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  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity are manufacturers of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board electronic connector types, including discrete wire interconnects; .050, .079, .100, .125, .156 C/L interconnection systems. 50/50 grid connectors, crimp-snap housings, receptacle assemblies, through hole headers, contacts, wire-to-board connectors and cable-to-board micro interconnect systems.

  • 3M Electrical Markets Division

    Manufacturer of a wide range of wire connector types, including crimp sleeve, insulation displacement (IDC) and spring connectors for electrical, communication and crimping applications.  Each line of connectors offers full wire range capability, increased port sizes, double elements, and a solvent-resistant plastic construction.

  • Keltron Connector Co.

    Manufacturer of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors and plugs.  Size range from 1.25mm-7.5mm.  Straight and right angle plugs are available, as well as connectors with or without a lock.  Other connector types are also available, including DIN, D-sub, USB, IDC, PCB, Fiber Optic, Edge Card and Modular along with Terminal Blocks.

  • Cirris Systems

    Manufacturers of "screw type" and "screwless type" discrete electrical wire connector products. Provides for discrete wire connections when a permanent harness board fixture is desired. Uses 64-conductor flat ribbon cable to connect to the tester. Transition board mounts on harness board perimeter. Discrete electrical wire connections are made between screw or screwless terminals and test blocks.

  • Master Appliance

    Supplier of "Proseal" (crimp and heat seal) wire harness connector products and "Solderseal" (solder and heat seal) wire harness connectors, ring terminals, multi-stud terminals, spade terminals, flanged spade terminals, hook terminals, step down butt connectors, 3-way and 4-way electrical wire connectors, slip-on wire connectors, bullet plug electric connectors and receptacles. Perfect for the automotive, truck and fleet, agricultural, industrial, electrical, marine, commercial, electronic, telecommunication and railroad markets.

  • ITT Cannon

    Manufacturers of electrical wire connectors, interconnects and cable assemblies including I/O and power connector products, board (PCB) connectors, D subminiature, circular, hermetic, filter, microminiature, rack & panel, USB, BIW and Trident contact and cable-to-board electric wire connectors. Harsh environment connectors used in power train application. Meets USCAR specification for automotive application.

  • Newark

    Distributor of thousands of wire connector products and hundreds of different types of electrical wire and cable connectors, including audio, card edge, in-line, circular, D-sub, DIN, Fiber Optic, PC Board, Phono, Power, RF, Coax, SCSI and Thermocouple among others.  Some of major connector suppliers include Tyco, AMP, ITT Cannon, Cinch, SPC, Amphenol and Trompeter.

  • Lumberg USA

    Manufacturers of electrical wire connector and custom interconnect products, including circular DIN, push/pull, terminal blocks, headers, shunts, jumpers, edge connectors, RAST 5.0 macromodul, RAST 2.5 duomodul, micromodul 1.27 mm connectors, minimodul 2.5 mm connectors and multimodul 2.5 mm connectors for cable-to-board and cable-to-cable electric wire connections.

  • Switchcraft

    Manufacturers of electrical connectors, including electric cord plug connectors, receptacles, adaptors, connector-adapters, wall plate electrical receptacles, panel mounts, DIN wire connectors and receptacles, USB, XLR, CB, BNC, EAC and miniature electric cord plug connector accessories. Also available, over molded waterproof connectors.

  • Heyco Products

    Manufacturers of OEM electrical wire connectors; accepts #22 to #12 AWG wire, tough UL94V-2 flame retardant shell rated at 105° C (221° F); rated for 300 volts, except as noted; connector products are classified in accordance with IEC Publications 998-2 and 998-2-4; recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters' Laboratories File #E-80121; certified by Canadian Standards Association File #LR211101.

  • Joint Tech Electronic

    Wire to Wire Connectors in eleven different configurations. Pitch from 2.00mm to 6.04mm. Connector current ratings from 2A AC/DC to 7A AC/DC. Voltage ratings from 130V AC/DC to 250V AC/DC. Temperature range from -25° C to +85° C. Contact resistance 10m ohms max. to 20m ohms max. Insulation resistance 1000M ohms min. Withstanding voltage 500V AC/minute to 1500V AC/minute.

  • Sealcon LLC

    Supplier of cable and wire connectors, grips, and connector accessories.  Straight and 90 degree angled, M23 male and female cable  and wire connectors.  M40 power cable and wire connectors, moulded connectors and special cable connectors also available.

  • Connomac Corp.

    Many miniature wire connector types are available, including “Minni-Mac” (2-12 pole), “Minni-Mac II,” heavy duty wire connectors (2-4 pole), oval wire connectors (2-5 pole) and round wire connectors (single and multi-pole).

  • Remke Industries, Inc.

    Wire connector products, including mini wire connectors, micro & pico wire connectors, molded cable assemblies, receptacles, mini-port and micro-port distribution boxes, bus system connector products, attachable and splitter connectors, and DIN 43650 valve cordsets.

  • HARTING, Inc.

    Industrial and electric wire connector types available, including heavy duty, insulation displacement, DIN, modular, I/O, interface connectors, fiber optic, hard metric, mini-coaxial, mutli line, high density, parallel/serial interface and D-sub connectors.