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  • ElecDirect LLC

    ElecDirect carries over 1000 different terminal connectors for a wide range of electrical connections. models include ring terminals, spades and forks, splices and quick disconnectors, closed end connectors, heat shrink terminals, OEM and high temp terminals, battery terminals and adapters, terminal strips and wire termination connectors.

  • FCI/Burndy

    FCI - Burndy carries a line of connectors for high voltage transmission lines as well as EHV connectors, mechanical connectors for copper and aluminum, Wejtap brand connectors and a wide array of compression connectors for copper and aluminum conductors.

  • Automation Direct

    Standard DIN rail terminal blocks (choose by block type), single level, triple level, ground, disconnect, and standard DIN rail terminal blocks (choose by component type) single level feed through, double level feed through, triple level feed through, mini and direct mount terminal blocks. Screwless DIN rail terminal blocks also available.

  • American Electrical, Inc.

    American Electrical, Inc. offers terminal blocks and strips in the following configurations: YBK Series, SK Series, PSK Series, PEK Series, and AVK Series. YBK Series terminal blocks have UL 94 V2 thermoplastic polyamide housings, self-locking tension clamps made from zinc plated steel, and stripped insulation screw connections. These blocks feature UL voltages up to 600V, UL currents ranging from 20A to 55, and UL cross-sections ranging from 22 to 6 AWG. They come in beige, blue green, yellow, red, grey, and yellow-green colors. American Electrical also manufactures DIN rail mounted terminal blocks, junction/hook-up boxes, DER 15 enclosure receptacles, and EL 120 slimline lights.

  • 3M Electrical Markets Division

    3M SC Series stem connectors feature an aluminum barrel for installations on either copper or aluminum cable conductors and are used when connecting a riser cable to an overhead line. These connectors are available in sizes ranging up to 8.25 mm in diameter.

  • Keystone Electronics Corp.

    Manufacturer of pc mount modular terminal blocks available in horizontal or 45° wire entry termination points. 6 and 10 amp modular terminal blocks are expandable to 24 positions and mount onto plug-in pin header strips. Modular, screwless, push button type terminal blocks are available with two or three termination positions on 5mm centers that accept #20 thru #18 AWG solid or stranded wire and are rated 10 amps. Also, many battery connectors and battery holders available.

  • Automation Systems Interconnect

    Insulation displacement, IDC, terminal blocks. Available in a 3-position and 10-position module in either a feed through or a knife-disconnect. It will handle two different wire ranges, either 18 awg to 14awg or 22awg to 16awg and is rated up to 24 amps at 500 volts. It features a unique contact design at 45 degrees to the wire, insulation support ribs and open construction. Feed-through IDC terminal blocks, disconnect IDC terminal blocks, ground circuit IDC terminal blocks.

  • LMI Components, Inc.

    Fixed PCB mount terminal block, pluggable PCB mount terminal block (for versatile wire to board connections), panel mount terminal block (to facilitate external power connections to a chassis, rack or panel), 19" rack terminal block (for VME card cage or 19" rack DIN-standard applications), DIN terminal block & edge card terminal block connectors available. 

  • c3controls

    Manufacturer of IEC terminal blocks, NEMA terminal blocks and power blocks. IEC style terminal blocks offer captive terminal screws, internal jumpers, nickel plated clamping rings, and universal mounting foot allow for direct mounting on 32mm/35mm DIN rail. NEMA terminal blocks are rated 600 Volt, 25A or 50A continuous service. Will accept #22 to two #12 AWG wires per terminal. Captive wiring clamps come standard for use with solid wire or ring type connectors. Mounts on standard 35mm DIN rail. Power blocks are available in 115A and 175A versions for either base mounting or DIN rail mounting. 

  • PTR Connex

    PC Board mount terminal blocks, spring clamp terminal blocks, DIN rail terminal blocks and transformer terminal blocks. PCB mount available in 2-12 poles, spacing 5.08 mm (.200") or spacing 10.16 mm (.400"). Spring clamp available with a pitch of 5.0mm, 7.5mm and 10.0mm. DIN rail available in panel mounted, ground (Earth-PE), disconnect, feed through, fuse, tension spring loaded and more.

  • Zierick Manufacturing Corp

    Terminal connectors available such as end taped PCB terminals, quick disconnect terminals, test point terminals, IDC terminals, screw terminals, and receptacles as well as pin connectors (SMT surface mountable pins), PCB (printed circuit board) connectors, surface mount connectors and fuse clips.

  • Excel Cell Electronic Corp.

    Manufacturer of wire to PCB type terminal blocks, 7.62mm(0.3inch), 10Amp, 300VAC, barrier type, AWG:16-22, high power type terminal block, .5mm/15.0mm, 16Amp, AWG:14-24, plug-in type terminal block, 3.5mm, 6Amp, mount type, male connector of plug/female socket, AWG:16-28

  • Phoenix Contact

    Screw clamp terminal blocks, spring cage terminal blocks and IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) terminal blocks. Available in feed through, panel feed through, fusing, disconnect, light indication, sensor, thermocouple and high current functions. Special terminal blocks for special connections also available. 

  • Brumall Manufacturing Corp.

    Various terminal and power connectors available such as single lugs (wire size range: 4-14 through 100 MCM-500 MCM), double lugs (wire size range: 2-14 through 100 MCM-500 MCM ) and neutral bars (wire size range: Wire size range 4-14 through 300 MCM-6) as well as add-a-pole power distribution blocks.

  • Interpower Corporation

    Terminal blocks in 3 wire, 5 wire and 6 wire configurations. 3 wire available in 4.0mm²/0AWG conductor size up to 4.0mm²/24AWG conductor size. 5 & 6 wire terminal block available in 4.0mm²/0AWG conductor size, up to 4.0mm²/24AWG conductor size and up to up to 6.0mm²/18AWG conductor size. 5 wire also available up to 10.0mm²/22AWG conductor size.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity is a component manufacturing company offering several types of terminal connectors.  They offer barrier strips, card edge, europa, eurostyle, and NEMA terminal blocks, as well as accessories, and interface modules. Spec search from connector type pages.

  • WECO Electrical Connectors, Inc.

    Manufacturer of terminal blocks for printed circuit boards (PCB), rail mounted electronic modules, terminal strips for panel/chassis mounting, tab and solder connectors for panel/chassis mounting, grounding terminals & ceramic terminal blocks along with surface mount type.

  • Digi-Key Corp.

    Distributor of terminal connectors and other electronic components.  Spec search using color, features, gauge, packing, size, terminal type and vendor for terminal connectors.  Multitude of different connector types and shapes.

  • Eby Company

    Pluggable terminal blocks (bodies, sockets and pins), barrier terminal blocks, Euro terminal blocks, spring terminal blocks. Pitch, wire range and electrical rating available in almost any configuration.

  • Hoffman Products

    Manufacturer of a variety of solderless terminal connector styles including quick disconnect, ring terminal, spade terminal & flanged spade. Butt, parallel & closed-end connectors also available.