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Protective clothing, as well as eye, face and head protection, are required for many electrical construction jobs.

Protective clothing, as well as eye, face and head protection, are required for many electrical construction jobs.

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  • Salisbury by Honeywell

    Salisbury designs and produces a full line of electrical coverups including rubber insulating line hose and covers, Type I and Type II insulating blankets, and insulating plastic guards and covers. The company's insulating blankets meet ASTM D1048 standards; and are available in high or low voltage styles, solid or slotted, with or without eyelets, and with optional hook and pile closure.The blankets are also ozone resistant. The various line hoses are used to protect lineman from electrical hazards.

  • Boddingtons Electrical Ltd

    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd. manufactures and supplies electrical safety suits that protect from electric shocks when working on live equipment. The company's safety suit is light weight and features a breathing type material that prevents heat and moisture accumulation. The safety jackets and safety trousers are available in sizes 46-60. The safety jackets are hooded, and feature a breast pocket with flap. The safety have trousers knee-breeches and an outside pocket with flap.

  • A+ Electrical Safety Equipment

    A+ Electrical Safety Equipment is a nationwide supplier of eye, face and head protection equipment including 15 cal/cm2 arc shields and faceshields, replacement shields up to 100 cal/cm2, hard hats, and dielectric brackets and headgear. The company also distributes 11 cal/cm2, 20 cal/cm2, 100 cal/cm2 PPE kits, which include safety glasses, a dielectric hard hat with ratchet suspension, and an arc shield.

  • Boddingtons Electrical Ltd

    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd. manufactures protective footwear including electrical safety, dielectric insulating boots that are certified for use up to 1000 V AC and 1500V DC. Used to protect against electric shock, the boots are capable of withstanding more than 35kV on the sole and 20kV on the complete boot. All the company's dielectric boots are fitted with an oil-resistant, vulcanized rubber sole for slip, wear and cut resistance.

  • Boddingtons Electrical Ltd

    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd. manufactures and supplies electrical safety rubber gloves, undergloves, leather overgloves, pneumatic rubber glove testers, and rubber glove storage boxs/bags. The company's electrical rubber HV & LV safety gloves are for working voltages ranging from 500V to 26,500V. Their undergloves are 250mm in length and used to protect against mechanical hazards and electrical arcing; with the leather undergloves available in sizes from 300mm to 330mm.



  • Bashlin Industries

    Bashlin Industries designs body harnesses for the utility industry, fully-adjustable body harnesses, and climbing harnesses. The utility industry bod harnesses are available with D-ring back attachment, nylon loop back attachment, extension back attachement, nylon coated hardware, and Plastisol hardware covers. The full body harnesses are made from 10,000 lb. test-woven nylon web.The climbing harnesses can be used for pole and tower applications. The company also produces rescue cradles and Boatswain's chairs.

  • Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

    Burlington Safety Laboratory Inc. conducts high voltage proof-testing while also distributing electrical safety products manufactured by Salisbury. Coverup products supplied by the company include line hoses and covers, blankets, and plastic guards and covers. The blankets can have eyelets or be slotted. Blanket types available include: low volt, primary, arc suppresion, roll, switchboard matting/UR. The company also distributes blanket pins and fasteners. Line hose covers supplied include conventional line hose and connectors, insulated covers ,and extended lip SU line hose and connectors. Pole guard, guards (versa and link), lightweight conductor covers, and substation cover-ups represent the plastic guards and covers in stock.

  • A+ Electrical Safety Equipment

    A+ Electrical Safety Equipment distributes arc flash protective clothing in seven levels: 7.9, 11, 20, 31, 40, 75 and 100cal/cm2. All the protective clothing is Indura Ultra Soft material and meets current ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E requirement. The company also supplies other electrical safety equipment including: rubber gloves, protectors and sleeves, dielectric footwear, arc and flame resistant rainwear, high viz compliant outerwear, and insulating blankets and shields.

  • Mitchell Instrument Co. Inc

    Mitchell Instrument Co. Inc. supplies eye, face and head protection in the form of 8 cal/cm2, 11 cal/cm2 and 20 cal/cm2 arc flash protection kits. The company also distributes individual protection products including face shields, safety glasses, hard hats, goggles, ear plugs, and respirators manufactured by Salisbury and more than 60 other companies.

