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Augers, boring equipment and trucks that are built specifically for electrical construction work.

Augers, boring equipment and trucks that are built specifically for electrical construction work.

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  • TT Technologies

    For trenchless, horizontal boring applications, TT Technologies features the Grundomat Series of piercing tools in 12 models. Diameters range from 1.75" to 7", lengths from 39" to 87", and weights from 20 to 573 lbs. In terms of performance, the smallest model, the 45P, has a 12 CFM air consumption at 580 strokes/minute, while the largest, the 180P, requires 159 CFM for 280 strokes/minute. Additionally, for steerable boring applications, the Grundosteer Series is available; these piercing tools are ideal for gas and water service line installations where minimal disruption is essential or where directional drill rigs are cost prohibitive. The Grundosteer is a 3" tool that can bore up to 200' for an HDPE pipe installation and, depending on soil conditions, it can be steered up to an 85' radius. This product is 87" long and 85 lbs., and provides 400 strokes/minute.

  • Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers

    Little Beaver offers an array of earth augers to handle almost any drilling need. Diameters range from 1.5" for soil sampling to 16" nursery augers, and all models feature spring-loaded snap buttons that secure them to drill heads, eliminating the need for pins or bolts. The standard augers are available in 36" and 42" lengths that yield maximum hole depths of 30" and 36"; special carbide blades can also be attached when drilling in hard clay, frozen ground, or hard pan soils. Next, heavy-duty snap-on augers are meant for drilling in rocky soils; with heavy-duty teeth and side-cutting blades, they operate best at slower RPMs and are recommended for 20:1 or 13:1 gear ratio transmissions. In addition to these products, Little Beaver sells a broad line of auger extensions, small diameter augers, and other accessories.

  • Terex Corporation

    Terex offers a variety of bucket trucks, including telescopic, non-overcenter, and overcenter models that range in working heights from 34' to 105'. A non-overcenter option like the Hi-Ranger FC Series comes in several models that are coded to their heights from the top to the bottom of the platform; for example, the FC40 stretches 40' from the top of the platform to the bottom, providing a working height of 45.6' and side reach of 27.5'. One overcenter choice is the Hi-Ranger HR Series which has a working height from 42' to 55', horizontal reach from 27.1' to 43.4', and material handling capability up to 1,000 lbs. Platform capacities, in general, are at least 350 lbs. but frequently achieve 750 or 1,000 lb. ratings.

  • Terex Corporation

    Terex manufactures a variety of cranes, including all terrain, rough terrain, crawler, and tower cranes. Road-mobile cranes include all-terrain models with lifting capacities from 35 to 1,320 tons and maximum main boom lengths from 100' to 360'+, and the AC40 city crane, which has a lifting capacity of 45 tons and boom length to 102.4'. The company also features more than a dozen rough terrain cranes, from the RT 230-1 that has a 30-ton capacity and 94' boom length, to the RT 130, which has 130 tons of capacity and 155' of boom length. Crawler cranes are available in one of two types; lattice crawlers are modular in design and highly adaptable, while telescopic crawlers feature full power booms and Cummins Engines turbocharged with intercoolers. Finally, a variety of tower cranes are available, including self-erecting, flat top, hammerhead, and luffing jib models.

  • Terex Corporation

    Terex cable placers are used to install fiber optic, copper, and strand telephone and cable lines. The Hi-Ranger TCP Series cable placer features an automatic reel transfer system, a forward loader with 40,000 lbs. maximum capacity and 66" reel diameter, and a rear loader with 10,000 lbs. max capacity and 96" reel diameter. Additionally, its working height ranges from 37.5' to 40.6', and its side reach ranges from 26.7' to 29.6'.

  • Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation

    Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation is a distributor of Terex digger derricks in a variety of sizes. Commander Models 4045 and 4047 provide 45' and 47' maximum sheave heights and 12,000 to 15,000 lbs. PG and TM winch, and are mounted on a medium duty chassis with automatic or standard transmission, air brakes, 50 gallon step tank, pintle hook, and 4x4 availability. The 60' Terex Commander 6000, meanwhile, provides 15,000 lbs. PG and TM winch, a command post with exclusive single stick controls, and 2-speed digger.

