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  • Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers

    Little Beaver offers an array of earth augers to handle almost any drilling need. Diameters range from 1.5" for soil sampling to 16" nursery augers, and all models feature spring-loaded snap buttons that secure them to drill heads, eliminating the need for pins or bolts. The standard augers are available in 36" and 42" lengths that yield maximum hole depths of 30" and 36"; special carbide blades can also be attached when drilling in hard clay, frozen ground, or hard pan soils. Next, heavy-duty snap-on augers are meant for drilling in rocky soils; with heavy-duty teeth and side-cutting blades, they operate best at slower RPMs and are recommended for 20:1 or 13:1 gear ratio transmissions. In addition to these products, Little Beaver sells a broad line of auger extensions, small diameter augers, and other accessories.

  • Danuser

    Danuser Industrial Group carries multiple earth auger systems and an auger bucket. The system allows a skid-steer backhoe, excavator, tractor loader, or other similar tool to become a digging machine suited for substances ranging from dirt to concrete. Among the eight basic models, auger diameters can range from 24" to 48", while the maximum hydraulic pressure ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 psi. Different heads include "FAB" augers that are fabricated boring heads for light to moderate ground conditions; "TREE" augers with two-diameter designs and hardened bolt-on teeth; and "CAST" augers made from cast steel for difficult ground conditions such as fracturable rock, asphalt, etc. The auger bucket, meanwhile, eliminates labor when mixing, transporting, or dispensing concrete, sand, washed gravel, wildlife feed, asphalt, and agricultural grains. This unit provides accurate and controlled discharge at a rate of 0.5 yds. per 50 s.

  • RedMax

    RedMax provides a line of earth augers for applications ranging from digging, to tree planting, to pole and fence installations. The 2" to 4", 10.6-lb. AG2300 provides 22.5 cc cylinder displacement, 1.2 Hp power output, and a 35:1 clockwise reduction ratio. Its maximum speed is 329 RPM, and it is covered by a 2-year warranty in both commercial and home applications.

  • Badger by Feldman Engineering & Mfg Co Inc

    Badger power earth augers are useful for fencing, soil testing, ice fishing, deck installation, tree/shrub planting, deep root fertilization, and more. These portable units are as light as 30 lbs., with a powerhead that features a 2 Hp, 49.2 c.c. Tecumseh two-stroke engine, easy access choke, run-stop control switch, and thumb-actuated throttle linkage rod. All augers are 36" long and equipped with carbide tipped pilot points in diameters from 2" to 12".

  • Stanley Hydraulic Tools

    The Stanley EA08 earth auger is appropriate to many boring applications, and can be operated with two people, or one person using the optional torque tube. Its features include a 7-9 GPM operating range, 250 ft.-lbs. output torque, reversibility, HTMA quick disconnect couplers, and dead-man-type on/off control. Furthermore, its dimensions are 11" x 46" and 47 lbs., with an auger up to 18" in diameter and 15" extensions.

  • StoutKart LLC

    StoutKart features the SK500 BackSaver hydraulic auger for operation by one or two people. With a 6' long, 3-stage control arm for stabilization, the auger can be pulled behind an ATV, UTV, truck, or lawn tractor for use as a post hole auger or hydraulic earth auger. Because of its compact size, it can fit through a 32" gate for backyard use, as well. Additionally, a 13 Hp engine and 9.8 GPM pump power the engine to 320 lbs. torque and 156 RPM in either forward or reverse directions. Optional are second man handles and a hose that allow a person to work up to 100' away from the power unit.

  • Premier Auger

    Using the in-line drive design, Premier builds a full line of hydraulic earth auger attachments that can be adapted to skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, tractors, backhoes, excavators, forklifts, cranes, and other machines. With a cast steel boring head, the CDC heavy duty mini-skid construction auger is meant for difficult ground conditions like compacted soils, heavy clay, asphalt, frozen ground, and fracturable rock; by contrast, the CDF mini-skid construction auger has a fabricated head meant for medium duty applications. Other options include the CDR bullet tooth rock auger for solid and fracturable rock, compacted soils, asphalt, and concrete, and the CDT tree auger for tree and shrub planting.

  • Ground Hog Inc

    Ground Hog features an array of auger bits available from 2" to 12" in diameter and 38" long, with extension shafts available from 1' to 3' and optional carbide blades and teeth for longer life. Augers are available in several series: the Standard Series offers wide, flat-side blades for digging in loose or sandy soil, the Pengo Series provides heat-treated cast alloy steel boring heads for general application and tough soil conditions, and the Combo Series uses both alloy steel boring heads and hardened forged steel side blades to provide an economical alternative to the Pengo Series. Each of these augers is meant to be attached to the C-71-5 two-man, 1M5C one-man, or HD99 hydraulic earthdrills.