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  • AC-Sun

    Sun makes several server types such as Blade servers, x64 servers, SPARC enterprise servers, and entry rackmount servers. Each server can use a variety of types of processors such as dual or quad core SPARC64 processors, AMD Opteron processors, and the Intel Xeon processor (dual- or quad-core). AMD or Intel-based servers, also known as x86/x64-based systems, run Solaris OS, Windows, Linux, and VMware.

  • Dell Computer Corp.

    Dell makes a variety of business server types, including tower servers, rack servers, blade servers, and rack infrastructure servers. Applications include high density computering, virtualization, remote needs, and small footprint requirements.

  • CNet

    CNet makes several print server types, including servers that use USB connections or ethernet connections and support DHCP as well as multi-protocols. Some server models provide web-based management.

  • IBM

    IBM makes several server types, including blade servers, storage servers, System x/x86 servers, and System z mainframe servers. They also make cluster server types for AIX, Linux, and Windows systems such as their Cluster 1600 for large scale computational modeling and analysis, as well as large databases and business intelligence uses.

  • Hawking Technologies, Inc.

    Hawking Technologies makes wired (USB and Parallel Port) and wireless print servers such as their Wireless-G print server which can connect up to three printers to your wireless network and features 802.11g/b compatability as well as a 16MB print buffer and SNMP management.

  • Acer

    Acer is a server manufacturer that makes the Altos servers series in either Tower or Rackmount configurations with high scalability. Their Altos G530 tower server uses up to two Intel Xeon processors up to 3.20 GHz each with 2MB cache and 800MHz front side bus as well as four registered ECC DDR2 400 SDRAM DIMM slots upgradeable up to 8GB.

  • Cisco Systems

    Cisco makes several universal gateway and access server types such as their AS5400XM which has 512MB minimum memory, 128MB system flash, 2MB NVRAM, 2GE ethernet and comes with high speed 2T serial, alarm, BITs, and seven card slots.

  • Supermicro

    Supermicro makes rackmount, tower, and minitower server types as well as PC blades and enclosures. Their servers use Xeon, Pentium 4, and Itanium processors as well as redundant components in order to eliminate downtime. Their OfficeBlade blade server offers low noise (just 50dB with up to 10 blades, DDR2 memory, and 93% efficient power supply.

  • ClearCube

    ClearCube is a server manufacturer that makes PC Blade servers using Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon and Pentium 4 processors, as well as DDR2 memory and SATA hard drives. These blade server types are fully managed via Sentral software such as their V7100S blade with dual quad-core Xeon processors and two 1-Gbps ethernet ports, as well as optional InfiniBand4x DDR support. Many server types are Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows and Linux ready.

  • Intel

    Intel makes server systems that use Quad core and Dual Core Xeon processors with sixteen GBDIMM sockets with capacity up to 64GB of ECC DDR2 667MHz memory. Their servers run the Intel Server Essentials software and feature plug and play, IDE drive auto-config and SMBIOS 2.3.

  • Lenovo

    Lenovo is a server manufacturer that makes ThinkServer servers, available with Intel Xeon dual-core with clock speed of 1.86GHz and front side bus of 1066MHz or Xeon quad-core (2.00GHz/1333MHz FSB), PC2-6400 CL6 DDR2 SDRAM or PC2-5300 CL5 DDR2 FBDIMM memory, and SAS or SATA hard drives (depending on the application you need it for).

  • Hitachi

    Hitachi makes high performance enterprise level computer servers as well as PC blades. Their SR11000 model K2 Super Technical Server is available with 4, 8, 16, or 32 nodes with inter-node transfer speed of 4/8/12GB/s in each direction X2. Peak node performance is 147.2 GFLOPS and maximum I/O performance of 8GB/s.

  • Asus

    Asus makes several servers which use AMD or Intel processors including tower systems and rackmount models such as their RS160-E5 energy saving 1U Green server with Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub/ICH9R core logic with onboard input/output of one external serial port, two rj-45 ports and four USB2.0 ports and can run Windows, RedHat, or SuSE.

  • ZyXel

    ZyXEL makes the MFP Print Server with a USB2.0 port and an RJ-45 port supporting print, fax, scan, and card reader functions.

  • Transition Networks, Inc

    Transition Networks is a server manufacturer that makes industrial managed device servers with two ports, the first either a DB-9 (15m/49ft.) port and the second a 100BASE-FX multi or single mode port up to 80km/49.7 miles.