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Audible and Visual Alarms

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  • Acuity Brands Lighting

    Acuity Brands offers a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting products including alarm and sensor activated lighting systems with fluorescent and HID lighting fixtures. Acuity also offers a broad range of sensor switch and control systems for these lighting products.

  • Federal Signal

    Federal Signal is a manufacturer of audio and visual alarm system warning devices for cars.  They have 12 different siren alarms and alarm systems available from simple tones to programmable to remote.  Sirens can be used with 100 to 200 watt speakers.  The various lights available include strobe, LED and halogen.  Strobe cover colors include red, amber, blue, green and white.  Voltage output ranges from 12 to 48VDC.

  • GE Lighting

    GE offers residential and commercial lighting products including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED and HID light products and ballasts for use in indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

  • Gexpro

    Gexpro is a manufacturer of a variety of lighting and security sensor products. These products include signaling systems such as bells, buzzers, chime kits, clocks gongs and horns for security and alarm purposes. Gexpro also offers a full line of sirens, speakers and accessories.

  • HAI (Home Automation Inc)

    HAI offers a variety of wireless and non wireless security alarm systems for residential applications. Products include the HAI C3; a wireless cellular communicator that allows phone calls to be made over the GSM cellular network using the existing telephones in your home. The HAI C3 can be used when there is no land line in your home or if the land line is temporarily unavailable.

  • Killark

    Hubbel/Killark manufactures a full line of control products for electrical applications including security systems ans alarms. Products include control stations, panelboards, control panels, motor starters and fire alarm stations.

  • Ogden Mfg Co

    Ogden Mfg Co manufactures a variety of control systems and alarms for hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing, plastics and textile processing, food processing, paper mills and utilities applications.

  • Raco Mfg and Engineering Co

    RACO offers a complete line of high quality, reliable remote communications systems for monitoring, alarm notification and data logging applications. Additionally, RACO offers systems with the ability to run SCADA, PLC annunciation and process control applications.

  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc manufactures alarm panels and annunciator panels for complex alarming systems. The SEL 2522 alarm panel provides convinient visibility for station alarm statuses. With the SEL 2523 annunciator panels users can easily annunciate alarms, and use flexible communications links that eliminate duplicate I/O wiring to RTU and DCS systems, receive data for local logic operation or display, and transmit information to remote sites.

  • Security Lighting

    Security Lighting Systems designs and manufactures security lighting fixtures as well as emergency exit signs and emergency lighting ballasts for commercial and industrial lighting applications.

  • Patlite Corporation

    Patlite Corporation is a manufacturer of visual and audible alarm system warning devices.  Patlite has several different alarms available in various sizes.  They have models available that have several sounds pre-recorded and others that can be recorded to output audio messages or sounds that can be repeated in loops.  Visual and audible alarms have DC12/24V,  AC/DC24V to AC120V input voltage.  Volumes range from 75dB to 110 dB at 1 meter. All alarm systems can be mounted in various ways from temporary station to permanent wire enclosed.

  • Edwards Signaling & Security Systems

    Edwards Signaling & Security Systems supplies signaling audio alarm systems for various needs.  Many of the alarm system models available are PLC compatible.  Most models will accept either 24VDC or 120VAC.  The output is 110 dB to 113 dB with the larger outdoor models ranging from 107dB to 127dB.  A variety of models have 27 tone capability.  The mounting options are wall mount or pole mount.  Models to be used indoors have an internal volume control. 

  • Floyd Bell Inc.

    Floyd Bell is a designer of custom designer of alarm system products and alarm systems. Turbo series alarms are available in seven different tones such as continuous, beep, warble, siren, whoop, staccato, and chime, two volume levels, and four terminations. Operating voltage ranges cover 5-30Vdc, 5-15Vdc, 9-48Vdc and 5-24Vac/dc.  Audio ranges from 95dB to 108dB at 2 feet.  Audible alarms are also available with a massage up 10 seconds. 

  • ELK Products

    Elk Products manufactures indoor and outdoor audible alarm system sirens.  Two-tone and single tone alarm systems are available. Sound level ranges are 118 db @ 1 meter, 14 vdc, 100 db @ 1 meter, 13.8vdc, 110 db @ 1 meter, 13.8vdc, 120 db @ 1 meter, 13.8vdc, to 107 db @ 1 meter, 13.8vdc.  Operating voltage is 6 to 14 DC.  Tamper proof covers and other accessories are available.

  • Tomar Electronics, Inc.

    Tomar Electronics designs and manufactures visual and audible alarm system warning signals.  Their newest alarm systems will operate over a wide AC and DC input voltage ranges. The DC version is designed to operate from 10-100 VDC and 16-36 VAC; the AC version from 85-265 VAC.  The visual led lights have the capability of steady on or flashing.  The lens covers come in amber, blue, clear, green,purple and red.  Most alarms are stackable and can be mounted in various ways including direct wire.

  • A.B. Controls and Technology Inc.

    Abtech is a manufacturer and supplier of hazardous area and explosive proof enclosures as well as sounders (audio alarm systems) and beacons (visual alarm systems), conduit and junction boxes, electrical terminal boxes, fiberglass junction boxes, submersible junction boxes, poly-card electrical enclosures, fire rated junction boxes and more.  Abtech sounders have an output of 104dB(A) to 126dB(A).  Abtech has audio and visual alarm systems in combined models or single units.  Alarms come in several tones and stages.

  • Euchner-USA, Inc.

    Euchner USA is a manufacturer of visual alarm signal towers.  Alarm towers can built with up to 5 single sided or 10 double sided lights.  Audio can be added to many alarm systems.  The LED lights have an operating voltage of 24V, life expectancy is 50,000 hours minimal and the flash frequency is 1 Hz.  Automatic sound output is adjustable between 80 and 100 dB depending on background level.  Their newest alarm system model, Enhanced Visibility System, works well where an audible signal is useless or where personnel have become accustomed to the consistent flashing of alarm lights.