCP insulators. These connectors are highly reliable, immune to vibration/shock fretting, and they have the following applications: mass transit, medical, telecommunication, data transfer, space, marine, industrial, military, and aerospace. Other rectangular connector models offered by Hypertronics include: VME64X, PC/104+, LSH, docking station/portable device, KVPX, KMR, etc.

  • MS Electronix, Inc.

    MS Electronix, Inc. offers MIL-C-83733, DPD-Cannon, ARINC 600, ARINC 404 DPX2, and ARINC 404 DPX rectangular connectors. DPD-Cannon rectangular connectors feature socket/pin contact types, plug/receptacle shell types, and mounting hole modes ranging in diameter from 0.144 to 0.152. These connectors have 10 to 128 contacts, GA ratings ranging from 4 to 20, and thread types ranging from 1/4-28 UNF-28 to 5/16-12 QUAD LEAD. Other connector models offered by MS Electronix include MIL-C-24308, DPD2-Cannon, and DPA-Cannon.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied Electronics, Inc. supplies rectangular connectors in hundreds of styles. Model 39-00-0041 Motex rectangular connectors feature locking tangs for high contact retention, post-plated contacts for superior electrical performance, and four gas-tight points of contact. These connectors come in brass or phosphor bronze materials, they have insulation ranges from 1.20 to 3.15mm, AWG wire ranges from 16 to 24, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +105°C, and contact resistance up to 10 milliohms.

  • Molex

    Molex offers heavy duty single/multi-module rectangular connectors for robotics and industrial equipment applications. These connectors feature circuits ranging from 12 to 72, seals to protect against contaminants/dust, cable clamps for integrating sealed rings, and ampere ratings ranging from 6 to 35. Connectors have crescent-shaped metal hoods with rotating locks, easy field removal of housing modules, and the following agency ratings: CSA, UL, TUV, VDE 0110, and IP65.

  • Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc.

    Hermetic Seal Technology offers Mil-Spec connectors for the following applications: traffic collision avoidance systems, space vehicles, missiles, power circuits, electrical controls, military communication equipment, renewable energy systems, etc. These connectors come in shell diameter sizes ranging from 0.25" to 3.0", rectangular or circular shell shapes, and stainless steel, Inconel, or 52 alloy contact materials. Connectors are designed to adhere to the design/performance requirements of a variety of Mil-Specs, including: MIL-C-26500, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-2642, MIL-C-38999, etc.

  • HiRel Connectors Inc

    HiRel Connectors, Inc. offers connectors in a variety of special/custom configurations, including: rectangular, umbilical, blindmate, filtered, high density, miniature, etc. These connectors feature thermocouple contacts, temperature ranges from -320 to +500°F, filtered connections, and a patented self-locking design. Connectors are available with custom insert arrangements, and they can be ordered with crimp, socket, or pin termination styles.

  • Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc.

    Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc. offers Micro-D Wired Series connectors in a range of wire types, wire gauges, and lengths. These connectors are available with plastic or rugged metal shells in low and standard profiles. Connectors have terminations ranging from 24 to 30 AWG, 9 to 100 contact arrangements, and tin, olive drab, gold, electroless nickel, or cadmium plating options.

  • CDM Electronics, Inc.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers Micross brand rectangular connectors in the following configurations: two-piece printed circuit plug, one-piece printed circuit receptacle, micro-miniature, sub-miniature, miniature, rack and panel, etc.