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  • Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation

    Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation is a distributor of Terex digger derricks in a variety of sizes. Commander Models 4045 and 4047 provide 45' and 47' maximum sheave heights and 12,000 to 15,000 lbs. PG and TM winch, and are mounted on a medium duty chassis with automatic or standard transmission, air brakes, 50 gallon step tank, pintle hook, and 4x4 availability. The 60' Terex Commander 6000, meanwhile, provides 15,000 lbs. PG and TM winch, a command post with exclusive single stick controls, and 2-speed digger.

  • Atlas Truck Sales Inc

    Atlas Truck Sales sells a variety of digger derricks from different manufacturers and production years. Examples include the Telelect 4045, which offers dual controls behind cab, 4 hydraulic outriggers, 20,000 lb. boom capacity, and 45' sheave height, mounted on a 1997 Ford F-8000; another Telelect 4045 that has a 2-speed digger and 25,950 lbs. capacity, and is mounted on a 2000 Ford F-750; and a Telelect Commander 4045 that has a 45' sheave height, and is mounted on a 1998 Chevrolet C-7500 with just 66,000 miles.

  • carries over a dozen digger derrick choices produced by several brand names. One option is the 2004 Commander 4045 that has a 45' sheave height and an insulated boom, and is mounted on an International 7300 (4x4) cab and chassis. Another is the 2000 Altec D2050-TB, which has a 50' sheave height and 3-section hydraulic boom, as well as pole claws and 4 outriggers; it is mounted to a 2000 Chevrolet C-8500 with a 6x4 drive train. Finally, one of the newer selections in their inventory is the 2006 Altec DL45-TR digger derrick, with its 45' sheave height and front-mounted winch package, mounted on an International 4300 that has just 46,000 miles.

  • Terex Corporation

    Terex manufactures digger derricks with sheave heights up to 95' and lifting capacities up to 48,000 lbs. The Captain 3039 has a sheave height from 24.8' to 40.9', winch capacity to 24,719 lbs., and capacity of 9,479 lbs. at a 10' radius. Meanwhile, the Commander model comes in 4000, 5000, and 6000 Series, which have a total sheave height range from 41.9' to 69.8' and max capacity from 11,200 lbs. for the 4000 Series to 19,100 lbs. for the 6000 Series. Finally, the General digger derrick has a sheave height range of 53.3' to 95.6' and 22,600 lb. capacity, while the XL4000 Series has a sheave height range from 46' to 47.9' and capacity up to 14,300 lbs.

  • Altec Industries, Inc.

    Over a dozen digger derrick models are manufactured by Altec. The shortest model is the DB35, which has a sheave height of 34.9', 2,590 lb. capacity, and 19.5' digging reach, while the tallest is the DT80, which has a sheave height of 79.8', 23,500 lb. capacity, and 36' digging reach. The model with the most digging reach (38.9') is the D4065A; this unit also has a 64.9' sheave height and 17,387 lbs. capacity.

  • Nesco Sales & Rental

    Nesco Sales & Rental carries several new and used derrick diggers. Among the choices are the Terex 4047, which provides 47' of sheave height and 15,000 lbs. turret winch, and the Terex 6060, which has 60' sheave height, 15,000 lbs. turret winch, and 51' fording depth. Several modes of SDP EZ Haulers are available, as well, including the 2500 Mini Digger, with 25'7" sheave height and 2,500 lbs. lifting capacity; 3800 Mini Digger, with 40' sheave height and 3,800 lbs. lifting capacity; and 4100 Mini Digger, with 40' sheave height and 4,100 lbs. lifting capacity. Several Skylift derricks are also sold by Nesco, including the 33' Mini Derrick, 48' Ranger 40, and 48' Super 6000 Mini Derrick.

  • DUECO Inc

    DUECO sells Telelect and Commander digger derricks from Terex Utilities. Single lift cylinder derricks include the L4042, which has a 41.9' sheave height, 19,960 lb. maximum capacity, and digging radius capacity from 14' to 22', and the XL4047, which has a 47.9' sheave height, 31,400 lb. capacity, and digging radius capacity from 17.5' to 26.5'. Dual lift cylinder options are the Captain 3039, which has a 40' sheave height, 24,710 lb. max capacity, and digging radius capacity from 12.3' to 19.8'; the C5055, which has a 55.5' sheave height, 30,000 lb. max capacity, and digging radius capacity from 21.1' to 32.1'; and many more. DUECO distributes these products for use in various industries, from electrical utility and telecommunication companies to independent contractors.