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  • ITT Cannon

    Manufacturers of circular connector products (North American and European). High power, bayonet, environmental general purpose circular connectors (MIL-C-5015), feedback connectors used for signal and Power Input Series 1 connectors used for mains power transmission are all available. Also, circular connectors used in the automotive, machine and systems industries.

  • Glenair Inc

    Circular (cylindrical) connector products available in environmental and hermetic configurations for military (mil spec) applications. MIL-DTL-38999 Series 1, MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-C-28840 circular connectors, MIL-C-26482, Series 22 Geo-Marine connectors, MIL-C-5015 harsh environment, underwater, hermetic and fiber optic connectors are available.

  • Direct Sound Corp.

    Miniature waterproof circular connectors (up to 20m in depth) for operation under high humidity conditions (also available in high density version). Threaded coupling  circular connectors, bayonet coupling (quick connect /disconnect) circular connectors, one touch lock system crcular connectors and an outdoor splash-proof circular connector (with multi-contact) also available. 

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity is a manufacturer of a wide variety of circular connector products. Audio/instrument circular connectors, universal mate-n-lok circular connectors, circular DIN connectors, plastic and metal shell circular connectors, and nanominiature circular connectors are among the offerings.

  • Sealcon LLC

    Manufacturers of ircular connector types including: M23 signal, power, quick disconnect, stainless steel and molded circular connectors. Also available are M40 power connectors. Circular connectors are available in female and male threads, straight, 90° angle and panel connectors.

  • Digi-Key

    Distributor of many types of male, female, male right-angle and female right-angle circular connectors, all accessible through various spec searches that allow the user to specify in detail the type of circular connector required for their particular application.  Wide variety of specifications available.

  • Newark

    TNM Series metal-shell circular connector products. 4-way, 8-way, 12-way and 19-way contact arrangements. Sealed plug and sealed flanged receptacle circular connectors available. RF shielding, nickel plated zinc alloy shells with a metal coupling ring for high-reliability and durability. Provide moisture sealing to IP67. Meets EMC requirements for cable-to-equipment or cable-to-cable applications.  

  • United Electronics

    Military specification (mil spec) circular connector products for the military and aerospace markets. Mil-C-22992, 26482 Series I and Series II, 26500 and 28840. Also Mil-C-38999 Series I and Series II, 5015, 81511 Series I, Series II, Series III, Series IIII, and Mil-C-83723 Series II and Series III circular connectors.

  • LEMO USA, Inc.

    Manufacturers of various electrical and circular connector products: metal and metal-sealed connectors - mechanical keying, hermaphroditic keying,  harsh environment, miniature-coaxial. plastic connectors - push-pull latching, extensive sterilization, multi-contact, hybrid. Various wire sizes available.

  • Connectronics

    Connectronics "CMC-715" series connector assemblies utilize tapered interfaces to ensure corona free operation through altitude and temperature extremes. Size 20 contacts are designed to accept #16 AWG thru #24 AWG stranded wire. Connectors may be purchased as "kits" or terminated by Connectronics, including straight and right angle over molding. 

  • Lumberg USA

    Circular connectors with threaded joint acc. to IEC 60130-9, IP 40/IP 67/IP 68 available. Also DIN valves (form A, B and C) and various circular DIN and mini DIN connectors according to DIN 455321, mating compatible to IEC 60130-9 for signal and load currents up to 4 A.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Connector products include 97 Series circular connectors, CPC Series circular connectors, environmental circular connectors, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-5015, and push-pull connectors. Plastic, mini (miniature) and micro connectors available.

  • Delphi

    Connector manufacturer for all types of applications from military to medical to instrumentation and others. Circular connectors include a sub-minature circular connector  and MIL-C-28840 miniature circular connectors.

  • SubConn Inc

    Circular Connectors are available in 4 shell sizes with 2 to 16 contacts rated for 300 to 600 V at 5 to 15 Amp, depending on the contact configuration.

  • MS Electronix, Inc.

    MS Electronix is a provider of circular connectors for commercial use, as well as mil-spec certified circular connectors and connector products.

  • EMI Solutions

    Circular connector manufacturers of a variety of filtered military (mil spec) circular connectors. Types include MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-28840, MIL-C-26500, MIL-C-5105 and MIL-C-83723.

  • American Connector

    Provider of military spec (mil Spec) circular connector products. Mil-C type circular connectors include 22992, 26482 Series I and II, 26500, 28840, 38999 Series I and II, 5015, 5015G, 81511 Series I,II, III and IIII, 83723 Series II and III. Heavy duty cylindrical.

  • AMETEK HCC Industries

    Manufacturer of hermetically sealed circular connector products available in various types, including Mil-C 83723, Mil-C 38999, Mil-C 26482, Mil-C 5015, Mil-C 25955, Mil-C 26500, as well as other circular connectors such as solder, box and jam nut mount connectors.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Circular connectors available in rear release/crimp, DIN , metal, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-5015 and plastic types. Available as plug or receptacle, bayonet, push pull and threaded connections. Tooling is also available. 

  • Amphenol Alden Products Co.

    Manufacturers of auto-coupling circular connectors. Four sizes from miniature (mini) to max. (.5" diameter to 14 poles, .7" diameter to 27 poles, .9" diameter to 52 poles, 1.3" diameter to 8 poles). Metal or plastic shell with EMI/RFI shielding, waterproof, medical disposable, medical reusable, auto-terminate and industrial ethernet circular connector products.