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A type of coaxial connector used to transfer radio frequency signals while minimizing transmission line impedance.

A type of electrical connector designed to operate at high radio frequencies, an RF connector is utilized in a number of industrial applications including: monitoring, process control, inventory tracking, vending monitoring, and barcode reading.RF connectors are designed to work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range, and are typically used with coaxial cables.Connector types include: standard, miniature, micro-miniature, sub-miniature, and precision. Each RF connector typically features a threaded, fastening or spring mechanism.Some RF connector models minimize the change in transmission line impedance at the connection.

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  • SRI Connector Gage Co.

    RF Connectors for broadband microwave applications. Available in SMA, TNC, ZMA, N and Between Series. RF connectors 1.85mm (DC to 65 Ghz), 2.4mm (DC to 50 Ghz), 2.9mm (DC to 40 Ghz) and 3.5mm (DC to 34.5 Ghz).