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Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.

Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.

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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a variety of circuit protection products including molded case circuit breakers, supplementary protectors, fuses and fuse holders. The BW Sweries molded case circuit breakers come in a variety of sizes up to 10 inches and come in various configurations such as DC shunt trip, AC shunt trip, DC undervoltage release an AC undervoltage release.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a variety of fuse and fuse holders. Products include fuses with current limiting in the following classes; J, RK5, CC, RK1, and M as well as small dimension electronic glass fuses, PLC spare fuses, GS drives fuse kits and spare fuses.

  • Schurter Inc

    Schurter offers a variety of electrical and electronic fuses such as non-resettable fuses to provide low voltage primary and secondary protection, Telecom fuses that provide secondary protection in telecommunications equipment, resettable fuses that are designed for protection of low voltage DC circuits and varistors which are designed for primary and secondary overvoltage protection of AC and DC applications. Schurter also offers thermal magnetic fuses, fuse holders, fuse holder blocks and clips. Their easy-grab fuse block cover, the OGN Series, saves time during assembly, as well as in test and service repair.

  • Romac, Inc

    Romac, Inc is a industrial electrical equipment supplier of products including circuit breakers. Product offerings include medium voltage air, molded case, medium voltage vacuum, insulated case, air and reconditioned circuit breakers.  15kV breakers range to 5000A with those above 15kV range to 3000A and 2.4-5kV breakers range from 600-3000A.

  • Romac, Inc

    Romac, Inc is a supplier of industrial electrical equipment including fuses. Fuse products available include high voltage, current limiting, re-settable, and thermal fuse types.

  • American Electrical, Inc.

    American Electrical, Inc. manufactures a wide range of DIN rail mounted circuit breaker configurations, including: UL 489A DC, UL 489 AC, UL 1077 AC, and UL 1077 & 1059 ground fault interrupter. UL 489 approved AC circuit breakers feature voltages up to 120/240V, current ratings ranging from 1 to 25A, one or two poles, and compact 13mm widths. These circuit breakers have KM standard trip curves, 100% rating compatibilities, and they utilize hydraulic-magnetic technology.

  • Cooper Bussman

    Bussmann manufactures fuses of many types, including SMD fuses, radial and axial leaded fuses, 1/4" ferrule fuses, 5 x 20mm ferrule fuses, 5 x 15mm ferrule fuses, ceramic fuses, fuse accessories and ESD suppressors. Bussmann electrical and electronic fuses come in 5 amp to 250 amp to 2500 amp fuse ratings. Also available from Bussmann is their BM 6000PQ Series 30 amp fuse block with 1,2 & 3 pole configurations, buss fuses, Tron fuses, semiconductor fuses rated at 25-180A-240V, power distribution fuses, distribution blocks and fuse holder blocks. Bussman also offers GBC 1/4" X 31/32 fuses and Gould replacement fuses. The Rear Terminal 20 Position ATM fuse panel provides efficient power distribution in a rugged compact package.

  • Altech Corp.

    Altech makes many types of electrical circuit breakers that are UL508, UL489, and UL1077 rated such as their UL 489 miniature (mini) molded case circuit breakers, rated at 63A, 240VAC and 32A/480Y/277VAC. They also make FI Earth leakage circuit breakers using 10mA and 30mA fault current ratings for ground-fault protection (gfi, gfci) and 300mA rating for fire prevention and equipment protection. Industrial circuit breakers are available in AC and DC models. Panel mount busbar systems are available.

  • ABB

    ABB manufacturers a large selection of IEC standard and ANSI standard indoor and outdoor fuses, as well as outdoor fused cutouts and parts. One of the most important factors concerning fuse applications is thermal stability and excellent coordination with a load break switch. Also available are fuses, fuse holders and fuse holder products for distribution transformers. The ABB DO-III fuse holder is a draw out load break expulsion fuse holder designed for use with pad-mounted transformers filled with transformer oil. Fuses built for outdoor electrical and electronic sectionalizers are available.