  • Straightline HDD

    Straightline HDD features the SL2020 drill for directional drilling even in congested areas. With a John Deere 5030T 99 Hp diesel engine and a Rineer hydraulic motor that delivers 50+ sustainable spindle Hp, the 52" drill offers 22,200 lbs. of thrust/pullback and 2,000 ft.-lbs. of rotary torque. For rock and soil conditions, the company's steerable Air Hammers can drill at rates up to 150 ft./hour, and require just 0.5- to 5-GPM of fluids for transmitter cooling, hammer lubrication, and hole cleaning. With diameters from 3.625" to 5.5" and 20- to 43-lb. pistons, the three Air Hammer models (AH4.0, AH5.0, and AH6.0) are available for both big and small job requirements.

  • Danuser

    Danuser Industrial Group carries multiple earth auger systems and an auger bucket. The system allows a skid-steer backhoe, excavator, tractor loader, or other similar tool to become a digging machine suited for substances ranging from dirt to concrete. Among the eight basic models, auger diameters can range from 24" to 48", while the maximum hydraulic pressure ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 psi. Different heads include "FAB" augers that are fabricated boring heads for light to moderate ground conditions; "TREE" augers with two-diameter designs and hardened bolt-on teeth; and "CAST" augers made from cast steel for difficult ground conditions such as fracturable rock, asphalt, etc. The auger bucket, meanwhile, eliminates labor when mixing, transporting, or dispensing concrete, sand, washed gravel, wildlife feed, asphalt, and agricultural grains. This unit provides accurate and controlled discharge at a rate of 0.5 yds. per 50 s.

  • Colvin's Aerial Trucks

    Colvin's rents and sells a diverse fleet of aerial trucks manufactured by several leading brands. Their rental department provides 40' bucket trucks mounted to Ford F-550s with elbow/telescopic insulated buckets; 70' trucks with single, 2-man baskets that contain hydraulic tools circuits and offer insulation to 69 kv; and Altec A77T 82' bucket trucks with elbow/telescopic booms and hydraulic jibs and winches. Many bucket trucks are also on sale, such as the 1982 Oshgosh 6x6 with 85' working height, 2001 Ford F350 with 34' working height, and 2008 GMC C5500 with 42' working height. All chassis are reconditioned to pass USDOT safety standards, while the aerial devices themselves have been inspected and reconditioned to meet OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

  • carries a variety of cable placers available in every region, from the East Coast to Southern California. The selection includes a 2008 Posi-Plus 800-40-015 unit with 40' maximum height and 2007 Sterline Acterra chassis, as well as a 2005 Altec A-T40C with 45' maximum height and 2006 International 4300 chassis. Other choices are the 2007 Hi-Ranger TCP-40 38' cable placer on a Ford F-750 chassis, and a 2000 ALTEC AP45 43' unit on a GMC C-8500.

  • Atlas Truck Sales Inc

    Atlas Truck Sales sells a variety of digger derricks from different manufacturers and production years. Examples include the Telelect 4045, which offers dual controls behind cab, 4 hydraulic outriggers, 20,000 lb. boom capacity, and 45' sheave height, mounted on a 1997 Ford F-8000; another Telelect 4045 that has a 2-speed digger and 25,950 lbs. capacity, and is mounted on a 2000 Ford F-750; and a Telelect Commander 4045 that has a 45' sheave height, and is mounted on a 1998 Chevrolet C-7500 with just 66,000 miles.

  • Mighty Mole by McLaughlin

    McLaughlin manufactures several different models of Mighty Mole auger boring and moleing tools. Auger boring options begin with the McL-54/60, which can case bore diameters from 20' to 60' with 950,000 lbs. of thrust and 17,000 ft.-lbs. of torque. For smaller jobs in limited easement areas, the McL-12 HB Zipper is designed with a short carriage to enable setup in trenches only 6' long; nevertheless, the units still produce up to 24,5000 lbs. forward thrust at 2,500 psi, and auger rotation up to 120 RPM. Next, moleing options exist for small diameter utility installations (<4.5").  Four models are available here: the original 9 Hp M-1800 Mighty Mole that drills up to 8 ft./min., the 16 Hp M-3800 Mighty Mole II that also drills up to 8 ft./min. to 200', the M-427 which uses a dry compaction method of boring, and the M-5000 which can be used for dry compaction, slurry boring, or auger up to 4" in diameter.

  • RedMax

    RedMax provides a line of earth augers for applications ranging from digging, to tree planting, to pole and fence installations. The 2" to 4", 10.6-lb. AG2300 provides 22.5 cc cylinder displacement, 1.2 Hp power output, and a 35:1 clockwise reduction ratio. Its maximum speed is 329 RPM, and it is covered by a 2-year warranty in both commercial and home applications.

  • Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation

    Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation rents, leases, and sells bucket trucks both new and used. Bucket trucks available for rent include the 29' Terex T292 and T292I and Telsta A28D, which all come with a choice of insulated or non-insulated buckets, and articulating or telescopic booms; the 38' Terex LT38P, which features an emergency lowering system and is mounted on a light duty chassis with automatic transmission, hydraulic brakes, front tow, and pintle hooks; and the 100' Terex TM105, which has an end-mounted 2-person fiberglass bucket, two sets of A-frame outriggers, and 63 gallon fuel tank. Used equipment is also for sale, and includes trucks that reach from as low as 29' up to 100', from companies like Versalift, Teco, MTI, and Telelect.

  • sells a variety of truck-mounted cranes, including stick booms and knuckle booms from different manufacturers. Their stick boom inventory includes products like the 2006 National 571E 18-ton, 121' crane, 2002 Terex TC3063 15-ton, 103' crane, and 2006 Altec AC26-103B 26-ton, 157' crane. Available knuckle booms include the 2004 FASSI F330SE. These products are listed along with the chassis on which they are available, as well as the region in which they can be found.

  • Utility Truck Equipment Inc

    Utility Truck & Equipment (UTE) offers two models of Posi-Plus cable placers. The 700-40 unit has 40' working height and 29' side reach, as well as 300 lb. platform capacity and 300 lb. side pull capacity, making it ideal for fiber optic or coaxial applications. This model is suitable for mounting on a Ford F-550 or equivalent vehicle. UTE also offers the 800-40 cable placer, suitable for mounting on 25,900 GVW or above. It features 40' working height, 31' side reach, 500 lb. basket capacity, and 600 lb. side pull capacity.

  • carries over a dozen digger derrick choices produced by several brand names. One option is the 2004 Commander 4045 that has a 45' sheave height and an insulated boom, and is mounted on an International 7300 (4x4) cab and chassis. Another is the 2000 Altec D2050-TB, which has a 50' sheave height and 3-section hydraulic boom, as well as pole claws and 4 outriggers; it is mounted to a 2000 Chevrolet C-8500 with a 6x4 drive train. Finally, one of the newer selections in their inventory is the 2006 Altec DL45-TR digger derrick, with its 45' sheave height and front-mounted winch package, mounted on an International 4300 that has just 46,000 miles.

  • Vermeer Corporation

    Vermeer offers a variety of horizontal drilling products for curb-to-home tasks, to longer easement work, to large-diameter pipeline projects. Navigator HDD units such as the DX6x6, D9x13, and D16x20 Series II provide the ability to drill almost anywhere because their narrow widths fit through most gate openings. These units produce from 550 to 2,000 ft.-lbs. of max torque and 5,500 to 16,000 lbs. max pullback, with 6' to 10' drill stems. Large HDD units also exist for demanding ground conditions and/or longer, heavier projects such as sewer installation and river crossing. The D80x100 Series II, D100x120 Series II, and D330x500 offer torque max torque from 10,000 to 50,000 ft.-lbs. and max pullback from 80,000 to 330,000 lbs., with 15', 20', and 32' stems. Lastly, Vermeer manufactures three trailer-mounted maxi-sized drill rigs for pullback forces from 330,000 to 1,000,000 lbs.

  • Badger by Feldman Engineering & Mfg Co Inc

    Badger power earth augers are useful for fencing, soil testing, ice fishing, deck installation, tree/shrub planting, deep root fertilization, and more. These portable units are as light as 30 lbs., with a powerhead that features a 2 Hp, 49.2 c.c. Tecumseh two-stroke engine, easy access choke, run-stop control switch, and thumb-actuated throttle linkage rod. All augers are 36" long and equipped with carbide tipped pilot points in diameters from 2" to 12".

  • Versalift East LLC

    Versalift East offers a range of bucket trucks that can meet the specialized needs of electric utility, telecommunications, municipal, and contractor fleets. It carries several VersaLift products, such as the VersaTrack backyard unit, bucket vans, and bucket trucks with work heights between 35' and 80'. Currently featured is the VO-43-I, which has a maximum working height of 47'10" and maximum horizontal reach to 34'. Similar products from other manufacturers are also sold, like the Condor CTA-104-I articulated/telescopic insulated aerial work platforms with standard capacity to 800 lbs., and the Tiiger mini derrick/aerial bucket that offers a 40' work height and 3,100 lb. capacity, and is powered by a 30 Hp Kohler Diesel engine.