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  • Simplex (SimplexGrinnell)

    Simplex manufactures a variety of commercial paging systems including PA systems, integrated paging systems, commercial sound equipment and emergency notification system compatible with telephone systems. SimplexGrinnel also makes a full line of intercom speaker equipment.

  • Atkinson Dynamics

    Atkinson Dynamics manufactures a variety of speakers for intercom applications including wall-mount intercom speakers, panel-mount intercom speakers, desktop intercom systems and non-amplified speaker systems for intercom applications.

  • Federal Signal

    Federal Signal manufactures The SelectFone series ntercom and paging systems designed for installation in a user-supplied panel. These multi-party intercom systems are used for a variety of applications including office environments.

  • Interpage

    Interpage manufactures a variety of paging systems for commercial and healthcare applications. Products include software based paging systems, healtcare paging systems, restaurant paging systems and portable transmitters.

  • Quantometrix

    Quantometrix manufactures commercial intercom systems for commercial and institutional building. Products include two-point audio intercoms, handset intercoms, video intercom systems, security door answering intercoms and VoIP intercom systems.

  • Jtech

    Jtech designs and manufactures a variety of wireless communication equipment, paging equipment and PA systems for a variety of industries including restaurants, retail, hotels, healthcare facilities, churches, automotive facilities and business offices.

  • NuTone

    NuTone manufactures a full line of intercom systems and related equipment for a broad range of applications. Products include intercom speakers, apartment telephone entry and security systems, home and small business intercoms, video intercoms and plug-in intercoms.

  • Soundsphere

    Soundsphere manufactures omnidirectional loudspeakers for loudspeakers and PA systems. Applications include schools and gymnasiums, churches, commercial and retail buildings, industrial environments, restaurants and bars and outdoor applications.

  • GAI-Tronics

    GAI-tronics manufactures a variety of industrial communication systems including speakers, paging systems, digital intercoms, drill operator intercoms and PA systems for a vroad range of applications.

  • ClearCom

    ClearCom's line of intercom products for mission-critical applications includes wireless intercom systems, VoIP intercom systems and software based intercom systems for multi-user conferencing.

  • Valcom

    Valcom manufactures a variety of analog and IP voice communication systems. Products include loudspeaker paging systems, school intercom and paging systems, SIP telephone intercom systems and emergency communication systems.

  • ComTrol

    ComTrol manufactures a variety of speakers for intercom and alarm systems including 20 watt re-entrant loudspeakers, ceiling-mounted speakers, constant directivity paging projectors and multi purpose reflex projectors.

  • Bogen Paging Systems

    Bogen Paging Systems manufactures a full product line of paging products including telephone paging amplifiers, paging speakers, intercom system and VoIP paging.

  • Lee Dan

    Lee Dan provides intercom products including video intercoms, telephone entry systems and lobby panels for commercial and residential buildings and healthcare facilities.

  • ELK Products

    Elk manufactures a variety of speakers for interior and exterior PA systems and paging applications.

  • BVPS

    BVPS manufactures a variety of paging, warning and PA systems and speakers for paging and communications applications.warning systems for municipalities, college campuses, industrial and nuclear facilities and the military.