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  • Terex Corporation

    Terex offers a variety of bucket trucks, including telescopic, non-overcenter, and overcenter models that range in working heights from 34' to 105'. A non-overcenter option like the Hi-Ranger FC Series comes in several models that are coded to their heights from the top to the bottom of the platform; for example, the FC40 stretches 40' from the top of the platform to the bottom, providing a working height of 45.6' and side reach of 27.5'. One overcenter choice is the Hi-Ranger HR Series which has a working height from 42' to 55', horizontal reach from 27.1' to 43.4', and material handling capability up to 1,000 lbs. Platform capacities, in general, are at least 350 lbs. but frequently achieve 750 or 1,000 lb. ratings.

  • Colvin's Aerial Trucks

    Colvin's rents and sells a diverse fleet of aerial trucks manufactured by several leading brands. Their rental department provides 40' bucket trucks mounted to Ford F-550s with elbow/telescopic insulated buckets; 70' trucks with single, 2-man baskets that contain hydraulic tools circuits and offer insulation to 69 kv; and Altec A77T 82' bucket trucks with elbow/telescopic booms and hydraulic jibs and winches. Many bucket trucks are also on sale, such as the 1982 Oshgosh 6x6 with 85' working height, 2001 Ford F350 with 34' working height, and 2008 GMC C5500 with 42' working height. All chassis are reconditioned to pass USDOT safety standards, while the aerial devices themselves have been inspected and reconditioned to meet OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

  • Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation

    Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation rents, leases, and sells bucket trucks both new and used. Bucket trucks available for rent include the 29' Terex T292 and T292I and Telsta A28D, which all come with a choice of insulated or non-insulated buckets, and articulating or telescopic booms; the 38' Terex LT38P, which features an emergency lowering system and is mounted on a light duty chassis with automatic transmission, hydraulic brakes, front tow, and pintle hooks; and the 100' Terex TM105, which has an end-mounted 2-person fiberglass bucket, two sets of A-frame outriggers, and 63 gallon fuel tank. Used equipment is also for sale, and includes trucks that reach from as low as 29' up to 100', from companies like Versalift, Teco, MTI, and Telelect.

  • Versalift East LLC

    Versalift East offers a range of bucket trucks that can meet the specialized needs of electric utility, telecommunications, municipal, and contractor fleets. It carries several VersaLift products, such as the VersaTrack backyard unit, bucket vans, and bucket trucks with work heights between 35' and 80'. Currently featured is the VO-43-I, which has a maximum working height of 47'10" and maximum horizontal reach to 34'. Similar products from other manufacturers are also sold, like the Condor CTA-104-I articulated/telescopic insulated aerial work platforms with standard capacity to 800 lbs., and the Tiiger mini derrick/aerial bucket that offers a 40' work height and 3,100 lb. capacity, and is powered by a 30 Hp Kohler Diesel engine.

  • Atlas Truck Sales Inc

    Atlas Truck Sales supplies aerial lift and bucket trucks to the electric utility, mechanical contracting, sign, lighting maintenance, and tree trimming industries, among others. They offer one-ton trucks with work heights up to 42', such as a 2001 GMC C-6500 with a Posi-Plus 800 Series unit that features a 40' work height and 350 lb. basket capacity. They also offer trucks that exceed one ton and 42', such as the Terex XT 55 one man bucket that has a 60' work height and is mounted on a 2005 International 4700-DT-466 Diesel, and the Altec AA-600, which has a 1,500 lb. capacity and 55' work height, and is mounted on a 2002 GMC C-7500.

  • sells a variety of bucket trucks with work heights from 30' to 70'+. Selections include a 2005 Telelect T292 34' bucket truck, a 2004 Altec ACT37G 42' unit, several Elliott Hi-Reach models with 55' work heights, and trucks that reach even higher heights, such as the 2004 Hi Ranger RM-65/90 MH Double Elevator 95' model. Each listed piece of equipment comes not only with information on the bucket, but on the chassis as well. The bucket trucks are identified by the region in which they are being sold; these areas cover the entire United States, with bucket trucks as far west as Los Angeles and as far east as New England.

  • Utility Truck Equipment Inc

    Utility Truck & Equipment carries the Versalift line of bucket trucks, which includes the 41' to 80' working height VST Series that can be built on a single rear axle, non-FET chassis, and the VO Series of articulated, overcenter bucket trucks that range in height from 36' to 65'. Next, with a hydraulic motor-driven worm and spur gear acting on a shear-ball rotation bearing, VN Series units offer continuous rotation that is unrestricted in either direction. Finally, for telecommunication fleets, the Tel Series is a common choice due to its telescopic aerials that range in working height from 34' to 69', while for sign and lighting maintenance, the VST-TN Series is popular due to its 30'7" side reach, 500 lb. platform capacity, and ability to stow on a short wheelbase, non-CDL chassis.

