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  • L-com

    Coaxial Cable Connectors, available in BNC, F, MCX and MMCX (male and male right angle), N, RCA, SMA and TNC. Other available coax connector types are D-Sub (D-Subminiature), Fiber Optic and Mini Din.

  • Conec Corp.

    RF Coaxial Cable Connectors of many configurations, including SMA, SSMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, BNC, TNC, MCX,  MMCX and N Coax Cable Connector products. Also available are  1.6/5.6-2 Coaxial Connectors, D-Sub Coaxial Contacts, DIN Coax Contacts, D-Sub High Power and High Voltage Contacts and DIN High Power Contacts.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity manufactures many different types of RF Coax connectors. Spec search according to your applicastion for 7-16 Series, 7mm Precision, BNC, F and G Series, MCX, MMCX, OSMP, SMA, SSMA, TNC & nanominiature rectangular types among others.

  • Digi-Key

    Many different coaxial and RF connectors available via a spec search that allows the user to specify type of coaxial cable needed by specifying body style, cable group (RG, Belden, AT&T, others), color, coaxial connector type, contact termination, RF type and vendor.  Wide variety of coaxial cables offered.

  • Amphenol Connex

    BNC Coaxial Connectors, searchable by cable type, product type (plug crimp, right angle plug crimp, jack crimp, bulkhead jack crimp, panel jack crimp, clamp, twist-on and wedge compression attachments for flexible cable, panel and printed circuit board pcb recepticles, bulkhead feedthrough and isolated ground adapters and terminators). Coax Connector products searchable by impedance (5 ohm, 50 ohm, 75 ohm, 78 ohm, 93 ohm, 100 ohm and 500 ohm).

  • Siemon

    EZ Twist Coax Connector - To terminate, simply twist the connector onto the cable for a secure, high performance connection. EZ-Twist also eliminates screw-on connections to outlets. RG6 F Type Coaxial Connectors - A high quality coaxial connector designed to terminate RG6 coaxial cable that has a standard diameter over jacket (DOJ) of 6.9mm (0.27 in).

  • Lighthorse Technologies Inc

    All types of RF coaxial connectors for many different applications.  SMA, SMB, MMCX, MCX, BNC,TNC, N, Mini UHF , UHF, F, G, 7/16ths connectors, Coaxial (coax) cable connectors, PCB,  panel and bulkhead mount are just some of the connector products we provide for the RF and Microwave electronics industry. We have many standard part types and welcome custom and semi custom designs as well.

  • Douglas Electrical Components

    Coaxial Cable Connector Hermetic Feedthrus and Fiber Optic Hermetic Connectors. Coaxial cable types include BNC, SMA, N, Triaxial, UHF, SHV and MHV. Withstand voltage - 500 VAC, 1500 VAC, 3500 VAC or 5000 VAC non-constant. Available in 1" face seal, 1.25 inch face seal or 2.75 in. vacuum flange.

  • Hypertronics Corporation

    Discrete signal, power & coax (coaxial) contacts. Models for dry circuit to 500 amps. 0.016” (0.4mm) to 0.650” (16.5mm) diameter pins and mating sockets. Long life contacts up to 100,000 mating cycles. Contact resistance from .04 to 8 milliohms. Coaxial contacts to 18 GHz. 1.20:1 VSWR max. to 3GHz. 1.50:1 VSWR max. to 18GHz. >25,000 mating cycles. 50 Ohm impedance. Available in D, L, N Series.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Supplier of coaxial connectors and other electronic components.  Offered coaxial products include, Decorator F-Type Coaxial Connector, Combination Coaxial Connector and Telephone Jack, Decorator Duplex Modular Jack with Smooth Plate (Single Gang, 2 Openings), F-Type with One Coaxial Connector & Wall Plate, and more.

  • Cinch Connectors Ltd.

    Full-line of Coaxial/RF connectors includes SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, DIN 1.0/2.3, BNC, TNC, N, and F interface styles. Available in standard 50 ohm and optional 75 ohm impedance, each style is offered in PCB mount and cable mount versions. Various design configurations (cable-crimp, cable-clamp, bulkhead, flange-mount, straight, right-angle, etc.) also available to suit most application requirements. 

  • Harting

    Multi-Coaxial Connector Systems - Mini Coaxial cable connectors for press-in and SMC/SMT. Mini Coaxial connectors - Mini Coax is a reflow soldering enhancement of Mini Coax connector system for low-loss high-quality analog signal transmission up to 4.0 GHz. Also available, a Multi line Mini Coax connector system for board-to-backplane RF interconnection for press-in technology with 2 to 10 coaxial lines.

  • Fischer Connectors

    Manufacturer and distributor of various coaxial cable and connector types available through a spec search where the user can specify type of coaxial connector and cable needed by adapter type and contact configuration.  Accessories and cable clamps also available.

  • CDM Electronics, Inc.

    Distributor of coaxial connectors, RF connectors (WSML, BMA, SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, and N-Series), pinned connectors, relay sockets, and rack and panel connectors.  Mil specs available (MIL-C-12520, MIL-C-5518, MIL-C-55116, MIL-C-10544, MIL-E-5372, MIL-STD-202).

  • ITT Cannon

    RF Coaxial Cable Connectors. Available in 75 Ohm Coax, CoSMID Surface Mount Coax, Microminiature Coax, Miniature 75 Ohm Coax, Snap-on Subminiature Coax, Screw-on Subminiautre Coax, Snap-on Microminiature Coaxial and Screw-on Microminiature Coaxial Connectors.

  • LEMO USA, Inc.

    Coaxial (Coax), Triax and Fiber Optic cable connectors, searchable by application/environment, low voltage, high voltage, number of contacts, µm, series, shell style (plug, recepticle, adapter, bridge, coupler), Cable Ø, inches or mm, 50 ohm or 75 ohm, 16-32 AWG.

  • Huber + Suhner, Inc.

    RF Coaxial (Coax) Connectors searchable by impedance (ohm), operating frequency (Ghz), connector attenuation (min. to max.), CW power (max.), operating temperature and cable group.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    RG58, RG59, RG6 & F Types Coaxial Connectors. Twist on or Crimp on connections types available. You must use the search engine at the top with "coaxial connectors"

  • Greene Tweed

    Coaxial (Coax) Connectors for downhole or subsea environments in both Thermoplastic and Ceramic to Metal configurations. Overall lengths of 1.25", 1.950" and 2.667". Outside diameters of .263", .310" and .373". Body/Pin material A2000/BeCu, A1000/NiAg. Pressure rating (psi) 20,000. Temp rating 400°F. #22 Cup x #16 M Coaxial Connector, #16 M/M Coaxial, Coax socket low pressure side, Coax socket high pressure side and Booted coaxial cable assemblies available.

  • Honda Connectors

    Coaxial connectors available in SMA, SMT, slide mount, and PCB DIP types. Rignt Angle PCB, Vertical PCB & Cable connection styles available.