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  • Terex Corporation

    Terex cable placers are used to install fiber optic, copper, and strand telephone and cable lines. The Hi-Ranger TCP Series cable placer features an automatic reel transfer system, a forward loader with 40,000 lbs. maximum capacity and 66" reel diameter, and a rear loader with 10,000 lbs. max capacity and 96" reel diameter. Additionally, its working height ranges from 37.5' to 40.6', and its side reach ranges from 26.7' to 29.6'.

  • carries a variety of cable placers available in every region, from the East Coast to Southern California. The selection includes a 2008 Posi-Plus 800-40-015 unit with 40' maximum height and 2007 Sterline Acterra chassis, as well as a 2005 Altec A-T40C with 45' maximum height and 2006 International 4300 chassis. Other choices are the 2007 Hi-Ranger TCP-40 38' cable placer on a Ford F-750 chassis, and a 2000 ALTEC AP45 43' unit on a GMC C-8500.

  • Utility Truck Equipment Inc

    Utility Truck & Equipment (UTE) offers two models of Posi-Plus cable placers. The 700-40 unit has 40' working height and 29' side reach, as well as 300 lb. platform capacity and 300 lb. side pull capacity, making it ideal for fiber optic or coaxial applications. This model is suitable for mounting on a Ford F-550 or equivalent vehicle. UTE also offers the 800-40 cable placer, suitable for mounting on 25,900 GVW or above. It features 40' working height, 31' side reach, 500 lb. basket capacity, and 600 lb. side pull capacity.

  • Altec Industries, Inc.

    Altec features the AT235P telescopic articulating aerial cable placer. Rated for mobile use, this product offers working heights to 40.3' and side reach to 26.5', as well as platform capacity to 350 lbs. and side load capacity to 400 lbs. Furthermore, the unit provides platform access from the ground, an open center hydraulic system, and 370-degree non-continuous rotation. Options include pedestal or bridge mountings, a choice of either bed- or pedestal-mounted reservoirs, a fall protection system, and wheel chocks.