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    Erico manufactures the Eriflex line of raceway products featuring innovative system design, quick installation, guaranteed electrical parameters, good aesthetic appearance, low voltage, ASTA approved, fire barrier and three phase functionality for applications including transformers, generators, panels and machines.

  • Universal Electric Corp/Starline Div

    Universal Electric Corp manufactures the Starline series raceway products. These raceways are designed for  power distribution and datacom needs of research, pharmaceutical, and university labs; hospitals and data labs. Available in 20, 40 or 60 amps bussing; 120V or 240V; 5 wire, customizable lengths of raceway sections up to 10ft, optional isolated ground, plug-in modules are available in single phase and three phase configurations up to 30 amps, a variety of power feeds, elbows and fittings are available and field-cutting of elbows for precise jobsite fit.

  • Specified Technologies Inc.

    Specified Technologies Inc manufactures the EX Path fire rated raceway systems for firestopping applications. This system provides 100% protection, automatically adjusts to cable fill, organizes and manages cables and can adapt to virtually any condition.

  • Versabar

    Versabar is a manufacturer of a full line of electrical feed and support products which can be used in conjunction with our strut and associated products. Products include continuous fluorescent raceways, metal halide products, heavy incandescents and other illumination products.

  • Wiremold

    Wiremold is a manufacturer of raceways and raceway systems that are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and materials, including aluminum, steel and nonmetallic.  Raceways include perimeter, infloor, overhead, open space, power & data quality, wireless and zone cabling, work surface and secure systems.  Secure raceways are used by the Department of Defense and other government agencies, corporations, and financial institutions that require enhanced physical security of wire and cable management systems for the overall reliability of high assurance networks.  Secure raceways secure network deployments and provide a high level of modularity and scalability without compromising the security of the network.

  • Panduit Corp.

    Panduit is a manufacturer of metal and non-metal surface raceway systems.  These raceways offer flexibility for routing, protecting and concealing high performance copper, voice, video, fiber-optic and electrical wiring.  In addition, Panduit's surface raceways provide the fittings that are designed to maintain proper bend radius control, channel capacity and separation in applications requiring both data cabling and power wiring.   These products are tamper resistant, offering increased safety benefits, discourages unauthorized access, protects sensitive cabling from accidental damage, and physical contact with electrical wiring.

  • Dennis Filges Company, Inc.

    Dennis Filges Company is a manufacturer of underfloor duct systems for distribution of power, voice and data conductors.  Additional raceways include flush activation ducts, casino underfloor ducts, trench ducts and wall ducts.

  • is a manufacturer of raceways and raceway systems, cable ducts and power poles. Raceways include plastic, aluminum, hidewire spool, corner duct cable routing and other types.

  • Metalica Pressings

    Metalica Pressings is a manufacturer of floor and ceiling network cable raceways.  The floor raceways are available with dividers to separate the cables. The covers are presented in either welded type or screw type. The ceiling raceways offer a push fit type of cover. These items are either with pre-galvanized or power coated.

  • Mono-Systems, Inc.

    Mono-Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of several varieties of raceways and raceway systems in steel, aluminum, modular aluminum, two compartment aluminum, aluminum expandable, multi-compartment aluminum, PVC and PVC modular.  Other raceways include over floor cord protection and multiple outlet strip models.

  • Raceways Technology & Mfg., Inc.

    Raceways Technology & Mfg., Inc. manufactures a full line of non-metallic, PVC, electrical raceway systems.  These include standard radius elbows, special radius elbows, Sch/40UL, Sch80/UL, DB, C and EB, straps and reducers, square to round adapters, fittings and accessories.

  • H.H. Robertson

    HH Robertson manufactures in-floor cable distribution systems including surface and electrical raceways for cable wiring applications. HH Robertson cable distribution systems allow structural steel to serve cable distribution functions eliminating the need for additional cable management systems and deliver hassle-free access and activation of preset outlet boxes without the use of ladders.