  • Alper-Gold Specialty Websites, a subsidiary of Alper's Jobbing

    Alper-Gold Specialty Websites is an online supplier of various protective footwear including electrical hazard boots manufactured by Carhartt, Converse, Dr. Martens, John Deere, Mechanix Wear, Rockport Works, Thorogood Electrical, Wolverine, Servus, Wesco, Rocky, Michelin, LaCrosse, Florsheim, Danner, Caterpillar, Chippewa, Dickies, Georgia Boot, McRae Industrial, Nautilus, Terra, Work One, and Carolina.

  • Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing Company LLC

    Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing Company LLC manufactures protective leather gloves including low voltage protector gloves, leather linesman's gloves, high-voltage protector gloves, and brown goat leather protector gloves. The company also distributes insulating rubber electrical gloves manufactured by Honeywell. The various gloves are for use up to 500 volts, 1,000 volts, 1,700 volts, 7,500 volts, and 17,00 volts. The majority of electrical gloves are available in sizes ranging from 7 to 12.


  • Northern Tool & Equipment

    Northern Tool + Equipment Catalog Co. supplies anchor accessories, harnesses, and lanyards manufactured by FallTech. The four types of harnesses include a body harness/lanyards combo bag, a contractor plus roofer's kit, a deluxe body harness, and a comfortech 3 D-ring harness. The company distributes nine types of lanyards. Anchor accessories include steel carabiners, hinged reusable roof anchors, pass-thru anchors slings, ratcheting beam clamp, and confined space kits.

  • Pyro Shield, Inc.

    Pyro Shield designs and fabricates safety coverup products for the aluminum, steel, plastic, paper, heat treating and welding industries. The company's cover up product line includes welding blankets and curtains, torch guard and fire blankets, insulation pads, and thermal barriers and enclosures. The blankets are made from silica fabrics, while the curtains are crafted from fiberglass fabric with a rubber coating. The company's flame blankets extinguish flames at the early stages of a fire.

  • Silver Needle Inc

    Silver Needle Inc. manufactures industrial safety and fire resistant clothing for a number of industries including electrical. The company's supply of electrical safety equipment includes various boats, coats, gloves, grizzly wear, head and neck gear, pants, shirts, socks, sweatshirt and pants, switcher's coats, and vests.

  • Elvex Corporation

    Elvex Corporation specializes in manufacturing eye, face, head and hearing protection equipment. The company's family of products includes: hard hats, more than 20 models of safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, goggles for impact and chemical splash, ear plugs, ear muffs, hearing and face protection combination, headgear, faceshields, electric ARC face protection, and laser safety glasses. The company also produces safety equipment specifically for shooting sports and chainsaw protection.

  • Salisbury by Honeywell

    Salisbury fabricates protective footwear including ASTM F1117 and ASTM F2413-05 dielectric footwear designed to provide utility workers and contractors additional protection from electrical hazards. Both types of dielectric footwear feature premium grade ozone-resistant rubber and are 100 percent waterproof.

  • Professional Equipment, a division of GHC Specialty Brands, LLC

    Professional Equipment distributes more than 20 different electrician's safety gloves and insulated gloves manufactured by Salisbury. The electrician's safety gloves are available in 0 to 14 inch sizes, while the insulated gloves come in 2 to 14 inch sizes. The company also distributes Salisbury-brand glove liners, insulated glove kits, leather glove protectors with pull strap, electrician's glove kits, glove inflator kits, and glove bag.

  • OnLine Stores Inc

    Online Stores Inc. supplies safety harnesses, fall protection equipment and safety lanyards manufactured by DBI Sala, North, Miller, MSA, Fall Tech and Rugged Blue.

  • Cementex Products Inc

    Cementex Products Inc. designs and manufactures insulated rubber coverup products including 7.5kV PVC roll blankets, blankets, insulating roll blankets, and Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 switchboard matting.

  • National Safety Apparel

    National Safety Apparel designs and manufactures safety apparel for electric arc exposure, high-heat environments, and glass-cutting applications.The company's arc flash protection products include: arch flash kits, level 2 clothing with minimum arc rating of 8 cal/cm2, level 2 knit shirts, level 3 clothing with minimum arc rating of 25 cal/cm2, level 4 clothing with minimum arc rating of 40 cal/cm2, 100 Cal clothing, fire resistant knits and fleeces, FR outerwear, FR workwear, arc-rated knit hoods and hats, FR food service, and FR high vis.