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  • SMC Networks Inc

    SMC Networks offers VoIP technology phone systems.  The product line includes a desktop SIP phone with power over ethernet, IP PBX telephony system, Wi-Fi SIP phone, and a 2.4GHz 54Mbps wireless phone and Wi-Fi phone for Skype that provide real-time voice processing and call routing between and within an organization's facility.

  • InnoMedia

    Innomedia is a supplier of broadband IP telephony solutions of voice and video over IP networks for broadband service providers, consumers and OEM customers.  The IP videophone is equipped with H264 with video compression technology used in residential homes and corporate offices.  The VSB 2000 video set-top box uses the standard TV and telephone for video calls. Featuring a LCD screen, built-in NAT router for internet connection sharing, icon-based menu interface, and 3G compatibility for calling to 3G mobile phones. InnoMedia gateways, IP Phones and IP-PBX offer seamless integration for business which deploy IP telephony services. Device servers can be the centerpiece of your VoIP network.

  • Belkin

    Belkin manufactures two VOIP products for Skype.  The Belkin Wi-Fi phone allows phone calls at free wi-fi spots.  The Belkin's Desktop Internet Phone for Skype allows you to make unlimited free phone calls to other Skype users without a computer. It also lets you call people who use traditional phone systems, using SkypeOut, at reduced rates compared to standard phone services.  They include one year warranties. 

  • Aastra

    Aastra manufactures a variety of business VoIP telephone systems for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Products include IP communications systems, VoIP telephones, wireless handsets and gateways and analog terminals.

  • Twacomm

    TWAcomm distributes a wide variety of telephony equipment including business phone systems, emergency and weatherproof phones, music on hold and digital players, conference room equipment and voice mail systems from a broad array of manufactures. Many models of VoIP phones and gateways are also available.

  • Startech Telecommunications

    Startech Telecommunications distributes a broad variety of business phone systems from manufactures such as Nortel, NEC, Comdial, Cisco, Iwatsu, Mitel, Panasonic, Polycom, Samsung and Toshiba. Products including business phone systems, residential telephones, headests, couplers, patch cords and conference phones. They also offer many models of VoIP telephones, some offering support for multiple IP telephony.

  • Alcatel-Lucent

    Alcatel Lucent offers carrier VoIP, voice and multimedia that converge voice/data and fixed/mobile traffic.  The software is multiservice for fixed networks, including operator, VPN, messaging, platforms, portals and multimedia applications.  Features include media gateways, mobile core switching, public TDM switching, resource servers, signalling, and softswitches. 

  • Patton

    Patton manufactures SmartNode and SmartLink VoIP telephony solutions.  The VoIP gateway, VoIP router and telephony solutions with ISDN PRI & BRI, T1, E1, FXS, FXO and other interfaces.  SmartNode supports SIP, H.323, and MGCP VoIP technologies.  The product line includes analog VoIP gateways and routers, digital VoIP gateways and routers, and voice telephones.

  • L3 Datron

    3Com manufactures a variety of VoIP products including VCX and NBX platforms, VoIP gateways and analog platforms for communications applications. 3Com also offers a variety of telephony products.

  • Mitel

    Mitel manufactures a variety of IP communications platforms including systems for up to 65,000 users as well as PBX telephone systems. The Mitel 3600 Hosted Key System offers multi-line IP telephony access to dramatically lower the carrier's cost of serving small businesses. It allows carriers to provide hosted VoIP key systems for small business.

  • Conec Corp.

    NEC manufactures the Aspire VoIP telephone system which combines the benefits of VoIP with the traditional digital/analog switching advantages. The Aspire system provides IP connectivity that works with the currently integrated analog telephone systems. The signals travel through the IP network but do not go through the switch as they do in traditional telephony.

  • MediaRing

    MediaRing manufactures an IP phone suitable for home and office applications that delivers first-class telephony. The phone works with both cable modems and dial-up access and has an integrated analog phone. Other features include well spaced keys, built-in LCD display screen and a hands-free speaker.

  • Bizfon, Inc.

    Bizfon manufactures a variety of business phones and VoIP business phones including the Bizfon 680 and the Bizfon 8000. The 680 model offers built in voice mail, customizable automated attendant, automatic fax routing and can handle 6 telephone lines, 8 extension and is expandable up to 24 lines and 32 extensions. The 8000 model is a fully-featured IP PBX models for small businesses that can connect up to four FXO lines to the PSTN and over ethernet to the internet.

  • distributes a large variety of telephone equipment from a broad range of manufacturers. Products including telephone systems, voice mail equipment, digital telephone systems, installation tools and telephone surge protection products. Also available is the IP Office from Avaya (a leader in IP telephony).

  • NEI

    NEI manufactures a variety of ATCA and MicroTCA VoIP platforms for next-generation communications applications.

  • Netgear Inc.

    Netgear uses VoIP to bypass traditional telephone service and saves money.  The VoIP technology converts analog voice signals into digital data packets and supports real-time two-way transmission of conversations using Skype.

  • Net2Phone

    Net2Phone manufactures a variety of VoIP hardware for broadband and dial-up applications including broadband VoIP phone systems and the Net2Phone Dialer 2.0 for making dial-up VoIP calls from a PC.

  • Panasonic

    Panasonic offers a variety of business telephone and VoIP products including expandable telephone systems. hybrid IP-PBX phone systems, handsets, converged IP-PBX systems, voice mail systems and video intercoms.

  • Hitachi Telecom

    Hitachi Telecom manufactures the Gigabit Passive Optical Network for commercial applications. This system provides VoIP communication capabilities at high speeds as well as a 10/100 Mbps ethernet connection.

  • Cisco Systems

    Cisco manufactures the TelePresence brand of telephone systems available in a variety of models that includes conference phone equipment with high definition screens for face to face meeting over IP networks.