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Rectangular connectors feature a rectangular shape with parallel side being equal in length.

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  • 2E SysCom, Inc.

    2E SysCom, Inc. offers HVES Series, HVE Series, HEE Series, HE Series, and HA Series rectangular connectors. These connectors feature power ratings up to 16A (830V), contact pins ranging from 3 to 92, and spring clamp, screw, or crimp terminations. 2E SysCom offers connectors in 12 styles, with current carrying capacities ranging from 5 to 100 A and voltage ranges from 50 to 1000 Volts. These connectors have applications for petrochemical electrical equipment, electrical locomotives, tobacco machinery, package printing machinery, textile machinery, and construction machinery.

  • Hypertronics Corporation

    Hypertronics Corporation offers KFT fine pitch, KA straight dip, HMD environmentally sealed, HDLP lightweight, and cPCI 2mm rectangular connectors. cPCI 2mm ruggedized connectors feature shields for preventing EMI/RFI, keying features that ensure proper mating, and high-temperature LCP insulators. These connectors are highly reliable, immune to vibration/shock fretting, and they have the following applications: mass transit, medical, telecommunication, data transfer, space, marine, industrial, military, and aerospace. Other rectangular connector models offered by Hypertronics include: VME64X, PC/104+, LSH, docking station/portable device, KVPX, KMR, etc.