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  • Terex Corporation

    Terex manufactures a variety of cranes, including all terrain, rough terrain, crawler, and tower cranes. Road-mobile cranes include all-terrain models with lifting capacities from 35 to 1,320 tons and maximum main boom lengths from 100' to 360'+, and the AC40 city crane, which has a lifting capacity of 45 tons and boom length to 102.4'. The company also features more than a dozen rough terrain cranes, from the RT 230-1 that has a 30-ton capacity and 94' boom length, to the RT 130, which has 130 tons of capacity and 155' of boom length. Crawler cranes are available in one of two types; lattice crawlers are modular in design and highly adaptable, while telescopic crawlers feature full power booms and Cummins Engines turbocharged with intercoolers. Finally, a variety of tower cranes are available, including self-erecting, flat top, hammerhead, and luffing jib models.

  • sells a variety of truck-mounted cranes, including stick booms and knuckle booms from different manufacturers. Their stick boom inventory includes products like the 2006 National 571E 18-ton, 121' crane, 2002 Terex TC3063 15-ton, 103' crane, and 2006 Altec AC26-103B 26-ton, 157' crane. Available knuckle booms include the 2004 FASSI F330SE. These products are listed along with the chassis on which they are available, as well as the region in which they can be found.

  • Altec Industries, Inc.

    Telescopic crane trucks are available from Altec Industries in 14 models. They come in models that feature 3 to 5 boom sections, 18- to 38-ton load ratings, and boom lengths from 70' to 127'.

  • Nesco Sales & Rental

    Nesco Sales & Rentals carries nearly 20 different models of boom trucks. The smallest is the 17-ton Terex BT3470 powered by a Cummins diesel engine and mounted on a 2008 Ford F-750 chassis. Another of the smaller models is the 18-ton Elliott 18125R boom truck on a 2007 Sterling LT9500 that features a 2-man steel basket and 135' working height. Several 40-ton boom trucks are also available, including the Manitex 40124S, which has a 55' jib and 190' working height, and the National Crane 18127A, which has a 55' jib and 192' working height. Both of these units come with 2-man steel baskets and radio remotes, as well.

  • Manitex International Inc

    Manitex International produces several series of boom crane trucks for specific customer needs. Among seven total models, the Series C includes the 1740C, with its 3-section proportional boom, 17-ton capacity, and 121'3" maximum tip height, and 3001C that has a 4-section proportional boom, 30-ton capacity, and 157' maximum tip height. S Series trucks feature the 22-ton 2202S, 30-ton 3002S, 40-ton 4002S, 45-ton 4502S, and 50-ton 5002S. Other options include the Series SX, which features a 5-section proportional boom with 20'5" X-style symmetrical outrigger spread, and the Series SW that includes a custom boom point adapter for auxiliary hoist operations and 21' of clear deck space.

  • Tadano America Corp

    Tadano America specializes in a host of crane trucks for various conditions. For example, they manufacture all-terrain cranes that are ideal for on- and off-road construction and industrial products; these units are built with FAUN purpose built frames with two-man, full-width carrier cabs of composite structure. Choices include one 3-axle, two 4-axle, and three 5-axle models. Meanwhile, rough-terrain cranes have a single cab located on a rotating superstructure and drive on two axles, with transport weights ranging from 30 to 80 tons. Two models of truck cranes are also available, each with two cabs: one on a rotating superstructure for crane operation, and the other on a carrier for driving operation. Lastly, Tadano makes boom trucks, including the 5-ton capacity TM-ZR500XL.

  • DUECO Inc

    DUECO is an authorized distributor for Terex, Effer, IMT, and Venco-Venturo cranes and boom trucks. Their offering of IMT Cranes ranges from the 3,260 ft.-lb. Model 0.5/4, with a vertical lift height of 9' and lift capacity of 950 lbs., to the 80,000 ft.-lb. Model 8025, which has a vertical lift height of 27'6" and 3,420 lb. capacity. Most of their boom trucks are made by Terex, and include the 3063, which has 30,000 lbs. maximum lifting capacity and 73' maximum sheave height; the 3470, which has 34,000 lbs. lifting capacity and 80' sheave height; the 4792, which has 47,000 lbs. lifting capacity and 101' sheave height; and the 70100, which has 70,0000 lbs. lifting capacity and 110' sheave height.