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  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Legrand manufactures a variety of floor boxes for industrial applications. These products include fire classified floor boxes, multi-gang floor boxes, recessed floor boxes and convention center floor boxes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

  • Snake Tray

    Snake Tray is a manufacturer of a variety of cable management solutions including floor boxes like the Snake Canyon cable management solution. Featuring easy floor access, this system offers a drastically reduced labor cost and does not void floor manufacturer's warranties. These systems are movable and reusable.

  • Mystery Electronics

    Mystery Electronics is a manufacturer of floor box systems including modular, modular mini, the FMCA Series, economy (an alternative to the full-featured FMCA series), floor box for stair riser installations and floor mount cable storage panels.  Models come in three sizes and styles.

  • FBS

    FBS is a manufacturer of floor box systems including electrical, raised, wood and concrete floor boxes for residential and commercial applications.  Both the raised floor box and wood floor box models allow a large variety of electrical power, data and audio - video connectors, as well as the FBS Fit-In System which accepts up to 12 modules in one box.  The concrete floor box model is used when installation in concrete floors is required.

  • Cableduct Limited

    Cableduct Limited is a manufacturer of standard floor boxes in four series.  All ranges of floor boxes are able to suit screed or cavity floors.  Models can accommodate 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments and the round boxes are available in standard diameters of 127mm, 193mm and 289 mm.

  • Wiremold

    Wiremold is a floor box manufacturer.  The RFB4 Series provides power and/or communication services to open space areas or directly to the workstation and features TopGuard™ protection to prevent water, dirt and debris from entering the electrical power and communications compartments.  The RFB11 and RFB9 Series Floor Boxes provide electrical power, communications and the special space requirements of audio/visual type connectors to above grade floors, in open space areas or directly to the workstation and also features TopGuard™ protection.

  • Hubbell

    Hubbell is a manufacturer of concrete floor boxes.  Models include a round, non-metallic concrete floor box with an oversized 1½" data conduit hub to provide increased cable capacity and help maintain proper bend radius suitable for Category 6/6a, coax, and fiber cables; and a round multi-service PVC floor box available for both single and dual service.  This model features two 1½" hubs for low voltage and two 1" hubs for electrical power.  The reducers provide reduction from 1½" to 1" or 1½" to ¾" PVC conduit.

  • Cub Systems, Inc.

    Cub Systems, Inc. is a floor box manufacturer.  The standard floor boxes are available in different sizes: one for boxes containing both electrical and plumbing and one for electrical only (electrical power, telephone, audio / visual and fiber optics, for example) or plumbing only (air, water and drain).  Cast aluminum covers and PVC enclosures are standard.

  • Arnev Products

    Arnev Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of several models of floor boxes for concrete and wood floors.  Floor box features include a choice of 38 custom finishes and covers in aluminum, brushed brass, nickel-silver and aluminum.

  • Lew Electric Fittings Co.

    Lew Electric Fittings Company is a manufacturer of commercial and residential floor boxes.  Floor box products come in solid brass or nickel-silver finish.

  • CCI Solutions

    CCI Solutions is a manufacturer of floor boxes including a 5.5" x 7.38" cut-out, 5.48" deep floor box with wire knockouts designed for installations requiring a maximum of connectors per box; and an 8.75" x 7.38" cut-out, 8" deep with wire knockouts designed for permanent installations requiring multiple microphone, speaker and/or video connectors. 

  • PanelAuthority, Inc.

    PanelAuthority, Inc. is a manufacturer of floor boxes for concrete or wood floors.  The wood floor box has a 1/4" radius on the corners to accommodate a 1/2" router bit.  Three sizes available - a 12" x 18" x 6" deep, a 12" x 12" x 6" deep and an 11" x 7" x 6" deep.