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Self-locking connectors most commonly employ a "push-pull" automatic locking device to prevent accidental disconnection of the connector.

Self-locking connectors most commonly employ a "push-pull" automatic locking device to prevent accidental disconnection of the connector.

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  • Fischer Connectors

    Fischer Connectors offers a variety of self-locking connectors, including: tamperproof plugs, quick release plugs, push-pull automatic locking pins, and emergency release lanyard plugs. Push-pull automatic locking plugs are fully secured against accidental disconnection, they are integrated into the connector housing, and are easily connected/disconnected. These plugs provide unparalleled signal integrity, and they are ideal for compact product design. Quick release plugs snap easily into receptacles, they are designed without locking mechanisms for emergency release, and are specially suited to avoid user injuries or material damages.

  • Arrow Electronics Inc

    Arrow Electronics, Inc. offers self-locking connectors in the following configurations: straight self-locking rotatable couplings, low profile straight rotatable couplings, self-locking rotatable couplings, right angle EMI/RFI non-environmental backshells, and right angle EMI/RFI environmental backshells. Straight self-locking rotatable couplings feature full radius profiles, EMI/RFI non-environmental backshells, RoHS compliance, and strain-relief electroless nickel plating.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers the following self-locking connectors: lanyards & lifelines, DBI-SALA safety connectors, and chain & cable hooks. Grainger Lanyards & lifelines range in length from 7" to 510', and they have working loads up to 400 lbs. Model X0060 permanent horizontal lifelines have 5/16" cable diameters, visual load indicators, and can be mounted on beams or other suitable structures. These lifelines have applications for shock absorbing lanyards and full body harnesses.

  • HiRel Connectors Inc

    HiRel Connectors, Inc. offers HDM & Micro-Circular Series, ESC11, and EN2997 self-locking connectors. ESC11 and EN2997 self-locking connectors are jam nut, flange mount, and solder mount receptacles. Termination options include soldercup, PC tail, feed thru, and eyelet. They are available with standard finishes and insert arrangements.

  • Glenair Inc

    Glenair, Inc. offers composite backshells products for the following applications: harsh environment interconnect, stealth, corrosive fluid, fire, shock, etc. Glenair composite accessories are ASTM E595 space rated, and they are qualified to AS85049 and MIL-DTL-38999. Model 311-019 composite lamp base thread backshells feature EMI/RFI shield terminations, shrink boot porches, self-locking rotatable couplings, and shell sizes ranging from 8 to 25.

  • Generant

    Generant offers Series SDC self-locking liquid cylinder connectors. These connectors are easily installed, OEM endorsed, and cleaned/packed for oxygen service. Connectors feature optional integral anti-back-flow check valves, zero external leakage, CGA connections, and PTFE thread sealant types. They have both medical and industrial applications.

  • Global Industrial

    Global Industrial offers Peerless-ACCO V10 clevis self-locking hooks for overhead lifting applications. These hooks have capacities ranging from 5,700 to 22,600 lbs, chain sizes ranging from 9/32" to 5/8", and they are constructed from alloy steel materials.