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Waterproof connectors are designed for submersible applications and provide a water tight enclosure to seal a variety of connection types.

Waterproof connectors are designed for submersible applications and provide a water tight enclosure to seal a variety of connection types.

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  • Amphenol NEXUS Technologies

    Amphenol Nexus Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures waterproof connectors for rugged commercial and military applications. They feature seven or 10 conductors, overall diameter of 0.859 inches, and overall length of 2.266 inches or 2.297 inches.

  • Ericson

    Ericson designs waterproof connectors including its 6P connectors, which are intended to handle severe food processing, industrial, marine, construction and petro-chemical work environments. They can resist high pressure hose downs of 1000 psi. The company's 12P watertight products feature 12 tubes with P.O.S. display, along with watertight sealing rings for use in all weather.

  • Remke Industries, Inc.

    Remke Industries Inc. designs and produces five types of waterproof connectors including: steel/straight/external conduit thread; steel, 45-degree external products are available in straight, 90 degree and 45 degree body styles; and with insulated throats or wire mesh grips.

  • Duraline Connectors

    Duraline manufactures 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire IP68-rated, watertight submersible connectors. The industrial/commercial grade range from a single amp to 100 or 110 amps. Each design allows for quick turnaround, with the ability to accommodate short and long runs.


    Leviton manufactures waterproof connectors that feature voltage of 120 V to 600 V three phase and 2 through 5 wires. Available with 2 to 4 poles, the company's "wetguard" products are available as 15 amp, 15/10 amp, 20 amp, 20/10 amp, or 30 amp models.

  • Amphenol Alden Products Co.

    Amphenol Alden Products Co. engineers and manufactured two series of environmentally-sealed, waterproof connectors. The company's medical, auto-coupling product feature up to 27 contact positions, operating voltage of 300 volts, and operating current up to 20 amps. The circular products have up to 52 contact positions, operating voltage of 300 volts, and operating current up to 5 amps.

  • Cooper Interconnect

    Cooper Interconnect manufactures a underwater/waterproof connector series that features 20,000 psi service, and one-piece molded construction. The products are used in underwater lighting, camera equipment, monitoring equipment and instrumentation, current meters, electronic bathymetric equipment, and deep submergence vehicle applications.

  • iconn Systems LLC

    iconn Systems LLC develops and manufactures waterproof connectors for commercial and industrial/OEM applications. Featuring a plug and panel mount receptacle, the connectors comply with UL, CE, NEC, and IEC/IP67, IP68 specifications.

  • King Innovation

    King Innovation manufactures Dryconn waterproof connectors that are rated for underground direct-bury applications, and feature a maximum voltage of 600V. With a temperature rating of 105C, products have copper/copper wire type and are 2" x 13/16" in size.

  • L-com

    L-com manufactures waterproof connector kits and panel mount, solder cup, D-sub products that are RoHS compliant. The panel mount products can accommodate wire ranges from 30 to 20 AWG, and feature a IP67 rating that provides protection under harsh conditions.

  • Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corporation distributes ILME multi-pole, waterproof rectangular connectors for industrial applications. They are used in electric and electronic machinery, control units, electric panels, and control equipment. The  products include IP68 surface and bulkhead mount bases, IP68 side entry hoods, and IP68 top entry hoods.

  • Positronic Industries Inc

    Positronic designs hermetic waterproof connectors offered in standard density, high density, mixed density, D-subminiature, and circuilar configurations. Intended for high vacuum applications the connectors feature a leakage rate of 5 x 10-9 mba.l/s. The company also produces other water resistant circular types.

  • Sealcon LLC

    Sealcon LLC distributes waterproof circular connectors. The company's line includes: M16 signal, M16 twintus dual, M23 signal, M23 power, M23 RJ45, M23 fast ethernet, M27 signal, M40 power, push-pull, and M23 stainless steel connectors.

  • Souriau USA

    Souriau USA develops and manufactures waterproof plastic and metal connectors. The plastic connectors are available in mated and unmated condition, with quick bayonnet coupling, or as environmentally-sealed circular. Depending on type, the products feature three or four shell sizes - from 3 to 19 contacts or 4 to 40 contacts. The metal products feature either 6 shell sizes from 10 to 22 contacts; 8 shell sizes from 4 to 69 contacts; 9 shell sizes from 1 to 60 contacts; or 2 shell sizes from 2 to 10 contacts. All products are IP68-rated.

  • All Electronics Corporation

    All Electronics Corporation distributes two-conductor waterproof connectors that feature 12", 18-gauge stranded wire leads, and are weather-resistant polarized.

  • Applied Engineering Products (AEP)

    Applied Engineering Products produces waterproof bulkhead connectors that don't feature expensive soldered hermetic seals or separate caps. They are available as receptacles with a variety of contact termination styles, cable, adapters, body platings, and mounting styles.

  • Binder-USA, LP

    Binder USA manufactures industrial waterproof connectors that are IP 67-rated. They feature plastic shells, field-attachable cable connectors with outer diameters of 29mm, 4 or 7 silver-plated contacts, and up to 16A per contact.

  • Bulgin, an Elektron PLC Group Co

    Bulgin - an Elektron PLC Group Co. - designs Buccaneer waterproof connectors for data or power. The sealed, circular products are IP68-rated and are used in hostile and harsh applications. The company's data line feature alternatives from 2 to 25 poles - include: SMB antenna, SMB Buccaneer, Ethernet Buccaneer, USB Buccaneer, mini USB Buccaneer, Firewire Buccaneer, and wireless Buccaneer. The waterproof connectors for power feature 10A or 32A; and 150V, 250V, or 600V.

  • The Phoenix Company of Chicago

    The Phoenix Company of Chicago manufactures waterproof connectors designed to meet IP 65 and IP 67 standards. The company's line ncludes SMA, BNC, TNC, and N connectors. Standard polarity, reverse polarity, and reverse thread configurations are available.

  • USB Firewire

    USB Firewire designs USB waterproof connectors that can be installed into cases, controllers, briefs, totes, and detonators. Featuring a IP68 rating, the connectors are comprised of zinc alloy metal with a black sealant - with all constructed cable that's built to USB 2.0 specifications.