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  • E.R. Perry Signs & Engraving

    E.R. Perry Signs & Engraving manufactures  engraved plastic signs, tags, legend plates, desk and door plates, blanks and vinyl lettering including tags for conduit.

  • Seton

    Seton manufactures a wide range of markers and tags including pipe markers, self-adhesive markers, pipe banding tape, snap-on pipe markers, valve tags, blank tags, equipment tags and inspection tags.

  • Keyes-Davis

    Keyes-Davis Co. manufactures a variety of flexible tags and markers for identification, instruction and warning information, including band markers, survey markers, wrap around markers, tongue and slot markers, variable markers for pipes, conduits and circuits. Large and small tags include laundry tags, mil spec tags, identification tags, inventory tags and various other types.

  • Emedco

    Emedco offers a variety of pipe and valve marking products including aluminum tags, blank metal tags, plastic tags, arrow banding tapes, adhesive pipe markers, snap around markers and specialty pipe marker products.

  • Impact Inc.

    Impact Inc. manufactures wire and cable marking and product identification tags for cables and conduits made from high density polyethylene for maximum strength and durability.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures voltage and conduit markers in a variety of sizes to identify junction boxes, raceways, pipes and fuse boxes.