  • ABB

    ABB makes generator circuit breakers and high, medium, and low voltage industrial electrical circuit breakers. Their generator breakers operate from 60 to 1500MW while their dead tank high voltage breakers operate up to 800kV. Their low-voltage circuit breakers include miniature, residual, air circuit, and molded case breakers. Also available are air, high performance and molded case circuit breakers. ABB makes special versions of 1150 V AC circuit breakers and 100 V DC switch-disconnectors, as well as offering replacement circuit breakers and transformers. Their panel mount OS fuse switches range up to 400A. Their IEC vacuum mechanical circuit breaker with magnetic actuator is used for medium voltage applications. Commercial, oil and minimum oil circuit breakers are also available.

  • S & C Electric Co

    S&C Electrical Company is a manufacturer of fuses used in indoor and underground distribution applications. These fuses are especially suited for protecting cables and medium-to-large power transformers on utility, commercial, industrial and institutional power systems up to 34.5 kV. SM and SML Power Fuses are offered with maximum continuous current ratings of 200, 300, 400, and 720 amperes, in a variety of fault-interrupting ratings.

  • Blue Sea Systems

    Blue Sea Systems makes AC and DC electrical circuit breakers using toggle, rocker, and push-button actuators, as well as a Residual Current Rocker circuit breaker available with one pole (15A/5mA leakage trip) or two poles (30A/30mA leakage trip) with interrupt ratings of 5000A AC. Circuit breaker lockout slides and panel mount circuit breakers (with on/off rocker switches) are also available. The PN 1119 is a 12 Volt DC 20 position/230 Volt AC main panel.

  • Interpower Corporation

    Interpower products include fuse carriers, "Touchproof" fuse holders, PC-board mount fuse holders, fuse blocks and clips, North American thermal fuses, United Kingdom thermal fuses, and International fuses.

  • MP Mechanical Products

    MP Mechanical Products makes thermal circuit breakers for equipment including switchable circuit breakers from 0.1-40 amps and push-to-reset breakers from 0.5 to 70 amps. Their MP Series 24 switchable electrical breaker is tested up to 50,000 switching cycles and is rated 250VAC/50VDC.

  • Ferraz Shawmut

    Ferraz Shawmut offers overcurrent protection products including UL power fuses, midget fuses, European fuses, and Canadian fuses. The Ferraz Shawmut PSC fuses provide protection for your SCR. Also available are Ferraz semiconductor fuses.

  • Carling Technologies

    Carling Technologies makes hydraulic/magnetic, thermal, and equipment leakage circuit breakers with their thermal models using push-to-reset, pushbutton, and rocker actuators and operate from 3-40 amps up to 250VAC and meet UL1500, CSA, TUV, and CE certifications.

  • Blue Sea Systems

    Blue Sea Systems provides a variety of thermal fuses including ATO/ATC, MAXI™, SEA, Terminal, Class T, and ANL (250 amp) fuses. Fuse blocks offered include the ST Glass and ST blade fuse block, the MAXI™ fuse block, the SEA fuse block, Terminal, Class T, and ANL fuse blocks. Electrical fuse panels include Weatherdeck™ waterproof fuse panels (2,4,6 and 8 positions) and Contura waterproof fuse panels (3,4,6 and 8 positions). Fuses for small electronic devices are available.

  • Weidmuller

    Weidmuller makes DIN rail mounted electrical circuit breakers for uses where it is necessary to distinguish between short circuits and circuit overloads. These circuit breakers can be reset without changing components and are available with a variety of marking tags and jumpers.

  • Altech Corp.

    Altech's product line includes terminal blocks, electrical and electronic European fuses, circuit breakers, ferrules, disconnect switches, inductive proximity sensors, industrial enclosures and DIN enclosures. European fuse types include miniature, diazed, neozed, cylinder, NH, Italian, British, square body, and high voltage. In a terminal block, circuit breaker or other control device ferrules ensure reliable electrical connections. NH fuses are typically used for power distribution applications and to protect large electrical devices such as motors and drives.

  • CBI Electric

    CBI Electric makes equipment circuit breakers, molded case (thermal magnetic and hydraulic magnetic) circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, and air circuit breakers which have a maximum voltage of 690VAC and interrupt capacity up to 50kA while their miniature circuit breakers come in various frame types including QA, QF, QL, QY/QDC, and QZ.