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  • TT Technologies

    For trenchless, horizontal boring applications, TT Technologies features the Grundomat Series of piercing tools in 12 models. Diameters range from 1.75" to 7", lengths from 39" to 87", and weights from 20 to 573 lbs. In terms of performance, the smallest model, the 45P, has a 12 CFM air consumption at 580 strokes/minute, while the largest, the 180P, requires 159 CFM for 280 strokes/minute. Additionally, for steerable boring applications, the Grundosteer Series is available; these piercing tools are ideal for gas and water service line installations where minimal disruption is essential or where directional drill rigs are cost prohibitive. The Grundosteer is a 3" tool that can bore up to 200' for an HDPE pipe installation and, depending on soil conditions, it can be steered up to an 85' radius. This product is 87" long and 85 lbs., and provides 400 strokes/minute.

  • Straightline HDD

    Straightline HDD features the SL2020 drill for directional drilling even in congested areas. With a John Deere 5030T 99 Hp diesel engine and a Rineer hydraulic motor that delivers 50+ sustainable spindle Hp, the 52" drill offers 22,200 lbs. of thrust/pullback and 2,000 ft.-lbs. of rotary torque. For rock and soil conditions, the company's steerable Air Hammers can drill at rates up to 150 ft./hour, and require just 0.5- to 5-GPM of fluids for transmitter cooling, hammer lubrication, and hole cleaning. With diameters from 3.625" to 5.5" and 20- to 43-lb. pistons, the three Air Hammer models (AH4.0, AH5.0, and AH6.0) are available for both big and small job requirements.

  • Mighty Mole by McLaughlin

    McLaughlin manufactures several different models of Mighty Mole auger boring and moleing tools. Auger boring options begin with the McL-54/60, which can case bore diameters from 20' to 60' with 950,000 lbs. of thrust and 17,000 ft.-lbs. of torque. For smaller jobs in limited easement areas, the McL-12 HB Zipper is designed with a short carriage to enable setup in trenches only 6' long; nevertheless, the units still produce up to 24,5000 lbs. forward thrust at 2,500 psi, and auger rotation up to 120 RPM. Next, moleing options exist for small diameter utility installations (<4.5").  Four models are available here: the original 9 Hp M-1800 Mighty Mole that drills up to 8 ft./min., the 16 Hp M-3800 Mighty Mole II that also drills up to 8 ft./min. to 200', the M-427 which uses a dry compaction method of boring, and the M-5000 which can be used for dry compaction, slurry boring, or auger up to 4" in diameter.

  • Vermeer Corporation

    Vermeer offers a variety of horizontal drilling products for curb-to-home tasks, to longer easement work, to large-diameter pipeline projects. Navigator HDD units such as the DX6x6, D9x13, and D16x20 Series II provide the ability to drill almost anywhere because their narrow widths fit through most gate openings. These units produce from 550 to 2,000 ft.-lbs. of max torque and 5,500 to 16,000 lbs. max pullback, with 6' to 10' drill stems. Large HDD units also exist for demanding ground conditions and/or longer, heavier projects such as sewer installation and river crossing. The D80x100 Series II, D100x120 Series II, and D330x500 offer torque max torque from 10,000 to 50,000 ft.-lbs. and max pullback from 80,000 to 330,000 lbs., with 15', 20', and 32' stems. Lastly, Vermeer manufactures three trailer-mounted maxi-sized drill rigs for pullback forces from 330,000 to 1,000,000 lbs.

  • Akkerman Inc

    Akkerman offers a variety of tunnel boring machines (TBM) that can be used with any jacking pipe up to 14 ft. in diameter, as well as with a multitude of drive lengths.  They range in size from 44" to 168" outer diameters, and come standard with three heads (dirt cutter, carbide, and sand shelves) that can be changed underground. Another option is the guided boring machine (GBM), also known as pilot tube microtunneling, that provides extended, accurate drive lengths for various ground conditions. This product features the soil removal process of an auger boring machine and the same level of accuracy as traditional microtunneling combined in one system, for use in displaceable soil under 50 blow count.

  • TRIC Tools Inc

    TRIC Tools manufactures several trenchless methods for lateral and mainline replacement projects. With 19.24 tons of pulling force at 8,000 psi, the C20 is expert at replacing 4" sewers, while the X30 has the ability to burst pipes up to 6" in diameter on its own, and up to 8" when used with the Unified Force Series pneumatic-assist bursting heads. In addition, the M50, operated using a backhoe or high-flow hydraulic pump, is strong enough to burst 8" main lines, yet portable enough to set up by hand; it has a pulling force of 48 tons at 5,000 psi.

  • HammerHead by Earth Tool Co LLC

    HammerHead provides several trenchless boring options, including tools for piercing, pipe bursting, and pipe ramming. For installing utilities under existing landscapes or structures, pneumatic-powered piercing tools can be used. They are offered in 20+ models, range from 2" to 8" in diameter, and run at 110 psi. For replacing failing, outdated, or undersized sewer, water, and gas lines, the company's 15 static, pneumatic, and lateral bursting instruments can be used. These models can install pipes from 2" to 30" in diameter. Finally, pipe ramming equipment is capable of placing steel casing under roads, railroads, and other immovable infrastructure; ten models exist which range from 4" to 24".

  • Platypus

    With 100-to-340 mm laser-guided drilling heads, the Platypus micro-tunneler is able to install new or replace old water, sewer, or cable infrastructure, even in high-density urban cities. Because the unit has only two pits with minimal operator tasks within them, the system is safe; moreover, its use of vacuum excavation technology and portable vacuum tanks allows operators to tunnel non-stop. Sold as a complete package, the Platypus includes a drill rig base, tunnel/drill heads, laser guidance system and cables, drill rods (50 x 2 m), a 20 ft. container with in-built gantry crane, a 20 ft. container to house all parts, and many others.

  • Poweram

    Poweram features five hydraulic rod pusher/puller models that cover a wide range of underground crossing requirements. The original Model 2020 is usually use to push steel rods under roadways and pull back utility service lines; it can generate up to 98,000 lbs. of pushing force, and 82,000 pounds of pulling force for one pipe up to 8", or two pipes up to 4" each. Model 1915 has the same power as the 2020, but in a compact 5'6" length; in addition to pushing or pulling new pipes or cables, it can split old ones up to 4" or burst them up to 12". Next, the Model 1825 provides 75,400 lbs. of pushing capacity  and 64,800 lbs. of pulling capacity for use in water, gas, electric, telephone, and cable TV services. Finally, the smallest machine is the Model 1425, which at 4' in length generates 42,400 lbs. of pushing force and 35,000 lbs. of pulling force.