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  • Sonicwall

    SonicWALL provides UTM, firewall, and VPN applications.  SonicWALL security appliances combine Reassembly-free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) with Unified Threat Management (UTM) security services.  The TZ, PRO, NSA, and E-Class NSA appliances integrate automated security capabilities.  They protect by integrating next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, application firewall and content filtering.

  • L3 Datron

    3Com builds unified security platforms built on Intrusion Protection System (IPS) architecture, wireless LAN IPS, perimeter firewalls, integrated switch firewalls, embedded firewalls, and secure network interface cards.

  • FSI Home Products, Inc.

    HP offers the ProCurve Network Security system.  The ProCurve's ProActive Defense delivers a network infrastructure that provides threat defense that protects data and integrity.  The ProCurve is used to keep networks secure and mobile.  The HP ProCurve Network Access Controller (NAC) 800 combines a RADIUS-based authentication server and the ability to validate the integrity of the systems connecting to the network. The HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager leverages security and traffic-monitoring features built into ProCurve switches with the ProVision ASIC, such as sFlow, Virus Throttle, and remote-mirroring technologies, and it performs network behavior anomaly detection (NBAD) to detect attacks.

  • ZyXel

    ZyXEL offers firewall, IPSEC and SLL devices.  The product line includes SSL-VPN appliances, unified security gateways, UTM appliances, 3G Mobile Broadband Security appliances, ZyWALL security appliances (including anti virus, IDP, anti spam and content filtering) and firewall network management- both centralized and ZyWALL reporting and analysis. 

  • RADirect

    RADirect offers three products for security and firewall applications.  The Mail-SeCure appliance includes an email spam filter and anti-virus protection with 11 anti spam and 5 anti virus engines and 0.01% false positives.  The Hedgehog is a database security monitoring and prevention device that provides automatic security patching and facilitates regulatory compliance with reporting and forensics.  The DefensePro tool is an intrusion prevention system that stops viruses, worms, trojans, malware, botnets, DoS, DDoS and SYN flood attacts. 

  • Juniper Networks Inc.

    Juniper Networks manufactures an Integrated Firewall/IPSec VPN, Intrusion Prevention IDP, security threat response manager (STRM), SRX-series services gateways, SSL VPN, and unified access control (UAC) that protect enterprise, carrier and data center environments from current and emerging threats.

  • Cisco Systems

    Cisco Systems offers firewalls, virtual private networks, intrusion prevention, and email & web security.  The Cisco ASA 5500 series firewall edition can securely handle applications and networks with investment protection and lower operational costs.  The IronPort C-Series email security and IronPort S-Series web security appliances are available for medium enterprises to the most demanding networks in the world. 

  • Motorola Airdefense

    Motorola Airdefense manufactures WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention systems) and management solutions to monitor any 802.11 environment to provide wireless intrusion prevention. Wireless vulnerabilities detected include reconnaissance (ad hoc stations, rogue APs, open/misconfigured APs), sniffing (dictionary attacks, leaky APs, WEP/WPA/LEAP cracking), masquerade (MAC spoofing, evil twin attacks/Wi-Phishing attacks), insertion (man-in-the-middle attack, multicast/broadcast injection) as well as denial-of-service attacks (disassociation, duration field spoofing, RF jamming).