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  • ASK Products, Inc.

    ASK manufactures the widest line of butt splice connectors. An ASK cable butt splice connector allows for termination of two high voltage cables in-line, butted together. Types include electrical butt splices, Dura butt splices and heavy duty butt splices. Available for automotive, military, and electrical applications.

  • Interstate Wire Co., Inc.

    Tessco offers butt connectors in wire sizes from 12-10 to 22-18 in. Butt connectors are available in nylon, vinyl, non-insulated, and weatherproof connector types.

  • 3M

    3M Scotchlok butt connectors are available in non-insulated, nylon insulated, and vinyl insulated in both brazed seam and seamless. Moisture resistant with insulation grip, as well as heat shrink butt connectors are also available.

  • Crowbar Electrical Parts

    Crowbar Electrical Parts offers butt crimp connectors is various types, such as vinyl insulated, nylon insulated with seamless barrel, and heat shrink butt crimp connector products for automotive, marine, auto electronics, industrial and specialty applications.

  • Posi-Products

    Posi-Products manufactures electrical butt connector products that require no crimping. Posi-Products' hand tighten butt connectors include Posi-Lock, Posi-Twist, Posi-Tap and Posi-Tite models.

  • Waytek Inc

    Waytek supplies several styles of butt connectors including moisture resistant, heat shrink and step down butts. The standard insulated and non-insulated butt connectors are acceptable for most applications. Specialty butt connector products are offered for applications where environmental, vibrations and other problems are present.

  • Circuit Specialists, Inc.

    Circuit Specialists offers butt connector products such as their Red 16-22awg insulated crimp-on butt connectors and Blue 14-16awg insulated crimp-on butt connectors.

  • Fastenal

    Fastenal carries a wide variety of nylon and vinyl insulated butt splice connectors available in many wire sizes. Female funnel ferrule, female, funnel entry, funnel entry female, wire twist, screw-on, no crimp weathertite, no crimp butt splice, no crimp multi-wire, twist on, no crimp watertite, non-insulated seamless, and non-insulated butted seam connector types are available.

  • Hillsdale Terminal & Tools

    Hillsdale Terminal & Tool offers a selection of butt connector types including step down butt connectors, heat shrink butt connectors, vinyl oval butt connectors, and four piece nylon butt connectors. Available in many wire sizes.