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  • Molex

    Suppliers of ribbon connectors and accessories. Wire trap 1.50 mm (.059") to 4.57 mm (.180") pitch ribbon connector, 1.27 mm (.050") pitch ribbon cable insulation displacement connectors, 1.27 mm (.050") pitch family that features a variety of products conforming to industry - standard styles, such as DIN 41651, MIL-C-83503 keying, HE-10, etc., cable holders available in straight and right angle versions for 1.25, 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50mm cable.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity manufactures 0.8mm, .050, .085 Centerline Miniature Ribbon Connector types. .050 Series I, HD, FH and J Connectors, .050 Series II and Series III Connectors, .085 IDC Connectors, .085 PC Board Connectors, 0.6 [.024], 0.8 [.031], 1.0mm [.039], 1.27 [.050] Docking Connectors, 0.8 mm Printed Circuit Board and Cable Connectors, Z-DOK.

  • 3M United States

    D Ribbon Connector types. Their metal-face, standard D flat ribbon cable connectors enable you to go from IDC connections to a backmount I/O port, providing excellent EMI protection. Available in D Ribbon plastic junction shell 3485 series, D Ribbon wiremount metal face 50 position plug, D Ribbon wire mount metal faced socket (also with attached bale), D Ribbon wiremount plug or socket (bailmount option).

  • Cinch Connectors Ltd.

    Miniature ribbon connectors. Standard sizes are 14, 24, 36, 50 and 64 positions. Termination options include IDC, wire wrap, solder cup, solder tail or compliant pin. Available in panel mount, PCB mount or cable assemblies. Ribbon connector mounting options include through hole / threaded hole, panel clips or board locks.

  • Kycon

    Mini PCB ribbon connectors have plug and socket available in 14, 24, 36, and 50 positions, bright nickel plated shells for EMI/RFI shielding, mating and polarization D shaped connector , phospher bronze contact material, gold flash over 0.0001 (0.00254) nickel contact finish.

  • L-com

    Distributor of ribbon connectors and other connectivity products. Replacement ribbon for IDPRO and TLS2200, MTP female 6 fiber or 12 fiber ribbon 62.5 multimode with OFNR jacket in 25.0m, 50.0m or 100.0m. MTP male-st fiber ribbon fanout 62.5 multimode with OFNR jacket in 5.0m or 10.0m. Fiber ribbon fanout cables also available.


    Flat ribbon cable connectors of many varieties, including 34 pin, 40 pin and 50 pin female or male IDC socket, 44 pin female or male IDC ribbon cable connector, CN 36 pin female or male connector for ribbon cable, DB25 female or male connector for ribbon cable, 40/80 ATA IDE female connector, black, blue, gray.

  • Z-Axis

    Manufacturer of Elastomeric Connectors.  Types include flat flex (ribbon) cable connectors, RF connectors, miniature and micro-miniature connectors, board to board and military connectors, as well as custom connectors.

  • Cables To Go

    Suppliers of ribbon connectors and accessories. Offered ribbon connectors include 19-Pin Dual IDE Drive Flat Ribbon Cable, 26-Pin Female IDC Flat Ribbon Connector Keyed, 68-Pin SCSI-3 Male IDC Flat Ribbon Connector, and many more.

  • HARTING, Inc.

    Manufacturer of flat cable connectors, Insulation Displacement Connector system (IDC), IEC 603-13, 2.54 mm [0.100"] pitch. Heavy duty and miniature connectors also available.

  • Newark

    Suppliers of ribbon connectors and accessories.  Offered connector types include adaptors, card edge, circular and D-Subminiature ribbon connectors.

  • Digi-Key Corp.

    Large distributor of ribbon connectors.  Including D-sub, IDC, RF, RFX, Parallel Interface/Centronics, and SCSI terminators. Some obsolete and discontinued parts available.  

  • Spectrum Control, Inc.

    Miniature ribbon connectors. Spec search allows for choices of pin or socket, termination 90° PCB mount or Pin-socket adapter, capacitance (pF) 110, 220, 470 or 820, capacitance (pF) Max. from 115 to 943, capacitance (pF) Min. from 85 to 697, IL @ 1 Mhz (db), 10 Mhz (db), 100 Mhz (db), 300 Mhz (db)or 1 Ghz (db) at range of 0-11.

  • Mouser Electronics

    D Ribbon (D-Sub) Connectors, D ribbon plug, wire mount plug, wire mount socket, strain relief, plastic junction shell for flat or round cable, bail mount kit, available in 9, 15, 24, 25, 36, 37 and 50 pin configurations.

  • Conexcon

    Supplier of ribbon connectors.  Ribbon connectors offered include High Density DIP Plug, Right Angle Shrouded Header, Centronic IDC, SCSI-III IDC Male D-Sub and many more.

  • Shokai Far East, Ltd.

    Manufacturer of a wide variety of electrical connectors, some applicable to ribbon cables. Connector types include DC power jacks and plugs, fiber optic connectors, adaptors, DIN connectors, circuit board connectors, D-Sub jacks, coaxial and RF connectors, and terminal blocks.

  • All Products

    Distributor of a wide range of products including ribbon connectors.  Available in IDC, PCB right angle, solder type with metal cover, and more.

  • Nicomatic North America

    Manufacturer of ribbon cables for printed circuit boards. Male and female 0.635 mm (0,25") square pin headers,  40 contacts per row male headers, stackable & without any contact loss, 2.54 mm (0,100") pitch and multiple, standard (straight single & double row, right angle & double row) and walled (straight single & double row, right angle & double row).