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Boxes and custom enclosures to protect and hide electrical and networking equipment.

Boxes and custom enclosures to protect and hide electrical and networking equipment.

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  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Legrand manufactures a variety of floor boxes for industrial applications. These products include fire classified floor boxes, multi-gang floor boxes, recessed floor boxes and convention center floor boxes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

  • STI

    STI is a junction box manufacturer of the CMCP-300 series BNC Junction Boxes, which are multiple channel connecting centers for terminating the outputs of accelerometers or other transducer field wiring.  The CMCP-300 Series Junction Box is available in three versions, “FG” NEMA 4x Fiberglass, “PS” NEMA 4 Powder Coated Steel and “SS” NEMA 4x Stainless Steel. Both internal and external BNC models are available. Internal models are also provided with quick access latches and external models with screw covers and protective caps for the BNC fitting.  Junction boxes are made of fiberglass, powder coated steel and stainless steel.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct manufactures a wide variety of electrical products including electrical enclosures and terminal boxes in various sizes and shapes for electrical construction applications. Models include NEMA rated metal enclosures, non-metal enclosures, disconnect boxes, panel interface connectors and communication ports.

  • Allied Moulded Products

    Allied Moulded Products Inc manufactures a full line of residential and industrial enclosures from composite materials. Products include fiberglass enclosures in a wide array of sizes for any application. models feature one piece body construction, closed cell neoprene gasket, raised cover for additional depth, 304 stainless steel hardware and mounting feet and optional hinged deadfront panel. These units are non-corrosive, non-conductive, fire and temperature resistant and compliant with RoHS directives.

  • Snake Tray

    Snake Tray is a manufacturer of a variety of cable management solutions including floor boxes like the Snake Canyon cable management solution. Featuring easy floor access, this system offers a drastically reduced labor cost and does not void floor manufacturer's warranties. These systems are movable and reusable.

  • Sales Technology, Inc.

    Sales Technology Inc. is a terminal box manufacturer. They offer fiberglass, painted steel, and stainless steel termination boxes. The fiberglass boxes are multiple channel connecting centers for terminating the outputs of accelerometers or other transducer field wiring.  The painted steel boxes are provided for the intermediate termination of Accelerometers, Proximity Probes, Speed Sensors, RTD’s, and other transducers.  The stainless steel boxes feature continuously welded seems, ground smooth with no holes or knockouts. An oil-resistant, in-place gasket assures a watertight and dust tight seal and stainless steel screws and clamps are provided. Sales Technology Inc also offers liquid tight strain relief connectors.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct manufactures NEMA electrical enclosures and industrial cabinets including metallic and non-metallic enclosures, electrical enclosures and industrial cabinets as well as a variety of disconnect enclosures such as wall mount, floor mount and free standing models.

  • Mystery Electronics

    Mystery Electronics is a manufacturer of floor box systems including modular, modular mini, the FMCA Series, economy (an alternative to the full-featured FMCA series), floor box for stair riser installations and floor mount cable storage panels.  Models come in three sizes and styles.

  • A.B. Controls and Technology Inc.

    Abtech is a manufacturer and supplier of junction boxes, control stations and enclosures primarily designed for hazardous area applications in Class 1 Division 1, Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations. Comprising of 316 Stainless Steel (SX type), Glass Reinforced Polyester (BPG type) Increased Safety (Ex e) models and Cast Aluminum Explosion Proof (Nema7/4X and Ex d) models. Other junction box options are available with customized features. The BPGA enclosures are ideal for a range of uses such as lighting, electrical power and instrument junction boxes.


    LAN shack offers termination boxes for fiber optic cabling in rack mount, wall mount, and adapter panels.  Their terminal box product line is available in 2, 4, and 6 panels with single mode and multi-mode options. 

  • FBS

    FBS is a manufacturer of floor box systems including electrical, raised, wood and concrete floor boxes for residential and commercial applications.  Both the raised floor box and wood floor box models allow a large variety of electrical power, data and audio - video connectors, as well as the FBS Fit-In System which accepts up to 12 modules in one box.  The concrete floor box model is used when installation in concrete floors is required.

  • Rittal Corp

    Rittal is a junction box manufacturer that can accommodate virtually any application, from small controls to simple cable connections. Junction boxes are available in carbon or stainless steel, and corrosion resistant fiberglass boxes provide the protection you need for a wide variety of environments.  Screw and hinge cover offerings bring another degree of flexibility to meet your requirements. Rittal’s KL Series NEMA rated junction boxes offer perfect protection against harsh environments for delicate electrical and electronic equipment.

  • R. Stahl, Inc.

    R. Stahl offers terminal boxes with explosion protection for use in Zones 1 and 2. Terminal box enclosures are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin, stainless steel, polyester resin, or polyamide.  Mounting options vary and enclosure sizes range depending on brand name. 

  • Cableduct Limited

    Cableduct Limited is a manufacturer of standard floor boxes in four series.  All ranges of floor boxes are able to suit screed or cavity floors.  Models can accommodate 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments and the round boxes are available in standard diameters of 127mm, 193mm and 289 mm.

  • MEDC

    MEDC manufactures CENELEC approved terminal boxes for zones 1, 2 and safe areas.  The terminal box is made from either impact resistant polyamide or 316 stainless steel.  MEDC terminal boxes are also explosion-proof for hazardous areas.

  • Mennekes Electronics, Inc.

    Mennekes manufactures the Amaxx brand enclosures. These enclosure systems reduce time and cost, mount easily and come in four sizes for a wide variety of applications. Models include GFCI modules and overcurrent protection modules. These enclosures are built to meet NEMA standards.

  • Hope Electrical Products Co., Inc.

    Hope Electrical manufactures a wide selection of junction boxes made of either cast iron-hot dipped galvanized or cast aluminum.  Some of the junction box options they offer include round, square, unflanged, pull, recessed, gutter, explosion, weatherproof, hinged and heavy duty.  All are UL certified.  There are 19 types to choose from with a variety of sizes to fit most any need.

  • Pacific Interconnections Group

    Pacific Interconnections Group manufactures wall mount fiber splice termination boxes with the capacity of 48 ports.  Each terminal box is designed for either pre-connectorized cables, field installation of connectors, or field splicing of pigtails. They are ideal for building entrance terminals, telecommunication closets, main cross-connects, computer rooms and other controlled environments. The wall mount terminal box measures 340x341x94mm3.

  • Adalet

    Adalet manufactures a wide variety of cabinets and enclosures including explosion proof enclosures, dust tight enclosures, polycarbonate enclosures, NEMA type 12 enclosures, panel boards and fiberglass enclosures.

  • Wiremold

    Wiremold is a floor box manufacturer.  The RFB4 Series provides power and/or communication services to open space areas or directly to the workstation and features TopGuard™ protection to prevent water, dirt and debris from entering the electrical power and communications compartments.  The RFB11 and RFB9 Series Floor Boxes provide electrical power, communications and the special space requirements of audio/visual type connectors to above grade floors, in open space areas or directly to the workstation and also features TopGuard™ protection.