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  • ElecDirect LLC

    ElecDirect offers a variety of wire termination termination connectors including winged wire connectors, twist on wire connectors, spring insert twist on wire connectors and various twist on wire connector accessories in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal's Wire-Nut® wire connectors and wire nuts feature five color-coded models that accept from #22 to #8 AWG wire. Their wire nuts also include a fixed, square-wire spring, and a flame-retardant polypropelene shell. While the Wire-Nut® connectors are among Ideal's standard twist-on wire connector products they also manufacture outdoor connectors and wire nuts equipped for weatherproof and underground applications. Wire nuts are UL Listed and CSA Certified for underground and wet locations; UL listed to 486D. Ideal's OEM/Industrial wire connectors are fabricated as a ribbed shell for grip with welded one-piece spring/shell; accepts #22 to #12 AWG wire.  Ideal standard wire connectors and OEM are UL Listed and CSA Certified, using a thermoplastic shell rated to 105° C. They also have pig tail wire connectors that accepts #18 through #12 AWG solid or stranded wire.

  • 3M

    3M manufactures wire nuts and connectors among its line of products. Their model  R/Y+ replaced both red and yellow wing style wire nuts, while 3M's B/G+ covers both the large blue and gray wire nut connectors. 3M wire nuts are UL, CE, IEC, and CSA approved, with a maximum recommended voltage rating of 600V; wire range capabilities 14 to 6 or 22 to 8.

  • All Electronics Hardware

    All Electronics Hardware (AEH) manufactures screw on and push-in wire nuts and connectors, including nylon pigtail closed end wire nuts. The nylon pigtail connector has a voltage rating of 300V max and temperature rating of 105°C, made from UL94V-2 self-extinguishing material. Models range from standard temperature ratings of 105°C to high temp ratings of 150°C. Features of the push in wire nut products include voltage rating building wiring: 600V Max, and voltage rating lighting fixtures & signs: 1000V Max. All screw on wire nutss are made from UL94V-2 flame retardent material.

  • Electrical Basics

    Electrical Basics provides screw-on, push-in and nylon pigtail closed end wire connectors and wire nuts. The standard, high-temp and economy screw-on and pigtail wire connectors (wire nuts) will cover a broad spectrum of wire combinations from #10 gauge to #22 gauge wire. Wing type screw-ons wire nut products can handle combinations of #8 gauge to #22 gauge wire. And push-in wire connectors, available in five sizes with 2 to 8 ports can handle combination ranges from #12 gauge solid wire to # 22 gauge solid wire.

  • Accu-Glass Products

    Accu-Glass manufactures ceramic wire nut products as part of their product line. Ceramic wire nuts are ideally suited for UHV environments to 500°C and 1x10-11 Torr. Accu-Glass offers ceramic wire nuts for use with 16 to 20 AWG vacuum wire, and ceramic wire nuts for use with 12 to 18 AWG vacuum wire. Both products have a maximum bake temperature and maximum operating temperature of 500ºC, as well as a minimum operating temperature of -200ºC.

  • Hillsdale Terminal & Tools

    Hillsdale Terminal & Tool manufactures screw on wire nuts. Hillsdale models of screw on wire nuts accommodate wire size 22-16, 22-14, 18-12 and 18-10. They also offer finger grip wire nut products; wire size 18-10, 14-8 and 12-6.

  • Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co

    Akron Procelain & Plastic manufactures ceramic wire nut and wire connector products. Ceramic wire nuts feature simple one-piece design with threads which are molded into the body. Ceramic wire nuts have a maximum working temperature of 1,000°F and are specified instead of plastic for applications above 200°F. Wire gage ranges from 18-8, 22-10, and 22-14 dependent on model.

  • Keystone Industries

    Keystone manufactures ceramic wire nut products, small and large. Keystone ceramic wire nuts can hold variations of 14, 16 and 18 AWG wire. For example: two to four 18 AWG wires (stranded), or 1 ea. 16 AWG with 3 ea. 18 AWG (stranded), or one each 14 AWG with one each 16 AWG (stranded). With large wire nuts capable of holding, for example, 2-4 ea. 18 AWG (stranded); 1 ea. 14 AWG with 1-2 ea. 18 AWG (stranded); or 2 ea 16 AWG with 1 ea. 18 AWG (stranded).

  • Boise Inc

    ISE, Inc. ceramic wire nuts are used in high temperature applications to: 1600°C (2900°F). With approximate dimensions at 0.25" diameter (closed end), 0.55" diameter (open end) and 0.88" tall the ISE #7 model can be used in variety of 2, 3, or 4  number 18 gauge wires, and 2 number 14 gauge wires. While the #8 model ceramic wire connector nut accomodates 2, 3, or 4 number 14 gauge wires; 2 or 3 number 12 gauge wires; or 2 number 10 gauge wires; dimensions are approximately 0.45" diameter (closed end), 0.70" diameter (open end) and 0.98" tall.