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Carbon Monoxide, Smoke & Gas Detectors

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  • Firex

    Firex manufactures a variety of alarms for commercial and consumer applications including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, smoke/carbon monoxide combination alarms, heat alarms and duct smoke detectors. Models include battery powered alarms, photoelectric alarms and photoelectric alarms with battery back ups.

  • BRK

    BRK manufactures a variety of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and smoke/carbon monoxide combination alarms including hardwired, battery powered and plug-in models.

  • Kidde

    Kidde manufactures a variety of smoke alarms. Carbon monoxide alarms offered include battery (DC) powered CO and smoke/CO combo alarms, plug-in (AC) powered CO and smoke/CO combo alarms, and wire-in (120V AC) powered CO and smoke/CO combo alarms. Smoke alarms offered include battery (DC) powered, wire-in (AC) powered, and wireless smake alarm systems.

  • First Alert

    First Alert manufactures a full line of carbon monoxide alarms and detectors as well as smoke alarms and detectors for residential applications including tamper proof models, dual sensor ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors, plug-in carbon monoxide alarms, battery powered models and multi-gas detectors for natural gas, propane and carbon monoxide.

  • Gamewell-FCI

    Gamewell FCI manufactures various smoke alarms. Conventional detectors available include system sensor ionization smoke detectors, low profile photoelectronic plug-in detectors, rate anticipation heat detectors, temperature/rate-of-rise heat detectors, mechanical heat detectors, projected beam detectors, and many more.

  • USI Electric

    USI Electric manufactures a wide variety of smoke and fire alarms ass well as carbon monoxide alarms and smoke/carbon monoxide combination detectors. Models include photoelectric models, battery powered models and photoelectric models with battery backups.