  • BucketTrucksUSA

    BuckettrucksUSA is a retailer for bucket and service trucks, with inventory that generally includes GMC 1-tons, F-350 1-tons, F-450 Super Duty Diesels, bucket vans, and 1-ton service trucks. All their trucks are refurbished inside and out, newly DOT inspected, and available with a list of features that includes ONAN generators, 35' boom reaches, toolbox storage, and more. Available trucks include a 1996 GMC 3500 HD with a Telsta 35' working height boom, and a 2000 Ford F-450 Super Duty with a Telsta 43' working height boom.

  • North American Equipment Upfitters Inc

    North American Equipment Upfitters provides utility bucket trucks and boom trucks from manufacturers like Versalift and Manitex. Versalift selections include the TEL-29, which has maximum working height of 35', horizontal reach of 23'5", and platform capacity of 350 lbs., and the VST-7500, which has a working height up to 80', horizontal reach to 46'10", jib capacity to 2,000 lbs., and platform capacity to 800 lbs. Other choices include the VO-350/355-MHI, an insulated articulated overcenter aerial lift with working height to 60'4"; and the VST 36/40-N articulated/telescopic aerial lift, which provides 180 degrees of hydraulic platform rotation, 600 lbs. of platform capacity without jib, and 1,000 lbs. of jib capacity, on top of a working height and horizontal reach of 45'4" and 30'2", respectively.

  • Equipment Technology LLC

    Equipment Technology (ETI) is a manufacturer of bucket trucks, including both the aerial devices and truck bodies. The aerial devices come insulated or non-insulated, with options such as emergency hydraulic power, engine start/stop systems, two-speed throttles, single handle controls, and oversize buckets (24"x30"x42"). Furthermore, insulated lifts are available as articulating, over-center articulating, material handler articulating, telescopic, and articulating-telescopic combination, while non-insulated units come as articulating, telescopic, or combination. The company also has a body plant that manufactures custom steel and aluminum bodies for application in the utility, telecommunication, maintenance, cable television, and fire industries; configurations include canopy, splicer, flat beds, and fire.

  • Altec Industries, Inc.

    Altec is a manufacturer of  overcenter, non-overcenter, telescopic, and telescopic articulating aerials for bucket trucks. Their overcenter and non-overcenter choices range in reach from 28.4' to 52.7' and 19.5' to 60.3', respectively, all of which are insulated and most of which are appropriate for material handling. Telescopic aerials begin at 20.7' reach and end at 31'; although some of them are insulated, none can be used for material handling. Finally, telescopic articulating aerials have a reach range from 22.3' to 40.1', and some models are insulated and/or capable of material handling.

  • ArmLift, div of TG Industries

    ArmLift offers a variety of bucket trucks with telescoping and articulating lifts. Basic telescoping lifts provide electric/hydraulic controls and 720 degrees non-continuous rotation, as well as 33' to 35.5' working height and 21' to 23' side reach. The full hydraulic telescoping lifts have full pressure control valves, hydraulic bucket leveling, 36' working height, and 23' side reach, and either an insulated boom or steel boom. Next, the TK Series of telescoping and articulating lifts provide either 41' or 46' working heights, in addition to 360-degree continuous shear ball rotation and a 180-degree hydraulic bucket rotator. Finally, two articulating lift models feature 36'  and 38' working height, 19' to 20' side reach, and 300 lb. capacity.

  • DUECO Inc

    DUECO is a distributor of Terex Utilities products, such as Hi-Ranger and Telelect aerial lifts. Among their selections are articulated, telescopic lifts like the T292 that has an open-center hydraulic system, 370-degree non-continuous rotation, and working height to 33.5' for side mount and 34.3' for end mount. They also carry articulated, non-overcenter, compensated models like the FC40, which offers 102 degrees of lower boom articulation, 69 degrees of upper boom articulation, and 45.6' working height; as well as articulated, non-overcenter, non-compensated models like the RM60, with its 65.7' working height and hydraulic lift working heights up to 90.3'. DUECO supplies these products to companies in a variety of settings, from electric utilities and contractors, to telecommunications and tree care.

  • Elliott Equipment Co

    Elliott Equipment is the manufacturer of HiReach aerial work platforms and BoomTruck truck-mounted cranes. HiReach telescoping aerial work platforms and cranes support material handling and digging operations, with heights that range from 35' to 153'. This product features full hydraulic extension with no cables or chains, and a piggyback cylinder for smooth, precise ride; lifting capacity starts at 1,000 lbs. and goes up to 14,000 lbs. BoomTrucks, meanwhile, offer 18-ton capacity on a single axle chassis, as well as 10% fewer fittings than most other models, resulting in less maintenance; boom length ranges from 38' to 125'.

  • Art's Rental Equipment & Supply

    Art's Rental Equipment & Supply provides rental equipment for industrial construction, contractor and homeowner use. Available products include 34' bucket vans featuring 300lb bucket capcity, 9' 8" stow height , 720° non-continuous rotation and 760° non-continuous boom rotation. Additionally 46' 1-man bucket trucks are available featuring a 46' maximum working height, 350 lbs capacity bucket, 180° continuous rotation and 9'9" stowed height. Used equipment sales are also available.