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  • Arlington Industries Inc

    Arlington Industries is a manufacturer of a variety of electrical connector products including NM cable fittings and supports, cord grip fittings, grounding products, conduit bodies, EMT fittings, liquid tight fittings, weatherproof fittings, rigid IMC fittings, siding mounting blocks and specialty boxes for a wide range of applications.

  • ElecDirect LLC

    ElecDirect manufactures a broad selection of electrical fasteners and connecting products including pipe and conduit straps, steel plated neoprene cable clamps, nylon cable clips, steel clamps, conduit hangers and more in a variety of sizes.


    Erico is a manufacturer of conduit cable products including cable snap clips, combination push-in wall clips, "C" clamp products, PVC pipe hangers, ring hanger products, a conduit clamp with bolts, conduit clips, conduit hangers from flange, wire or rod, push-in flange mount conduit clip, one piece strut clamps, rooftop pipe supports and nail brackets.

  • Versabar

    Versabar manufactures a variety of electrical support products. Versabar products are listed by Underwriters' Laboratories for use as integrated raceway fixtures supports. The Versabar Lite-Line has been designed for the suspension of continuous fluorescent raceways, metal halide fixtures and heavy incandescents.

  • Panther Industries

    Panther Industries is a manufacturer of conduit clamp products, including one and two hole pipe straps, bolt and ring hanger products, conduit clamps, riser clamps, "C" clamp products, "J" hook clamps, universal electric beam clamps, wire pipe hooks, flat wire, perforated steel hanger iron, clevis hangers, swivel band hangers, top beams malleable, reducing washers, fender washers, bar joist washers, safety plate stud guards, switch box supports, toggle wings, flattened end machine screws, flattened end lag screws, coach screw hanger rods, nuts and bolts.

  • Reliable Metal Stamping, Co., Inc.

    Reliable Metal Stamping is a manufacturer of stainless steel and threaded conduit hangers, one hole strap and one hole strap rigid, two hole strap, beam clamps, safety plates, pipe hangers, box grounding clips, angle clips, cover plates, stamped driven nail straps and box supports.

  • Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

    Bridgeport is a manufacturer of conduit clamp and hanger products including beam, ground and conduit clamps, conduit hangers with and without bolt, stainless steel conduit hangers and swivel fixture hangers.

  • Garvin Industries

    Garvin Industries is a manufacturer of electrical hardware including fasteners, hangers and clamps.  Specific products include anchor kits, beam clamps, conduit edge clamps, conduit hangers, electrical trade washers, knockout seal, nail straps, one hole straps, one-piece strut clamps, parallel conduit clamps, pencil rod, reducing washers, right angle conduit clamps, safety nailer plates, square strut washers, two hole straps and V-bracket hangers.

  • PHP Systems/Design

    PHP Systems/Design is a manufacturer of supports including pipe hangers, duct, equipment, platform, cable tray, telecom and solar panel.

  • Miro Industries

    Miro Industries is a manufacturer of pipe, conduit, duct and mechanical supports and pipe hangers.  These products are made of polycarbonate, polycarbonate stainless galvanized and galvanized stainless steel.

  • Snap-N-Strut Ltd.

    Snap-N-Strut, Ltd. is the manufacturer of one-piece hinged pipe hangers (great for PVC), cable hangers, and conduit hangers.  Hangers are made from UV stabilized 6/6 nylon resin which provides long term stress resistance and chemical stability over a wide range of temperatures.  

  • Gibson Stainless & Specialty, Inc.

    Gibson Stainless & Specialty, Inc. is a stainless steel conduit clamp manufacturer. Products include right angle, parallel and beam conduit clamps; straps and hangers (designed to fit pipe/rigid conduit as well as PVC-coated rigid conduit), stainless steel two piece conduit/pipe clamps and stainless steel conduit hangers.  Each product comes in a variety of sizes and weights.

  • A & G Manufacturing

    A & G Manufacturing is a conduit clamp and hanger manufacturer. Products include T-bar hangers, box supports and universal and malleable beam clamps.

  • Minerallac

    Minerallac is a manufacturer of hangers, straps and beam clamps in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Products include Minerallac's Black Claw series of spring steel fasteners which provides products suitable for fast-track commercial projects; and Minerallac's ImpactTM staple series that features comfortable handling and ease of installation.

  • Procyone2 Marketing, Inc.

    Procyone2 Marketing, Inc. is a manufacturer of conduit brackets which is used to hang junction boxes and conduits. It supports pipe from all angles and can be held in place by a single rod from the ceiling.

  • American Conduit Clamps & Fittings

    American Conduit Clamps & Fittings is a galvanized conduit clamp manufacturer whose products are used to support conduit runs. These conduit clamp products are available in four different styles (right angle, edge, beam and parallel). Also available are clamback spacers, straps and one hole straps for mounting conduit right to the wall, and galvanized conduit couplings used to easily connect conduit sections.

  • Enduro Systems, Inc.

    Enduro offers a complete system of components to support ladder tray or instrumentation tray in just about any environment. Our offering includes strut framing and channel framing, multiple configurations of connector plates, pipe clamps, window clamps, swivel clamps, clevis hangers, support racks, post bases, and threaded rod. These components can be used in an infinite number of configurations, including the most common trapeze and cantilevered supports.