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    Erico manufactures a variety of electrical cable trays, fasteners and fixings. Products include acoustical cable systems and fixture supports ceiling partition fasteners, datacomm cable trays, adjustable far side box supports, box to stud cable hangers, cable grippers, and the CADDY brand of fasteners and supports for a vast range of cable securing applications.

  • Snake Tray

    Snake Tray manufactures a hand-bendable cable tray that doesn't require clipping and cutting. Applications include overhead, under floor, wall mounted and ladder rack cable management. A single connector bolt connects cable trays in 15 seconds and creates the electrical bond. No additional hanging hardware is required.

  • Cablofil

    Cablofil provides cables trays, covers, and dividers. Cable trays come in a variety of heights from 1"-6", widths from 2-24" and are 10 feet long. Cable trays are available in standard, specific application (G-trays, L-trays, and Telex Rails) and pre-connected cable trays. Covers are used to eliminate dirt and dust build-up on cable, and come in 3.3' lengths. Dividers are clipped into trays and used to divide cables within a cable tray and they are available in 10' lengths.

  • Chatsworth Products, Inc.

    Chatsworth Products manufactures a variety of cable runway and tray products featuring high quality construction and design to promote proper cable bend radii for better data transmission while decrease cable damage and simplifying moves, adds or changes.

  • Chalfant

    Chalfant offers wire mesh, ladder, and shielded cable trays for utilities, industrial plants and commercial service.  Chalfant also provides com-trays, which are used for underfloor cable routing systems. Applications include utilities and industrial companies for the routing and supporting of cables.  Chalfant also carries vertical and horizontal beam supports which mount up to a 6" cable tray and use only a single hold down clamp.

  • Cooper Industries

    Cooper Industries manufactures the B-line cable tray system.  Products include two side rail systems, single rail systems, wire basket cable tray systems, and underfloor cable tray systems. For wire mesh, short span, cabling support needs, Cooper B-Line offers a full complement of styles, sizes and accessories. Other systems are available in a variety of materials and finishes, bottom types, and strength requirements with accessory packages.

  • MPHusky

    MPHusky's cable tray systems are offered in aluminum, stainless steel, mill-galvanized steel, HDGAF, fiberglass and PVC coated. Their cable tray systems are engineered to meet industry, load, regulatory and environmental regulations.  MPHusky offers ladder cable trays, single rail cable trays, channel cable trays, fiberglass cable trays, solid bottom cable trays, and wire mesh cable trays.  All are available in ventilated and solid bottom varieties. 

  • Underground Devices, Inc.

    Underground Devices manufactures nonmetallic cable racks in two distinct styles; adjustable arm and fixed arm.  Nonmetallic cable racks are needed for underground applications because they won't rust or corrode.  Underground Devices also manufactures the  Saddle Rack which is used for training cable in manholes, tunnels and vaults.  The cable racks are molded from UL listed glass reinforced polymer. 

  • Panduit Corp.

    PANDUIT provides a complete line of zone cabling products for open office architecture applications, telecommunication enclosures, data centers, wireless deployments and network integration of Building Automation Systems. Each zone cabling product serves as a main distribution point for a particular zone increasing network flexibility, manageability, accessibility, and efficiency. Zone Cabling is used to help solve telecommunication room congestion. Products include in-ceiling, wall mounts, in-floor, and enclosures.

  • Metalica Pressings

    Metalica Pressings offers cable trays such as ladder type cable trays, perforated cable trays, compactor mobile storage systems, heavy duty storage systems, and drive in storage systems.  The ladder cable tray is available in widths ranging 150mm to 1200mm and heights ranging from 50mm to 150mm.  Cable tray accessories include straight ladders, horizontal elbows, horizontal tees, horizontal crosses, horizontal reducers, vertical elbows up/inside, vertical elbows down/outside, coupler plates and fasteners.  Perforated or ventilated cable trays are offered in drilled and perforated channels and are available in 50 mm lengthwise and a minimum of 25 mm crosswise. The perforated type cable tray is available with widths from 50 mm to 900 mm and is designed for a standard support span of 2,500 mm.

  • PW Industries

    PW is a cable tray manufacturer. Cable tray products include ladder trays, trough trays, solid bottom trays, channel trays, single rail aluminum, and wire mesh cable trays.  All are available in aluminum, steel, fiberglass and PVC coatings, and in various rung spacing from 6"-18", load depth from 3"-6", tray width from 6"-36", and fitting radius from 12"-36".

  • Enduro Systems, Inc.

    Enduro manufactures fiberglass cable tray systems and related products. In addition to the pultrusion process, Enduro uses compression molding and resin transfer molding. Cable trays include ladder trays, channel type instrumentation trays, and strut and support systems. Enduro also offers the ComWay Fiberglass Lay-in-Wireway which is designed for the protection and routing of data control and power cables with a snap on cover.

  • Eastern Wire & Conduit

    Eastern Wire & Conduit provides cable protection products to the fiber optic and telecommunication industries.  They have created the Protect-N-Duct™ high-density polythene family of cable tray products for durability, chemical resistance, waterproof connections, ease of installation and reduced friction.  Liquid tight metallic and non-metallic conduits are also available.

  • Mono-Systems, Inc.

    Mono-Systems manufactures a hook that serves as an alternative to cable trays.  The hook can be used in crowded and congested areas and can be mounted alone.  Hooks are available in trussed aluminum and solid hot rolled steel with horizontal and vertical mounting capabilities.  Mono-Systems manufactures cable tray systems including mono-tray aluminum and steel, dual-rail aluminum and steel, power-tray aluminum and steel, and a solid bottom cable trough.

  • H.H. Robertson

    H. H. Robertson is a cable tray manufacturer. The Q-Floor/Taproute® System is a cable management system for office buildings, casinos, libraries, schools and courthouses.  The horizontal cable distribution flooring is made from recycled material, which affords 1-2 points in LEED certification for builders.

  • Kabel Schlepp

    Kabel Schlepp offers carriers for cables and hoses. The company supplies steel, stainless steel, solid plastic cable carriers and plastic cable carriers with aluminum stays. They also carry hybrid cable carriers in both standard and custom sizes.  Carriers can be used for a variety of applications, from computer plotters and micro sensitive test and measurement equipment, to the largest offshore drilling rigs and high-speed automated machining centers.