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Fire Controls and Alarms

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  • UTC Fire & Security

    GE Security offers fire control panels for burglary and fire detection.  The Remote Booster Power Supply is a self-contained 24 Vdc power supply designed to augment fire alarm audible and visual power requirements as well as provide power for auxiliary, access control and security applications. The FireworX fire alarm family consists of 3, 5 and 10 zone conventional fire alarm control panels (FACP), an integrated upload/download DACT (dialer), intelligent/analog type detector features, serial annunciator modules, and serial remote relay modules. GE also partners with Edwards fire alarm equipment. Edwards signals offers horns and bells, and factory automation signaling that utilizes your PLC or Devicenet network. Edwards provides complete factory solutions.

  • Alison Control Inc.

    Alison Control offers the A888 Series Control Systems fire alarm detection and controls for industrial environments. Equipment is custom designed to the needs of the application and the requirements at the specific site. One important objective in designing a fire alarm system is to avoid having the extinguishing system discharge due to false alarms, so each system has a 'voting logic' which polls other sensors to see if a fire is detected in that area.  This same analytical approach is employed in the development of fire alarm systems for nuclear power facilities, electric transformers, highway and utility tunnels, mines and the range of difficult-to-protect environments.

  • Notifier

    Notifier manufactures ONYX series fire systems and life safety systems. Equipment includes fire alarm control panels, network and integrated systems, fire alarm peripherals, and fire alarm accessories. Fire alarm control panels include intelligent fire alarm systems, digital voice evacuation, conventional fire alarm control panels. Network and integrated systems include intelligent fire alarm networks; Fire, security, card access, CCTV, and BACnet integration. Peripherals for fire alarms such as smoke detectors, pull stations; monitor, control, and relay modules; notification appliances are available. Accessories for fire alarms such as printers, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers, remote annunciators, relays and door holders are also available.

  • Simplex (SimplexGrinnell)

    Simplex manufactures fire alarm systems, web-based access to fire system information, voice evacuation alarm systems, special hazards fire protection, fire sprinklers, migration systems, smoke detection systems, and intelligent addressable fire notification systems and equipment.  Simplex also offers multiple fire alarms that are often integrated with other building systems like access control, CCTV and security management systems.

  • Siemens

    Siemens manufactures fire safety products and fire alarms for middle to large installations.  Products include conventional and addressable panels and detectors.  Special detectors include flame detectors, beam detectors, air duct sampling chambers, aspirating smoke detectors, radio lines, explosion hazard area products, and linear heat detection products.  Peripherals include fire alarm equipment, manual call points, I/O modules and fire alarm indicators.  Conventional fire control panels and extinguishing control panels, visual parallel fire alarm indicators and repair parts are also available. 

  • Fire-Lite Alarms

    Fire-Lite Alarms manufactures fire alarm panels and accessories.  The panels include 50-636 Point Intelligent Control addressable control panels.  Conventional fire alarm control panels are available in range from 2-10 zones.  Fire-Lite also offers suppression panels such as Deluge/Preaction Control panels as well as Agent Release Control panels.  Accessories include pull stations, remote power supplies, battery chargers, annunciators and relays, as well as conventional and addressable detectors.

  • Concealite

    Concealite manufactures fixtures and equipment that allow fire alarm signaling devices to remain hidden during normal operation.  The interface allows a clean installation that does not conflict with the interior. Conceal-Alarm can be installed in the wall or ceiling and interfaces with any fire alarm system.  Concealite also offers horn fixtures, speaker fixtures, speaker strobe fixtures, and strobe fixtures. 

  • Cooper Wheelock

    Cooper Wheelock offers fire alarms and fire alarm systems for industrial and construction applications.  Fire alarm equipment offered includes audible and strobe appliances, speaker and speaker strobe appliances, sync modules, power supplies and pull stations.  Their fire alarm equipment product line also includes multi-functional facility communications, OSHA/Industrial, telephone signaling, and hazardous location appliances.

  • Edwards Signaling & Security Systems

    Edwards Signaling manufactures fire alarm control panels.  Their fire alarm equipment product line also offers horns, strobes, ceiling speakers and duct smoke detectors. Edwards also offers fire alarm accessories such as remote relay modules and detector wire guards. 

  • Silent Knight

    Silent Knight manufactures fire alarm control panels and equipment accessories, as well as digital receivers for the low-voltage market and central stations.  Silent Knight offers both analog addressable and conventional fire alarm control panels, annunciators, smoke detectors, power supplies and pull stations.  They also manufacture central station digital alarm receivers. 

  • Fike

    Fike manufactures fire protection equipment to protect both people and assets.  Fire alarm equipment offered includes conventional and intelligent fire alarm systems, a voice evacuation fire protection system, smoke control, linear heat detection, early warning air monitoring equipment, and fire protection graphic solutions.

  • First Alert

    First Alert offers smoke alarms and smoke detectors for various applications. Smoke alarms, smoke detectors and other equipment are available in tamper-proof, photoelectric sensors, mute, battery-powered, dual-ionization, hardwired, and strobe smoke varieties.  First Alert also manufactures the OneLink Integrated Smoke Alarm that is a talking wireless alarm that detects a fire in one part of a home and sets off the alarm for the entire facility. 

  • Gamewell-FCI

    Gamewell-FCI manufactures voice evacuation equipment for fire control.  The E3 Series is a  broadband, intelligent, networked, multi-channel fire alarm control and emergency voice evacuation system.  Audio systems are also available in analog addressable control panels with voice evacuation.  

  • Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    Safety Technology International manufactures equipment such as enclosures and cases for fire alarms and detectors.  Fire alarm products include horn flush mounts, horn and strobe damage stoppers, horn/speaker/strobe domes, and break glass stoppers. 

  • Fenwal Protection Systems

    Fenwal Protection Systems manufactures fire alarms for mission critical facilities. The Fenwal Total Fire Protection Concept begins with fire detection in its early stages. Precision alarm and control functions alert people and help initiate emergency actions. As a result, fast-acting fire suppression can prevent damage to people and property.