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  • Arlington Industries Inc

    Arlington Industries manufactures a variety of conduit and raceway products including a full line of conduit fittings. Products including flex fittings, mast parts, cord grip fittings, EMT fittings and liquid tight fittings.

  • ElecDirect LLC

    Elecdirect is a manufacturer of a variety of electrical connector products including metallic and non-metallic liquid tight connectors, swivel connectors, stainless steel conduit connectors, fittings hubs and elbows for conduit connection applications in a variety of industries.

  • Comstar Supply

    Comstar Supply offers SCH40, split duct, and C-duct PVC bends. These bends are available in sizes ranging from 1.25" to 4", radii ranging from 24" to 72", and a standard degree range from 11.25° to 90°. They are manufactured in accordance with NEMA TC2 and UL 651 standards, and they are subject to in-process quality control inspections.

  • Champion Fiberglass

    Champion Fiberglass manufactures the Champion Strut brand of conduit fastening products. These products are available in polyester and vinylester resins and include fittings, threaded rods, nuts and accessories.

  • Specified Technologies Inc.

    The EX Path system from Specified Technologies, Inc is a patented fire rated pathway system for fire proofing cable systems. STI offers a variety of fittings and elbows for this system to provide optimized cable management solution.

  • Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

    Bridgeport makes a variety of rigid electrical conduit and IMC fittings, hubs including malleable iron, aluminum, and zinc die cast models. Types including insulated grounding bushings, pull elbows, compression couplings, insulated couplings, and 105/150 degree plastic bushings. Bridgeport also makes liquid tight conduit fittings, EMT conduit fittings, flex metal fittings, and non metallic fittings.

  • Cal Conduit Products

    Cal Conduit Products makes a wide line of electrical conduit fittings, including Calduit steel conduit fittings, Calbond coated conduit fittings, Calbrite stainless steel fittings, CalPVC non-metallic fittings, and aluminum fittings as well as conduit elbows and sweeps.

  • Sealcon LLC

    Sealcon is a supplier of many electrical conduit fittings, including push-in fittings, turn-to-seal fittings, and double sittings for liquid tight conduit systems. Their fittings are NEMA rated and made from a variety of metals including stainless steel and nickel plated brass.

  • Gibson Stainless & Specialty, Inc.

    Gibson Stainless makes conduit hubs and elbows including grounding hubs, and standard radius elbows for use with a stainless threaded rigid circuit and are polished for increased corrosion resistance.

  • Flex Tubes

    Flex Tubes makes electrical conduit fittings for flexible and rigid conduits including brass liquid tight fittings, EMT fittings, squeeze connectors, and male and female.

  • Cal Conduit Products

    Cal Conduit Products makes a variety of conduit fittings including couplings, compression fittings, SS junction boxes, elbows, sweeps, EMT conduit fittings, and LT hubs as well as stainless steel line terminators and compression connectors.

  • Clipsal

    Clipsal makes a variety of metal and non-metallic conduit fittings, including pressed metal fittings, machine cast fittings, machined brass & steel fittings, flexible conduit terminators, inspection fittings (PVC and HFT) and solid PVC and HFT fittings.

  • Conduit Pipe Products

    Conduit Pipe Products makes conduit elbows and couplings made from aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Their elbows are 90 or 45 degree, for rigid circuits. EMT conduit elbows are also available.

  • Garvin Industries

    Garvin makes assorted fittings (including EMT fittings and couplings), hubs, and bushings including liquid tight connectors, chase nipples, electroform pipe inserts, couplings, ground bushings, steel locknuts, and watertight hubs.

  • TPW

    TPW makes conduit couplings of various coupling OD sizes from 1.010 inches to 7.2 inches, weighing from .13 to 8 pounds each.